Novena of Mary's Titles;
Day 4:

Madonna and Child - by CORNELIS VAN HAARLEM - from Amstelkring Museum, Amsterdam . . . .
The Pear in this Painting is Symbolic of Christ's Love for Humanity


The Novena is Nine (9) Days-of-Prayer for Special Graces,
and had its Origin in the Nine (9) Months, Our Lord was in His Blessed Mother's Womb,
from the Incarnation (25 Mar), to the Nativity (25 Dec).


Novena of Mary's Titles;
Day 4:
'Virgin most Renowned',
'Virgin most Powerful',
'Virgin most Merciful'

by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori

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Meditate and Pray on the Following Discourses

- First Meditation -

God-the-Holy-Spirit 'Empowers' and 'Presides' at each-and-every Mass; during which God-the-Father accepts the Sacrifice of God-the-Son, for our Salvation. During Mass, in a Bloodless-Sacrifice, Jesus Christ 'Renews' the Graces and Mercy for Man's Salvation, originally Merited by His Bloody Sacrifice on Calgary, and 'Repeated' Bloodlessly at each-and-every Mass. "Do this in Memory of Me" - Luke 22:19. Christ, in His Human Nature, can only Die Once. And Mary, as Daughter-of-the-Father, Spouse-of-the-Holy-Spirit, and Mother-of-the-Son, is continually-Present, as she was at Calgary. Our Greatest Honor and Devotion to Mary, is to 'Worship' her Son Jesus, during the Sacrifice-of-the-Mass, on a Daily basis; or at least as-often-as possible. Only God can be 'Worshipped', but Mary and the Saints can be 'Honored', as Jesus always Intended. Also, Arriving at Mass Fifteen Minutes early, in-order-to 'Recite' the Holy Rosary, is a Great Honor to both Mary, and to her Son; and is a Powerful Plenary Indulgence for Ourselves.

"Virgin-most-Renowned" - The Holy Church 'Proclaims' that this Divine Mother is "Most Worthy of every Praise"; for, as Saint-Ildephonsus 'Says', "All Praise which is Given to the Mother, Redounds-to the Honor of the Son". With Reason, then, did Saint-George-of-Nicomedia 'Declare', "that God Accepts the Praises which are Lavished-on Mary, as if they were Bestowed-on Himself". The Blessed Virgin 'Promises' Paradise to him, who 'Endeavors' to 'Make' her Known and Loved: "They that Explain me, shall have Life Everlasting". Therefore, Richard-of-Saint-Lawrence 'Writes' that, "All who Honor her in this World, will be Honored by her, in the Next". Saint-Anselm 'Says', "That as Mary, by 'Becoming' the Mother-of-God, was the Means-of-Salvation of Sinners, so are Sinners Saved, by Proclaiming her Praises". All cannot be Preachers, but All can Praise her, and Speak-to Relations and Friends in familiar Conversation, of the Merits of Mary, of her Powers and Mercy, and thus 'Lead' them to Devotion towards this Divine Mother.

O Queen-of-Heaven, from this Time 'Forward', I am Determined to Do all that I Can, to 'Cause' thee to be Venerated and Loved by All. 'Accept' my Desire, and 'Help' me to 'Execute' it; in the mean-time, 'Inscribe' me in the Number-of thy Servants, and never Permit me again, to 'Become' a Slave-of-Lucifer.







- Second Meditation -

"Virgin-most-Powerful" - And who amongst the Saints is as-Powerful with God, as His Most Holy Mother? She 'Obtains' all that she Pleases. "Thou Willest", 'Says' Saint-Bernard, "and All is Done". Saint-Peter-Damien even 'Says', "that when Mary asks Graces from God, she does not 'Ask', but, so-to-say, 'Commands'; for her Son 'Honors' her by Refusing her Nothing". Thus does the Son 'Honor' His Beloved Mother, by 'Granting' her whatever she 'Asks', even in-favor-of Sinners. Hence, Saint-Germanus 'Says':

Thou, O Mother-of-God, art Omnipotent to Save Sinners,
and needest no other Recommendation with God,
for thou art the Mother-of-True-Life.
O Mary, thou canst Make me a Saint; I Rely on thee.



- Third Meditation -

Have Mercy on Your People, my Son

"Virgin-most-Merciful" - Mary is as Clement and Merciful towards those who have 'Recourse' to her Intercession, as she is Powerful with God. Saint-Bernard 'Says', "that since the Power to Save us cannot be 'Wanting' to Mary, as she is the Mother-of-God, so neither can the Will be 'Wanting' to her, for she is our Mother". Who is there that ever had 'Recourse' to Mary and was Abandoned? "Let him Cease to Praise thy Mercy", says the same Saint-Bernard, "who Remembers having ever Invoked thee, without being Graciously Heard". Saint-Bonaventure 'Writes', "that Mary has so-Great a Desire to be Invoked by us, that she may Dispense her Favors to us in Greater Abundance, that she is not only Offended by those who Speak Ill of her, but also by those who Neglect to Ask her for Graces". Thus, to 'Obtain' her Help, we are not Obliged to Entreat this Mother-of-Mercy much; it is enough to Ask for it with Confidence. "Her Mercy", 'Says' Richard-of-Saint-Lawrence, "comes to our Aid before we Invoke it"; and he Tells us why, "It is because she cannot Know and See our Miseries, without Relieving them".

Virgin most Merciful, Pray for us.