Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes - by LOMBARD, Lambert - from Rockox House, Antwerp


A MIRACLE may be considered as an 'Event' Inconsistent-with the Constitution of Nature, that is, with the Established Course of Things, in which it is found. Or, again, an 'Event' in a Given System, which cannot be Referred-to any Law, or Accounted-for by the Operation-of any Principle, in that System. It does not necessarily imply a Violation of Nature, as some have supposed, merely the Interposition of an External Cause, which, we shall hereafter show, can be no other than the Agency of the Deity. And the Effect Produced, is that of Unusual or Increased Action in the Parts of the System.

Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman



Miracle of the Loaves


Why Saint John was not Boiled in Oil

Contains a detailed explanation of Miracles, Consistent-with the Immutable Nature of God, i.e. there is no "Violation of Nature" in Miracles, as Cardinal Newman attests above.

The Incorruptibles

The Miracles of Christ

Miracles of the Eucharist

Miracle of the Holy Shroud of Jesus

Miracle of Life


Nota Bene

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The entire Universe and the Laws of Physics, Mathematics and the other Sciences are all Subject to the "Sustaining Will of God".