Novena to the Fourteen Helpers

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From the top left going to the right and down, to the left and back up to the top left and then to the center,
from top to bottom:
Saint Cyriacus, Saint Erasmus with Arrow, Saint Barbara, Saint Margaret, Saint George,
Saint Christopher with Jesus, Saint Vitus, Saint Pantaleon, Saint Dionysius [lower Icon with book],
Saint Achatius, Saint Giles, Saint Catherine, Saint Eustachius, Saint Blaise [upper Icon with book].

Begin Novena
Say for nine consecutive days.

FOURTEEN Holy Helpers, who served God in humility and confidence on earth and are now in the enjoyment of His Beatific Vision in Heaven; because thou persevered till death thou gained the crown of eternal life. Remember the dangers that surround us in this vale of tears, and intercede for us in all our needs and adversities.


Fourteen Holy Helpers, select friends of God, I honor thee as mighty intercessors, and come with filial confidence to thee in my needs, for the relief of which I have undertaken to make this novena. Help me by thy intercession to placate God's wrath, which I have provoked by my sins, and aid me in amending my life and doing penance. Obtain for me the grace to serve God with a willing heart, to be resigned to His Holy Will, to be patient in adversity and to persevere unto the end, so that, having finished my earthly course, I may join thee in Heaven, there to praise for ever God, Who is wonderful in His Saints.



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