Feast of the Visitation,
(Celebrated 31st May)

The Visitation of Mary - by TINTORETTO - from Scuola di San Rocco, Venice

The Feast-of-the-Visitation, is One of the most-Moving Gospel Stories in Artistic Iconography - the Meeting between Two Women, who Carry-within themselves, Two (2) Miracles: the already-Aged Elizabeth, who through the Divine-Will, Conceived a Son, who would be the Precursor-of-Christ; and the Young Mary, who "knew not Man" and 'Conceived, Jesus through the Holy Spirit.


And Mary, Rising up in those Days, went into the Hill Country with
Haste, into a City of Juda. And she 'Entered' into the House-of-Zachary,
and 'Saluted' Elizabeth - Luke 1:39,40


Feast of the Visitation

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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First Meditation

Mary Set-out from Nazareth, to Go to the City-of-Judea, in which Saint-Elizabeth 'Resided'; a distance, according to Broccardus, of upwards-of Seventy (70) Miles, or at least Seven (7) Days Journey. Her Spouse, Saint-Joseph, alone 'Accompanied' her. The Holy and Tender Virgin 'Hastened' her Steps, as Saint-Luke tells us: "Mary, Rising up in those Days, went into the Hill Country with-haste". Tell us, O Lady, why didst thou 'Undertake' so Long and Arduous a Journey, and why didst thou so 'Hasten' thy Steps? "I went", she 'Replies', "to Exercise my Office-of-Charity; I went to Console a Family".

Since then, O Great Mother-of-God, thy Office is to 'Console' and 'Dispense' Graces to Souls, ah, be Graciously Pleased also to 'Visit' and 'Console' my Soul. Thy Visit, 'Sanctified' the House-of-Elizabeth; Come, O Mary, and Sanctify me also.



Second Meditation

Behold, the Blessed Virgin is already 'Arrived' at the House-of-Elizabeth. She was the Mother-of-God, but yet was the First (1st) to 'Salute' Elizabeth, "and she Entered . . . and Saluted Elizabeth". Elizabeth, 'Enlightened' by God, 'Knew' that the Divine Word had 'Become' Man, that He had 'Become' the Son-of-Mary; therefore she 'Called' her, Blessed-among-Women, and Blessed the Divine Fruit which she Carried in her Womb: "Blessed art thou among Women, and Blessed is the Fruit of thy Womb". At the same time, filled-with Confusion and Joy, she 'Exclaimed': "And whence is this to me, that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?" But what does the Humble Mary 'Reply' to these Words? She 'Says': "My Soul doth Magnify the Lord"; as if she had said, "Ah Elizabeth, thou dost 'Praise' me, but I 'Praise' my God, Who hath Graciously Pleased to Exalt me, who am His Poor Servant, to the Dignity of being His Mother". "He hath regarded the Humility of His Handmaid".

O Most Holy Mary, since thou Dispensest so many Graces, to those who Ask thee for them, I Beseech thee to Grant me thy Humility. Thou 'Esteemest' thyself, as Nothing before God; but I am Worse than Nothing, for I am a Sinner. Thou canst make me Humble; do so for the Love of that God, Who 'Made' thee His Mother.



Third Meditation

But, what Took-place at the First(1st) Sound of the Voice-of Mary, 'Saluting' Elizabeth? "When Elizabeth heard the Salutation of Mary, the Infant Leaped in her Womb, and Elizabeth was Filled-with the Holy Ghost". The Infant-John, 'Exulted' with Joy, on-account-of the Divine Grace which was then 'Conferred' upon him. Elizabeth was Filled-with the Holy Ghost; and Zachary, the Father of the Baptist, had shortly afterwards, the Consolation-of 'Recovering' his Speech.

So that it is indeed True, O my Queen and Mother, that it is 'Through' thee that Divine Graces are 'Dispensed', and 'Through' thee that Souls are Sanctified. Then, my own Most Dear Queen, do not Forget me, thy Poor Servant; for I Love thee and have 'Placed' all my Hopes in thee. Thy Prayers are ever Graciously 'Heard' by God, Who Loves thee so-much. Hasten therefore, my Mother; 'Pray' for me, and 'Make' me a Saint.