Feast of the Presentation of Mary,
(Celebrated 21st November)

The Presentation of Mary in the Temple - by GIORDANO, Luca - from Santa Maria della Salute, Venice.
(Mary, at the Age-of-Three, was brought by her Parents to the Temple, in Fulfillment of a Vow, there to be Educated.
A Chior-of-Angels in Heaven above, Rejoice for their Little-Queen, who will On-Day Reign-in-Heaven, along-side her Son Jesus.)


The Offering that Mary made of herself to God
was Prompt, without-Delay, and entire without-Reserve.


Feast of the Presentation of Mary

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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First Meditation

The Holy Child Mary, had hardly 'Attained' the Age-of Three Years, when she 'Entreated' her Holy Parents to 'Take' her to the Temple, according to the Promise which they had 'Made'. The Appointed Day having 'Arrived', the Immaculate Young Virgin 'Left' Nazareth with Saint-Joachim and Saint-Anne; a Choir-of-Angels, also 'Accompanied' that Holy Child, who was 'Destined' to 'Become' the Mother of their Creator. "Go", says Saint-Germanus, "go, O Blessed Virgin, to the House of the Lord, to Await the Coming of the Holy Ghost, Who will 'Make' thee the Mother of the Eternal Word".


Second Meditation

When the Holy Company had 'Reached' the Temple-of-Jerusalem, the Blessed Child 'Turned' to her Parents, and 'Kneeling', 'Kissed' their Hands, 'Asked' their 'Blessing', and without Looking-back, 'Ascended' the Steps-of the Temple, and 'Renouncing' all Earthly Things, and all that the World could 'Give' her, she 'Offered' and 'Consecrated' herself to, without-Reserve, God. The Life-of Mary in the Temple, was thenceforward but One Continual Exercise of Love, and 'Offering' of her Whole Self to her Lord. She 'Advanced' from Hour-to-Hour, nay even from Moment-to-Moment, in all Virtues, 'Fortified, it is True, by Divine Grace, but always 'Exerting' herself with her Whole Strength, to 'Correspond' with this Grace. Mary herself said, in a Vision-to Saint-Elizabeth-of-Hungary, "Thou Thinkest, perhaps, that I Obtained Grace and Virtues without Effort. Know that I Received no Graces from God, without Great Labor, Constant Prayer, Ardent Desires, and many Tears and Mortifications".


Third Meditation

Thus, in the Temple, the Tender Virgin Mary, 'Prayed' without Ceasing. And Seeing that the Human Race was Lost and Hateful to God, she Principally 'Prayed' for the 'Coming'-of the Messiah, and Ardently 'Desired' to be the Servant-of the Happy Virgin, who was to 'Become' the Mother-of-God. But, O Holy Lady, know that on-account-of your Prayers, the Son-of-God 'Hastens' His 'Coming' into the World, to 'Redeem' the World; and moreover 'Know' that thou art that Blessed One, who art 'Chosen' to be the Mother of thy Creator.

O Beloved-of-God, most Holy Child, thou Prayest for All, Pray also for me. Thou didst Consecrate thy Entire-self, from thy very Childhood, to the Love of thy God; Obtain that I, during the Time that I have yet to be on Earth, may Live for God alone. On this Day, in Union with thee, I Renounce all Creatures, and Consecrate myself to the Love of my Lord. I also Offer myself to thee, my Queen, to Serve thee always. Accept me as thy Servant in an Especial Manner, and Obtain me the Grace to be always Faithful to thee, and to thy Son, that I may One Day 'Praise' thee, and 'Love' thee for all Eternity, in Heaven.