Prayers to Saint Peregrine
Patron Saint of Cancer Victims
Feast Day 1 May

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Life of Saint Peregrine

Saint Peregrine was born in 1260 and grew up in Forli, Italy. His family was moderately wealthy, and as a young man, Peregrine was involved in politics. The city of Forli tended to belong to the anti-papal party in Italian politics. At one point, during a period of civil unrest, the pope sent Saint Philip Benizi to act as a mediator. During a riot, Peregrine struck Saint Philip Benizi in the face, to which Saint Philip Benizi responded by turning the other cheek. This had an immense impact on Peregrine, who from that point on, repented and began to reform his life. He spent a great deal of time in prayer, and developed a special devotion to the Blessed Mother. A vision from Our Lady inspired Peregrine to travel to Sienna and join the Servite Order, the same Order to which Saint Philip Benizi himself belonged. Saint Peregrine spent some years in Sienna, where he was renowned as one tireless in pursuit of virtue. During this time, he became a priest, and was equally fervent in celebrating the liturgy, preaching, and ministering to the people.

At the behest of his superiors, he returned to Forli to found a new house for the Order. Saint Peregrine prayed for long periods of time in an unhealthy standing position in reparation for the sins of his youth.  It was while he was working on this new project, that Saint Peregrine contracted a cancer of the foot, which caused him both excruciating pain as well as rejection by others due to its unpleasant appearance and smell. He bore these burdens for some time, as the cancer resisted all treatments. At last the physicians decided that the only thing to do was to amputate the foot. On the night before the scheduled amputation of his leg, Peregrine dragged himself to the foot of the Cross in the community chapter room and fell into a deep trance-like sleep. During this trance, he had a vision of Jesus descending from the Cross to heal his leg. He awoke completely cured; the doctors could find no remaining trace of cancer. Saint Peregrine lived twenty more years, to the age of 80, dying in 1345. He was canonized in 1726 and his feast day is May 1st.


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Prayers to Saint Peregrine
Patron Saint of Cancer Victims


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vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)We implore your powerful aid, Saint Peregrine, for all who are living unworthy of their Christian vocation. May they be converted from a sinful, selfish life, as you were, by the good example of those who are obedient to Christ's counsels. We invoke your special help, Saint Peregrine, for all religious life that they may remain faithful as you did to their vows, and ever steadfast in their commitment to Christ. We seek your merciful aid, Saint Peregrine, especially for those afflicted or threatened by cancer, by an ailment of the foot, or by any incurable diseases. Please, help us quickly to find a cure for CANCER, and a remedy for all our human infirmities of soul, mind and body.



vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)O my dearest Mother Mary, Mother of Sorrows, behold me, your child, in prayer. I have come to plead for this special favor through the intercession of your faithful servant, Saint Peregrine, (Mention your request). O Sorrowful Mother, I beg you to present my petition to your Divine Son. If you will pray for me, I cannot be refused. I know, dearest Mother, that you want me to seek God's Will in all things. Therefore, with childlike trust, I abandon myself to God's Holy Will concerning my request. If what I ask for should not be granted, pray that I may receive that which will be of greater benefit to my soul. Mother of Sorrows, I Love You! I put my confidence in you, because your prayers before God are most powerful. For the greater glory of God and through the intercession of Saint Peregrine, whom you have led to Sainthood, hear and grant my prayer.


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Novena #1 to Saint Peregrine

Note: A novena is a sequence of prayers said each day for nine days. It can be seen as a response to Our Lord's teaching about the persistence in prayer. It has been said that the first novena comprised the nine days between the Lord's Ascension and Pentecost Sunday, when Our Lady and the other disciples prayed for the coming of the Holy Spirit.


pere1.jpg (16140 bytes)vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)Oh great Saint Peregrine, you who have been called "The Mighty" and "The Wonder-Worker" because of the numerous miracles which you have obtained from God for those who have had recourse to you. For so many years you bore in your own flesh this cancerous disease that destroys the very fiber of our being, and who had recourse to the source of all grace when the power of man could do no more. You were favored with the vision of Jesus coming down from His Cross to heal your affliction. Ask of God and Our Lady, the cure of these sick persons whom we entrust to you.

(Here specify your request to Saint Peregrine)

Aided in this way by your powerful intercession, we shall sing to God, now and for all eternity, a song of gratitude for His great goodness and mercy.



vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)Saint Peregrine, you have given us an example to follow; as a Christian you were steadfast in love; as a Servite you were faithful in service; as a penitent you humbly acknowledged your sin; afflicted you bore suffering with patience. Intercede for us, then, with our heavenly Father so that we steadfast, humble and patient may receive from Christ Jesus the grace we ask.



vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)Dear Apostle of Emilia and member of the Order of Mary, you spread the Good News by your word and by your life witnessed to its truth. In union with Jesus crucified, you endured excruciating sufferings so patiently as to be healed miraculously of cancer in the leg. If it is agreeable to God, obtain relief and cure for (name of patient) and keep us all from the dread cancer of sin.



