Feast of the Nativity of Mary,
(Celebrated 8th Sept)

Nativity of the Virgin Mary - by CAVALLINI, Pietro - from Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome . . . . .
Saint Anne is Surrounded by Assisting Mid-wives, after giving Birth to the Virgin Mary


When Mary was 'Born', our-Remedy, our-Consolation,
and our-Salvation, 'Came' into the World;
for 'Through' Mary, we 'Received' our Savior


Feast of the Nativity of Mary

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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First Meditation

Before the Birth of Mary, the World was Lost in the Darkness-of-Sin. "Mary was 'Born', and the Dawn Arose", says One Holy Father. Of Mary, it had already been 'Said', "Who is she that Cometh-forth as the Morning Rising?" - Canticles 6:9. As the Earth 'Rejoices' when the Dawn 'Appears', because it is the Precursor of the Sun, so also, when Mary was 'Born', the Whole World 'Rejoiced', because she was the Precursor of Christ, the Sun-of-Justice, Who being 'Made' her Son, 'Came' to Save us, by His Death; hence the Church 'Sings', "Thy Nativity, O Virgin Mother of God, Announced Joy to the Whole World; for from thee 'Arose' the Sun-of-Justice, Who has given us Life Eternal". So that when Mary was 'Born', our-Remedy, our-Consolation, and our-Salvation, 'Came' into the World; for 'Through' Mary, we 'Received' our Savior.


Second Meditation

This Child being, then, 'Destined' to 'Become' the Mother of the Eternal Word, God 'Enriched' her with such Great Grace, that in the First Moment of her Immaculate Conception, her Sanctity 'Exceeded' that of All the Saints and Angels together, for she 'Received' Grace of a Higher Order; One which corresponded-with the Dignity of Mother-of-God.

O Holy Child! O Full-of-Grace! I, Miserable Sinner that I am, Salute and Adore thee. Thou art the Beloved One, the Delight-of-God; Pity me, who on-account-of my Sins, have been Hateful and Abominable in His Sight. Thou, O Most Pure Virgin, 'Knewest' from thy very Childhood, so well how to 'Gain' the Heart-of-God, that He never-Did and never-Will 'Refuse' thee anything, and 'Grants' thee all that thou 'Askest'. My Hopes are therefore in thee; 'Recommend' me to thy Son, and I shall be Saved.



Third Meditation

When Mary was 'Destined' to be the Mother-of-God, she was also 'Destined' to 'Become' the Mediatress between God and Sinners. Hence the Angelic Saint-Thomas 'Says', "that Mary 'Received' Sufficient Grace to Save all Men"; and therefore Saint-Bernard 'Calls' her, "an Aqueduct, that of her Plenitude we all may Partake".

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Mary is the "Aqueduct"; or "Channel", Through which God's Grace Flows-from Heaven's Treasury to Mankind. To 'Block' that Channel, is Deadly to the Soul.

O my Queen, Mediatress-of-Sinners, Perform thy Office, Intercede for me. My Sins shall not Prevent me from 'Trusting' in thee, O Great Mother of God; no, I 'Trust' in thee, and so Great is my Confidence, that were my Salvation in my own Hands, I would Place it in thine. O Mary, 'Receive' me under thy Protection, for that is all my Desire.