Feast of the Purification-of-Mary,
and the Presentation-of-Jesus
(2nd Feb, 40 days after Christmas)

Purification of Mary/Circumcision/Presentation of Jesus in Temple - by PALMA GIOVANE - from San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

As Mary 'Hands' the Child Jesus to Saint Simeon, the Eyes of the Innocent Child Jesus, are fixed-on the Two Angels carrying the Cross and Crown-of-Thorns, Representations-of His Passion and Death, which were already 'Revealed'-to His Soul, at His Conception in Mary's Womb, by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

In the 'Circumcision' of the Divine Child, there was a Dim Suggestion and Hint-of-Calvary, in the Precious Surrendering of Blood. The Shadow-of the Cross was already Hanging-over an Innocent Child, Eight (8) Days Old. He would have Seven (7) Blood-Sheddings, of which this was the First (1st), the Six (6) Others being:

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) the Agony-in the Garden,

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) the Scourging-at the Pillar,

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) the Crowning-with Thorns,

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) the Way-of the Cross,

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) the Crucifixion-on Calvary, and

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) the Piercing-of His Heart.

The Number Seven (7) usually means 'Fullness' or 'Completeness', as in Seven (7) Days of the Week. God rested-on the Seventh (7th) Day. The Seven (7) Blood-Sheddings-of-Jesus, and the Seven (7) Dolors-of-Mary, Signify the 'Fullness' or 'Completeness' of our Redemption.


*** Presentation-of the Lord
*** Purification-of Mary

Leaving-aside all other Considerations, into-which we might enter, on the Many Mysteries-of this Single Festival, we will only consider the Greatness-of the Sacrifice which Mary made-of herself to-God, in-Offering Him on this Day, the Life-of her Son.


Feast of the Purification-of-Mary,
and the Presentation-of-Jesus

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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First Meditation

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Typical Mikvah

The Jewish Ritual-of-Purification, by Immersion, the Mikvah, is undoubtedly a Foreshadowing of Baptism. In Ancient Judaism, a 'Cleansed' Leper, a Woman after her Menstrual Period, and Ceremonially Defiled Person, and a Gentile 'Convert' to Judaism, had to 'Undergo' the Mikvah, and be 'Immersed' in Water, prior-to being 'Declared' Pure, and able-to 'Enter' the Temple, or re-'Enter' Society.

According to the Mosaic Law, a Mother who had Given-Birth to a Man-child, was considered Unclean for Seven (7) Days; moreover, she was to Remain Three-and-Thirty Days "in the Blood of her Purification"; for a Maid-child, the Time which 'Excluded' the Mother from Sanctuary, was even Doubled. When the Time (Forty or Eighty Days) was over, the Mother was to "Bring to the Temple, a Lamb for a Holocaust, and a Young Pigeon or Turtle Dove, for Sin"; if she was not able to 'Offer' a Lamb, she was to 'Take' Two Turtle Doves, or Two Pigeons; the Priest 'Prayed' for her, and so she was 'Cleansed'. (Leviticus 12:2-8)

When the Time had 'Come', in which, according-to the Law, Mary was to be 'Purified' in the Temple, and to 'Present' Jesus to the Eternal Father, she, accompanied-by Saint-Joseph, 'Directed' her Steps towards Jerusalem. Joseph 'Took' Two Turtle-doves, which were to be 'Offered', and Mary 'Took' her Beloved Infant. She took the Divine Lamb, to 'Offer' It to God, as a Token-of the Great Sacrifice, which He would One Day 'Accomplish' on the Cross.

My God, I also Unite my Sacrifice to that of Mary; I Offer Thee Thy Incarnate Son, and by His Merits, I Beseech Thee to Grant me Thy Grace. I do not Deserve it, but Jesus Sacrificed Himself to Thee, to Obtain it for me. For the Love of Jesus, then, have Mercy on me.



Second Meditation

I Offered Myself for thee,
that thou mightest Offer thyself to Me

Behold, Mary entered the Temple, and in the Name of the Whole Human Race, made the Oblation of her Son. But, especially on this Day, Jesus 'Offered' Himself to His Eternal Father. "Behold Me, O Father", He said, "to Thee do I Consecrate my Whole Life; Thou hast Sent Me into the World, to Save it; 'Accept' My Blood and My Life, I Offer them without Reserve, to Thee, for the Salvation of the World".

Unfortunate should I have been, my Dear Redeemer, hadst Thou not 'Satisfied' the Divine Justice for me. I 'Thank' Thee with my Whole Soul, and I Love Thee with my Whole Heart. And whom shall I Love, if I do not Love a God, Who Sacrificed His Life for me?



Third Meditation

This Sacrifice was more Precious in the Sight-of God, than if all Men and Angels, had 'Offered' Him their Lives. Yes, because it was in this Offering of Jesus alone, that the Eternal Father 'Received' Infinite (∞) Honor, and Infinite (∞) Satisfaction. Jesus Christ said One Day to Blessed-Angela-of-Foligno: "I Offered Myself for thee, that thou mightest Offer thyself to Me".

Yes, my Jesus, since Thou hast Offered Thy Life to Thy Eternal Father, for me, I Offer my Life and my Entire Self to Thee. Hitherto, with the Greatest Ingratitude, I have Despised Thee; but Thou hast Promised no-more-to Remember the Outrages of a Sinner, who Repents of having Offended Thee. My Jesus, I Grieve for having Offended Thee, and Wish I could Die-of-Grief. I was Dead by Sin; from Thee I Hope for Life, and my Life shall be to Love Thee, O Infinite Good. Make me Love Thee; I Ask for Nothing more. Dispense the Riches of this World, to those who Desire them; I Desire nothing but the Treasure of Thy Love. My Jesus, Thou alone, art Sufficient for me.

O Queen and my Mother Mary, 'Through' thee do I Hope for every Grace.