Novena of Mary's Titles;
Day 5:

Madonna and Child - by CORREGGIO - from Castello Sforzesco, Milan


The Novena is Nine (9) Days-of-Prayer for Special Graces,
and had its Origin in the Nine (9) Months, Our Lord was in His Blessed Mother's Womb,
from the Incarnation (25 Mar), to the Nativity (25 Dec).


Novena of Mary's Titles;
Day 5:
'Virgin most Faithful',
'Cause of our Joy'
'Vessel of Singular Devotion'

by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori

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Meditate and Pray on the Following Discourses

- First Meditation -

Mantle of Mary

"Virgin-most-Faithful" - Blessed is he, who by his Prayers, 'Watches' at the Gates-of Mary, as the Poor 'Wait' at the Door-of-the-Rich, to 'Obtain' Relief. "Blessed is the Man", Mary 'Says', "that Heareth me, and that Watcheth Daily at my Gates" - Proverbs 8:34. O that we were as Faithful to 'Serve' this Divine Mother, as she is Faithful to 'Relieve' us, when we 'Pray' to her! Mary 'Promises' that All, who 'Serve' and 'Honor' her, shall be Free from Sin and 'Obtain' Eternal Life: "They that Work by me, shall not Sin. They that Explain me, shall have Life Everlasting" Ecclesiasticus 24:30,31. She 'Invites' All to have Recourse to her, and 'Promises' them every Grace which they Desire: "In me is all Grace of-the-Way and of-the-Truth; in me is all Hope of-Life and of-Virtue; come-over to me, all ye that Desire me" - Ecclesiasticus 24:25,26. Saint-Lawrence-Justinian 'Applies' to Mary, that other Text-of Ecclesiasticus, "her Bands are a Healthful Binding" - Ecclesiasticus 6:31; and then 'Adds', "wherefore Bands, unless to Bind her Servants, that they may not Stray in the Fields-of-Sin". Mary 'Binds' her Servants, that they may not 'Give' themselves too-much Liberty, which would 'Cause' their Ruin.

O Mother-of-God, in thee do I Place all my Confidence;
Thou must Preserve me from Falling any-more into Sin.
My Lady, Abandon me not,
Obtain me the Grace rather to Die
Than to Lose the Grace-of-God.



- Second Meditation -

Birth of Mary, our Dawn - by GOZZOLI, Benozzo - from Biblioteca Comunale, Castelfiorentino
The Sun, Symbolic-of Jesus Christ, can be seen Rising in the Distance, through the Arched Window.
Mary is depicted Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes, in-accordance-with Jewish Custom and Law
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"Cause-of-our-Joy" - As the Dawn is a Cause-of Joy, after the Darkness and Gloom-of-Night, so was the Birth-of Mary, who is our Dawn, a Cause-of Joy to the World, which, before the Coming-of Jesus Christ, had been for Four Thousand Years, 'Immersed' in the Darkness-of-Sin. A Holy-Father 'Says', "that in the Birth-of-Mary, the Dawn Appeared". The Dawn is the Forerunner-of the Sun, and Mary was the Precursor of the Incarnate Word, the Sun-of-Justice, the Redeemer, Who, by His Death, 'Delivered' us from Eternal Death. With Reason the Church 'Sings', on the Nativity-of-Mary, "Thy Birth, O Holy Mother-of-God, 'Announced' Joy to the Whole World". And as Mary was the Beginning-of our Joy, so is she also its Completion; for Saint-Bernard 'Says': that Jesus Christ 'Deposited' the Whole Price of our Redemption, in the Hands-of-Mary; that every Grace which we 'Receive', we may 'Receive' from her.

O Mother-of-God,
Thou art my Joy and my Hope;
For thou Deniest thy Graces, to no one,
And thou 'Obtainest' All that thou Willest, from God.



- Third Meditation -

"Vessel-of-Singular-Devotion" - Devotion, as Saint-Thomas 'Teaches', Consists-in the Readiness with which our Will 'Conforms' itself to the Will-of-God. This was the Principle Virtue, which 'Rendered' His Most Holy Mother, so Dear-to God. This also was the Signification of the Answer which Our Lord 'Gave' to the Woman who 'Called' the Womb which 'Bore' Him, Blessed: "Yea rather, Blessed are they who Hear the Word-of-God, and Keep it" - Luke 11:28. By this, according-to the Venerable Bede, Our Lord meant that Mary was more Blessed by the Union-of her Will, with that of God, than by 'Being' His Mother. That Flower (Heliotropic) which always Turns-towards the Sun, is a Real Type of Mary. The Divine Will, was alone the Aim and Satisfaction of the Heart-of-Mary; as she herself 'Proclaimed', "My Spirit hath Rejoiced in God, my Savior".

O Blessed art thou, my Lady, who wast Always,
and in-All, United to the Divine Will.
Obtain me the Grace to Spend the Rest-of my Life
in Constant Uniformity with the Will-of-God.