Of the Assumption of Mary
(2nd Discourse)
(Celebrated 15th August -
Holy Day of Obligation)

Assumption of the Virgin - by PIOLA, Domenico - from Church of St John the Baptist, Chiavari (Genoa)


The Image-of the Assumption of the Virgin, does not 'Derive' from the Bible, but from an Ecclesiastical Tradition that Took-shape in the Middle Ages. By the 16th Century, it had become a Popular Theme. The Dogma of the Assumption, was 'Promulgated' by Pope Pius XII, in his Apostolic Constitution - Munificentissimus Deus - 1 November 1950.

The Depiction of the Virgin, with her Fluttering Robe and Swirling Head-dress, is 'Graceful' and 'Lively'. She is 'Borne-up' to Heaven, in a Cloud, by 'Playful' Putti. Her Assumption is a 'Foreshadowing' of our own Resurrection, at the End-of-the-World. Remember, there are Two (2) Bodies in Heaven, One Body is the 'Glorified' Human Nature of Jesus; the Other Body is the 'Assumed' Human Nature of Mary. The Rest of the Saints in Heaven, will not 'Receive' Bodies, until the Final Judgment.


Feast of the Assumption of Mary
(2nd Discourse)
Celebrated 15th August

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

It would seem Right, that on this Day-of the Assumption-of-Mary to Heaven, the Holy Church should rather 'Invite' us to 'Mourn', than to 'Rejoice', since Our Sweet Mother has 'Quitted' this World, and 'Left' us 'