Novena to Our Lady of Siluva

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History of Our Lady of Siluva, Lithuanialithuania_md_clr.gif (6739 bytes)

Our Lady of Siluva is invoked for fallen-away and lukewarm Catholics and for the conversion of non-Catholics. Siluva was originally a deeply Catholic village in Lithuania, but the Catholic Faith was ruthlessly crushed out by the fury of persecution at the time of the Protestant Reformation. The Catholic priest heard at that time of the plans to raze the church, and buried its treasures beside a nearby rock where Our Lady of Siluva would appear some eighty years later. Among these treasures was the miraculous picture of Our Lady of Siluva. This apparition was officially authenticated by Pope Pius VI. siluva.jpg (13248 bytes)The Immaculate Conception Church was built around the rock Our Lady of Siluva stood on in 1608.

One summer day, in the year 1608, while a group of boys and girls played near the rock, they were startled when they heard weeping. When they turned around to see who was crying, they saw a beautiful woman holding a baby. She cried bitterly, but said nothing, and after a few moments suddenly disappeared. The children's report brought the whole village to the scene. The ruling Calvinist pastor was among the 100,000 villagers who flocked to the site to see if the children were telling the truth. He rebuked the children for their superstitions, but as he was speaking, the weeping woman suddenly appeared again as everyone stood transfixed by the sight. The pastor demanded to know who she was and why she wept. She replied, "
I am the Immaculate Conception, and I am weeping because my beloved Son is no longer worshipped as He has once been." The people, moved by her words, returned to the Catholic Faith in a mass conversion, and Siluva became once more fervently Catholic. The 1608 apparition of Our Lady of Siluva was approved by the Catholic Church and is the first Eastern European apparition of Our Blessed Mother who came in an effort to bring her children back to the True Faith.

(Researched by Dr. Barbara Babka)


Novena Prayers

Prayer for Graces of Conversion and Restoration
of Faith for Fallen-Away Catholics

Remember, dear Mother Mary, merciful Refuge of Sinners, most loving and ever-vigilant Guardian of the Faith of your children on earth, how you once appeared in the fields of Siluva to re-enkindle the dying embers of Faith in the hearts of the people by revealing to them the anguish of your maternal Heart over their long forgetfulness of their ancestral Catholic heritage. Look down, O dearest Mother Mary, in pity upon ..........

(mention name)

and intercede with your Divine Son for him/her/them, for he has wandered away from the fold of the True Faith. Too long now has he neglected his duties to God and to his own immortal soul. All our efforts, pleadings, and prayers for his return have been in vain. O Dearest Mother, if you will not take pity on him and come to his assistance, his soul may be eternally lost.

Miraculous Virgin of Siluva, let but one of your sorrowing mother's tears fall upon this grace-starved soul and nourish it back to spiritual life. Rekindle the weak spark of Faith in this heart into a brightly-burning flame of renewed love and allegiance to your Divine Son.

O merciful Mother, who brought back the people of Siluva to the True Faith be moved by these prayers, and bring ..........

(mention name)

to a true conversion of heart, that he may return to his Father's house and again partake of the Bread of Life, for God's greater honor and glory and his own eternal salvation. Miraculous Virgin of Siluva, pray for us and for our wandering loved ones.



Prayer for the Conversion of Non-Catholics

O dear Mother Mary, merciful Refuge of Sinners, Most Loving and Ever-Vigilant Protectress of the Faith of Thy children on earth, remember that Thou didst once appear in the fields of Siluva to rekindle the dying embers of Faith in the hearts of the people of Thy Own Land by manifesting to them the sorrow of Thy maternal heart over their forgetfulness of their ancestral Catholic heritage. O Most Dear Mother Mary direct Thy eyes upon me as I kneel before Thy Miraculous Image and as I humbly beseech Thee to take pity upon and intercede with Thy Divine Son for ...........

(mention name)

who has drifted away from the fold of the True Faith. For too long a time now has he/she neglected his/her duties to God and his/her own immortal soul. In vain have been all our efforts, entreaties and petitions for his/her return to the Church. O dearest Mother, if Thou wilt not take compassion upon him/her and come to him/her aid, he/she will most certainly go from bad to worse and thus most likely lose his/her soul for all eternity.

Miraculous Lady of Siluva, deign to permit but one drop of Thy sorrowing maternal tears to fall upon his/her grace-starved soul and to restore it once again to supernatural life. Rekindle the feeble spark of Faith in his/her heart into a glorious flame of renewed Love and Fidelity to Thy Divine Son and to Thee. O most Merciful Mother, Thou didst bring back the people of Siluva to the True Faith. Let Thou, then, be moved by my supplication and bring ........

(mention name)

to a true conversion of heart that he/she may return to his/her Father's home and once again receive the Bread of Life for the greater honor and glory of God and for his/her own eternal salvation. Miraculous Lady of Siluva, pray for our drifting loved ones and for us!



Prayer to Our Lady of Siluva for Our Country flag_mary.gif (4039 bytes)

O Most Holy Virgin Mary, Thou who didst appear to the shepherds in the fields at Siluva, Thou whose tears did bathe the rock where once an altar stood, Thou who didst with plaintive voice say: "You plow and seed here where formerly my Son was honored," grant that we, moved by Thy tears, may, once as our fore-fathers did, revive the spirit of adoration of Thy Son in our fallow hearts, strengthen the tottering structure of the shrine which is the family, and seek forgiveness for the negligences and sins of our nation.

O Mother of God, we desire to raise up the glory of your revelation from forgotten ruins, that we may all the more honor Thee, the patroness of these United States, as we now invoke your intercession for our country, and with Thy help obtain for our nation the spirit of a living Faith.



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