Novena to Our Lady of Walsingham

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Devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham is always centered on the Mystery of the Annunciation. It was at the Annunciation that Our Lady accepted God's invitation to be the Mother of God, the Theotokos. She gave herself over to God's will and conceived by the Holy Spirit. By this same Holy Spirit Mary always leads us to Jesus, and her prayers help us say "yes" to God's will in our lives even as she did at the Annunciation.


The Veni Creator Spiritus may precede the Novena devotions.

Veni Creator Spiritus

O come, Creator Spirit, come
And make within our souls Thy home;
Supply Thy grace and heav'nly aid
To fill the hearts which Thou hast made.

O Gift of God, most high, thy name
Is Comforter; Whom we acclaim
The fount of life, the fire of love,
The soul's anointing from above.

The sev'nfold gift of grace is Thine,
Thou finger of the hand divine;
The Father's promise true, to teach
Our earthly tongues Thy heav'nly speech.

Thy light to every sense impart;
Pour forth Thy love in every heart;
Our weakened flesh do Thou restore
To strength and courage evermore.

Drive far away our spirit's foe,
Thine own abiding peace bestow;
If Thou dost go before as guide,
No evil can our steps betide.

Through Thee may we the Father learn,
And know the Son, and Thee discern,
Who art of both; and thus adore
In perfect faith for evermore. Amen.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.




slipper.jpg (19043 bytes)Cardinal Mercier's Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Written by him from the Holy Ghost Chapel in the Slipper Chapel

Walsingham, England


Holy Spirit, soul of my soul I adore You; enlighten, guide, strengthen and console me; tell me what I ought to do and command me to do it. I promise to be submissive in every-thing that You ask of me and to accept all that You permit to happen to me, only show me what is Your will. Amen.


Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory be...


Ancient Walsingham Prayer

O alone of all women, Mother and Virgin, Mother most happy, Virgin most pure, now we sinful as we are, come to see thee who are all pure, we salute thee, we honour thee as how we may with our humble offerings; may thy Son grant us, that imitating thy most holy manners, we also, by the grace of the Holy Ghost may deserve spiritually to conceive the Lord Jesus in our inmost soul, and once conceived never to lose him.



The Litany of Our Lady of Walsingham follows.

Litany of Our Lady of Walsingham

Mary, without sin,
Mary, God's Mother,
Mary the Virgin,
Mary taken to Heaven,

Mary at Bethlehem,
Mary at Nazareth,
Mary at Cana,

Mary at the cross,
Mary in the Upper Room,
Mary model of Womanhood,

Woman of Faith,
Woman of Hope,
Woman of Charity,
Woman of suffering,
Woman of anxiety,
Woman of humility,
Woman of poverty,
Woman of purity,
Woman of obedience,

Woman who wondered,
Woman who listened,
Woman who followed Him,
Woman who longed for Him,
Woman who loves Him,

Mother of God,
Mother of Men,
Mother of the Church,
Mother of the World,
Mother we need,

Mother of the Unborn,

Mother who went on believing,
Mother who never lost hope,
Mother who loved to the end,
Pray to the Lord for us

Pray for all mothers.
Pray for all families.
Pray for all married couples.

Pray for all who suffer.
Pray for all who wait.
Pray for all women.

Remember us.

Remember us to God.

Be our Mother always

Pray for all children

We thank God for you.

Let us Pray.

All Holy and ever-living God, in giving us Jesus Christ to be our Saviour and Brother, You gave us Mary, His Mother, to be our Mother also; grant us, we pray you, to live lives worthy of so great a Brother and so dear a Mother, that we may come at last to you the Father of us all, Who lives and reigns for ever. Amen.

Our Lady of Walsingham, Pray for us.


Prayer to Our Lady of Walsingham

O blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Walsingham, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon us, our parish, our country, our homes, and our families, and upon all who greatly hope and trust in your prayers, (especially...) By you it was that Jesus, our Savior and hope, was given to the world; and He has given you to us that we may hope still more. Plead for us your children, whom you did receive and accept at the foot of the Cross, O sorrowful Mother. Intercede for our separated brethren, that with us in the one true fold they may be united to the Chief Shepherd, the Vicar of your Son. Pray for us all, dear Mother, that by faith fruitful in good works we all may be made worthy to see and praise God, together with you in our heavenly home. Amen.

Our Lady of Walsingham, Pray for us.


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