Novena #2 to Saint Peregrine

peregrine-1d.gif (37537 bytes)vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes) Glorious wonder-worker, Saint Peregrine, you answered the divine call with a ready spirit, and forsook all the comforts of a life of ease and all the empty honors of the world to dedicate yourself to God in the Order of His Holy Mother.  You labored manfully for the salvation of souls. 

In union with Jesus crucified, you endured painful sufferings with such patience as to deserve to be healed miraculously
of an incurable cancer in your leg by a touch of His Divine Hand.  Obtain for me the grace to answer every call of God and to fulfill His Will in all the events of life.   Enkindle in my heart a consuming zeal for the salvation of all men.  Deliver me from the infirmities that afflict my body...

(State your need here...)

Obtain for me also a perfect resignation to the sufferings it may please God to send me, so that, imitating our crucified Savior and His sorrowful Mother, I may merit eternal glory in heaven.

Saint Peregrine, pray for me and for all who invoke your aid.



peregrine2.jpg (130376 bytes)vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)Dear Saint Peregrine, I need your help. I feel so uncertain of my life right now. This serious illness makes me long for a sign of God's love. Help me to imitate your enduring faith when you faced the ugliness of cancer and surgery. Allow me to trust the Lord the way you did in this moment of distress.

I want to be cured, but right now I ask God for the strength to bear the cross in my life. I seek the power to proclaim God's presence in my life despite the hardship, anguish and fear I now experience.

O Glorious Saint Peregrine, be an inspiration to me and petitioner of those needed graces from our loving Father.



vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)O God, You gave Saint Peregrine an angel for his companion, the Mother of God for his teacher, and Jesus for the Physician of his infirmity. Grant, we beg You, through his merits, that on earth we may love our holy angel, the Blessed Virgin, and our Savior, and in heaven bless Them forever. Grant that we may receive the favor we now ask ... (mention your intention) ... through Christ our Lord.


Say one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be with the invocation:

"Saint Peregrine, pray for us!"


maryjesjohn.jpg (23190 bytes)vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)Lord Jesus, I come before you just as I am. I am sorry for my sins; I repent of my sins; please forgive me. In your name, I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all of their works. I give you my entire self, Lord Jesus, now and forever. I invite you into my life Jesus; I accept you as my Lord and Savior. Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul and spirit.

Come Lord Jesus and cover me with your precious blood. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. I love you Lord Jesus. I praise you, Jesus. I thank you Jesus. I shall follow you every day of my life. Amen.

Mary, My Mother, Queen of Peace; Saint Peregrine, the cancer saint; all you Angels and Saints, please help me.



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vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)Litany in Honor of Saint Peregrine vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven,
have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,
have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Spirit,
have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God,
have mercy on us.

Holy Mary , Mother of God,
pray for us.
Mother of Sorrows, etc.
Health of the sick,
Comforter of the afflicted,
Help of Christians,

Saint Peregrine,
pray for us.
Converted by the prayers of Saint Philip, etc.
Afflicted with a cancerous growth,
Completely cured by the outstretched hand of Jesus Crucified,
Who performed many miracles in thy lifetime,
Who multiplied food and drink,
Who cured the sick by the power of the Name of Jesus,
Who converted hardened sinners by prayer and fasting,
Who receive every favor thou asked of God,
Most confident in prayer,
Most austere in penance,
Most patient in suffering,
Most humble in the holy priesthood,
Most zealous for souls,
Most kind toward the afflicted,
Most devoted to the Passion of Jesus and the Sorrows of Mary,
Victim with Jesus and Mary for the salvation of souls,
Wonder-worker for the sick and diseased,
Hope of incurable cases,
Universal patron of all who suffer from cancer,
Beloved Patron of Spain,
Glory of the Order of the Servants of Mary,

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,
spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,
graciously hear us O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world,
have mercy on us.

V. Pray for us, O glorious Saint Peregrine,
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray

O God, be gracious and hear the prayers which we present to Thee in honor of Saint Peregrine, Thy beloved servant. May we who do not rely on our own merits receive help in our needs through the intercession of him whose life was so pleasing to Thee. Through Christ, our Lord.



Cancer is limited ...

It cannot cripple love,
It cannot shatter hope,
It cannot corrode faith,
It cannot eat away peace,
It cannot destroy confidence,
It cannot shut out memories,
It cannot silence courage,
It cannot invade the soul,
It cannot reduce eternal life,
It cannot quench the spirit,
It cannot lessen the power of the Resurrection.


Our Heavenly Mother Speaks
(September 24, 1955)

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Our Lady of Mercy/Ransom

My children who are carrying the cross of illness! The sacrifice you carry out by your patient sufferings becomes a great act and a giant source of energy to convert souls. With this noble currency you can pay for the most offending sins. Thus together with your Lady of Ransom you can free the slaves of sin, even hardened sinners, chained by the evil one, and by becoming free they may find their way to the house of the Father.

My children who suffer from illness: Your strength has to come from the knowledge that you are the most effective co-workers of My Holy Son. Quietly, without notice, you help the triumphant renewal of Holy Mother Church, and also help the multitude of souls reach the gate of salvation. Knowing this, you should rejoice while suffering because great and everlasting happiness awaits you in Heaven!