The Incorruptibles

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Saint Francis Xavier, Baptizing Queen Neachile of India -
by POZZO, Andrea - from Kiscelli Museum, Budapest . . .


There are more than 250 Catholic Saints whose bodies have not
been corrupted by time; these are a few of their stories:


The Incorruptibles

St Francis Xavier

He was born in 1506 at Javier, Spain, he died on December 2 1552 in Sancian, China of a disease he contracted during his missionary work. Born in Spain of noble parents, he studied and became a Teacher of Philosophy at the University of Paris. Together with Saint Ignatius of Loyola and four other young men, they founded the Society of Jesus, "The Jesuits".

As a Priest, he traveled to India, Japan and China, he was a very Powerful Evangelizer, and is said to have caused the Conversion of entire cities.

His body remains incorrupt.



St Bernadette

lourdes5.jpg (473708 bytes) She was the oldest of six children in the very poor family of Francois and Louise Casterot.

On 11 February 1858, around the time of her First Communion, she was gathering firewood with her sisters, when a Beautiful Lady appeared to her in a cave. She appeared a total of 18 times.

During the Apparitions, Bernadette was Persecuted by the Authorities, and also by her family. Before the last Apparition the Lady said to her "I am the Immaculate Conception", she asked her to Pray for Sinners and to have a Chapel built near the Grotto. After the last Apparition, a Spring of Miraculous Waters sprang from the ground.

A great Basilica was built in that place, where millions of Pilgrims honor Our Lady every year.

Bernadette became a nun and died at the age of thirty six, her body remains incorrupt.



St John Mary Vianney

He was born in 1786 in Dardilly, Lyons, France, died in 1859.

He was raised in the country in a humble peasant family. He had many difficulties in learning, but he taught other children how to Pray and to learn the Catechism.

It was very difficult for him to become a Priest, since he had so many Problems in Learning, but he was a Holy Man whose inability to learn was compensated by the Wisdom of God. He was assigned to the Parish of Ars, a town of 250 people who were not very good Catholics. He began visiting his Parishioners, especially the Sick and Poor. He would spend days in Prayer, doing Penance for them.

His main concern was to Save Sinners, God Gifted him with a very Powerful Message in his Sermons, that would Convert his Listeners. He had the Gift of Reading Souls in Confession, and because of this Love for Souls, the Devil would Torment him at night, by shaking his bed and setting it on fire.

Thousands would come from everywhere to hear him Preach, and to have a Confession with him. He served God as a Priest for 40 years and is called the Patron Saint of Parish Priests.



St Catherine Laboure

She was the ninth of eleven children born to a country family, very Religious from her early age. She refused many offers of Marriage saying that she had found her Bridegroom the day she had received Holy Communion.

One day while visiting the sick at a Hospital run by the Sisters of Charity, she heard a voice coming from the picture of Saint Vincent the Paul. She heard "My child, it is a very beautiful thing to take care of the Sick. God is asking something from you".

She became a Nun and dedicated her Life to serve Christ in the Poor and Sick.

On 18 July 1830 she had a vision of Our Lady who described to her a Medal which she wished to be made. On one side it has the image of Our Lady, and the words, "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee"; on the other are the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Our Lady told Catherine that wearers of the Medal would receive great Graces, it has become known as the Miraculous Medal, and its Wearing and Devotion spread Worldwide.

Her body remains incorrupt.


The Miraculous Medal came about as a result of an Apparition of Our Lady on November 27, 1830. It came through a humble novice, Sister Catherine Laboure, in the course of a vision in which Our Lady appeared to her and asked her to have a Medal made. On the front of the Medal, was to be a representation of herself as she appeared to the Sister on this day. The back was to carry, among other things, a picture of two hearts, the Sacred Heart with a Crown of Thorns around it, and the Heart of Mary pierced by a Sword.

Here is a description of the main features of the vision, reported in the Sister's own words:

"Her feet rested on .. a half-ball. There was also a serpent of greenish color with yellow splotches. Her hands, ... in a gesture of offering to God, held a Ball of Gold surmounted by a Small Cross of Gold, that represented the Globe".

"She said, have a Medal struck according to this model. All who wear it shall receive great Graces, if they wear it around their neck".


St Clare

She came from a noble family. After hearing Saint Francis of Assisi preach in the streets, she confided to him her desire to live for God, the two became close friends. On Palm Sunday 1212 the Bishop presented her with a palm, which she apparently took as a sign from God. Clare and her cousin Pacifica ran away from her mother's palace during the night. At the Altar of Our Lady, St Francis cut off her hair during a ceremony in which she gave herself to God as a Religious, in the Church of Our Lady of the Angels in Assisi.

Later she founded the Order of "Poor Clares" at San Damiano, and led it for 40 years. Everywhere the Franciscans established themselves throughout Europe, there also went the Poor Clares, depending solely on Alms, forced to have complete Faith on God to provide through men; a lack of land-based revenues was a new idea at the time. Clare's mother and sisters later joined the order, and there are still thousands of members living Lives of Prayer, Poverty and Silence.

Clare loved Music and well-composed Sermons. According to those who knew her, she was Humble, Merciful, Charming, Optimistic, and Chivalrous. She would get up late at night to tuck in her sisters who'd kicked off their covers. She daily Meditated on the Passion. When she learned of the Franciscan Martyrs in Morocco in 1221, she tried to go there to become a Martyr herself, but was restrained. Once, when her Convent was about to be attacked, she displayed the Sacrament in a Monstrance at the Convent Gates, and Prayed before it; the attackers left. Toward the end of her life, when She was too ill to attend Mass, an Image of the Service would be Displayed on the Wall of her Cell; thus she is called the Patroness of Television. She was ever the close friend and spiritual student of Francis, who apparently led her Soul into the Light.

Her body remains incorrupt.


St Vincent de Paul

He was born in 1581 near Ranquine, Gascony near Dax, southwest France. He died in Paris in 1660. His body remains incorrupt. He became a Priest at the age of 20, he was later captured by Turkish Pirates who sold him into Slavery. When he Converted his Second Master, he was freed.

As a Parish Priest working near Paris, he organized groups to assist the Poor, to care for the Sick, to find Job for the Unemployed, etc. He founded the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity with Louise de Marillac. He also instituted the Congregation of Priests of the Mission (Lazarists).

His work of Charity continues today with the Society of Saint Vincent De Paul.

His body remains Incorrupt.


St Margaret Mary Alacoque

sacred_heart2.jpg (11955 bytes) She was born in 1647 in L'Hautecourt, Burgundy, France, she died on October 17 1690. She was healed from a crippling disease during a Vision of the Blessed Virgin, who prompted her to give her Life to God. After receiving a Vision of Jesus after He was Scourged, she was moved to join the Order of the Visitation at Paray-le-Monial.

She had great Devotion for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Between 1673 and 1675 Our Lord appeared to her during several occasions and revealed the 12 Promises for those who practiced a True Devotion to His Sacred Heart, whose Crown of Thorns represent his Sacrifices.

Thanks to the Revelations in those Promises, Catholics have grown in Devotion to the Sacred Heart and they have gained many Spiritual Rewards through the Devotion of the Nine (9) First Fridays.

Her body remains Incorrupt.