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The Mystical Press and Christ in Glory - by Marco dal Pino (Marco da Siena) - from the Vatican Museum . . . . . .
Symbolic of the Eucharistic Sacrifice. Depicts the Infinite Supply of Merits and Grace accumulated by the Sufferings of Jesus in order to:

Pay the Debt of Men's Sins;
Reconcile Men to God and Reopen the Gates of Heaven to Mankind;
Vivify the Seven Sacraments of the Church, Instituted by Christ;
Deliver Men from the Power of the Devil; and
Restore the Divine Life and Vision of God to Men.


Thanks to You that You have not Spared me Evils, but have Bruised me with Bitter Blows, Inflicting Sorrows, sending Distress 'Without' and 'Within'. Under Heaven, there is none to-Console me except You, my Lord God, the Heavenly Physician of Souls, Who Wound and Heal, Who Cast-down to-Hell, and Raise-up again. Your Discipline is upon-me, and Your very Rod shall Instruct me.

Behold, Beloved Father, I am in Your Hands. I Bow myself under Your Correcting Chastisement. Strike my Back and my Neck, that I may Bend my Crookedness to Your Will. Make of me a Pious and Humble Follower, as in Your Goodness, You are Wont to do; that I may Walk according-to Your every Nod. Myself, and all that is mine, I commit-to You to be Corrected, for it is better to be Punished Here, than Hereafter.

Thomas Kempis

If Suffering gave no Pain, it could not be called Suffering. There is Nothing more-Painful than Suffering, and Nothing more-Joyful, than to-have Suffered. Suffering is a Short Pain, and a Long Joy. Suffering gives to the Sufferer, Pain Here, and Joy Hereinafter. Suffering changes an Earthly Man, into a Heavenly Man.

Blessed Henry Suso



by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Ph.D., D.D., LL.D., Litt.D.

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eucharist3.gif (9262 bytes) All my Sermons are prepared in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament. As Recreation is most Pleasant and Profitable in the Sun, so Homiletic Creativity is Best Nourished before the Eucharist. The most Brilliant Ideas come from meeting God Face-to-Face. The Holy Spirit that Presided at the Incarnation is the Best Atmosphere for Illumination. Pope John Paul II keeps a Small Desk or Writing Pad near him whenever he is in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament; and I have done this all my Life—I am sure for the same Reason he does, because a Lover always Works Better when the Beloved is with him.

Think of how much Suffering there is in Hospitals, among the Poor, and the Bereaved.

Think also of how much of that Suffering Goes-to-Waste!

How many of those Lonesome, Suffering, Abandoned, Crucified Souls are saying with Our Lord at the Moment of Consecration, "This is my Body. Take it"? And yet that is what we all should be saying at that Second:


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littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) I give myself to God.
Here is my body. Take it.
Here is my blood. Take it.
Here is my Soul, my Will, my Energy, my Strength,
My Property, my Wealth - all that I have. It is Yours.
Take it! Offer it! Offer it with Thyself to the Heavenly Father
In order that He, looking down on this Great Sacrifice,
May see only Thee, His Beloved Son, in Whom He is Well Pleased.
Transmute the Poor Bread of my Life into Thy Divine Life;
Thrill the Wine of my Wasted Life into Thy Divine Spirit;
Unite my Broken Heart with Thy Heart;
Change my Cross into a Crucifix.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) Let not my Abandonment, and my Sorrow, and my Bereavement go to Waste.
Gather up the Fragments,
And as the Drop of Water is Absorbed by the Wine at the Offertory of the Mass,
Let my Life be Absorbed in Thee;
Let my little-Cross be Entwined with Thy Great Cross,
so that I may Purchase the Joys of Everlasting Happiness in Union with Thee.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) Consecrate these Trials of my Life which would go Unrewarded, unless United with Thee;
Transubstantiate me so that like Bread which is now Thy Body,
And Wine which is now Thy Blood, I too may be Wholly Thee.
I care not if the Species Remain, or that, like the Bread and the Wine,
I Seem to all Earthly Eyes the Same as before.
My Station in Life, my Routine Duties, my Work, my Family -
All these are but the Species of my Life which may Remain Unchanged;
But the Substance of my Life, my Soul, my Mind, my Will, my Heart -
Transubstantiate them, Transform them Wholly into Thy Service,
So that through me all may know how Sweet is the Love of Christ.



angel_02.gif (2330 bytes) Consoling Thoughts on Suffering

(by Saint Alphonsus Liquori)

angel_01.gif (2832 bytes) The Transforming Cross of Christ

(by Father Paul K. Raftery, O.P.)

angel_02.gif (2330 bytes) Suffering

(Several Short Treatises on Suffering - from the Saints)

angel_01.gif (2832 bytes) Positive Thoughts on Suffering

(by Theologian, Father William G. Most)

angel_02.gif (2330 bytes) Redemptive Suffering

(by Father Paul A. Duffner, O.P.)

angel_01.gif (2832 bytes) Apostolic Letter Salvific Doloris

Apostolic Letter on the Power of Salvific Suffering - by Pope John Paul II)

angel_02.gif (2330 bytes) Suffering the Scars of Past Sins

(by Father Boniface McConville, O.F.M. -
with Imprimatur by Cardinal Francis J. Spellman)

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(by Theologian, Father William G. Most)

angel_02.gif (2330 bytes) Providence and Our Response to Suffering

(by Father Paul K. Raftery, O.P.)

angel_01.gif (2832 bytes) The Compassionate God

(by the Most Reverend Lewis Fiorelli, O.S.F.S., S.T.D. - Compassion means to be Willing to Suffer along with Someone Else, to be Willing to Freely Join them in their Painful Experience so as to Share that Pain with them and thereby to Lessen it for them.)

angel_02.gif (2330 bytes) On the Advantages of Tribulations

(by Saint Alphonsus Liguori - In Tribulations, God Enriches His Beloved Souls with the Greatest Graces)

angel_01.gif (2832 bytes) Life's Trials

(by Father Charles Irvin, M.Div, J.D. - It was not in the Plan of God that Suffering and Death be a part of Human Existence. It was Man's Free-Will that Upset what God had Planned.)

angel_02.gif (2330 bytes) Sufferings of Job, a Prefiguring Shadow of Christ

(by Father Charles Irvin, M.Div, J.D.)

angel_01.gif (2832 bytes) Suffering and Love

(by Father Charles Irvin, M.Div, J.D.)

angel_02.gif (2330 bytes) Healing from Suffering comes from God

(by Father Charles Irvin, M.Div, J.D. - A look at the Gospel Account of Jesus' Encounter with the Suffering Canaanite Woman)

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(by Father Charles Irvin, M.Div, J.D.)

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(by Father Charles Irvin, M.Div, J.D.)

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(by Father Charles Irvin, M.Div, J.D.)

angel_02.gif (2330 bytes) Confidence during Chaos

(by Father Charles Irvin, M.Div, J.D.)

angel_01.gif (2832 bytes) The Imitation of Christ

(by Thomas Kempis, a Representative of Mediaeval German Mysticism. Book Two, the Interior Life, deals extensively with our Suffering along with Jesus. "If, indeed, there were Anything Better or More Useful for Man's Salvation than Suffering, Christ would have shown it by Word and Example". Next to the Bible, The Imitation of Christ is the Second most Published Book of all Time.)


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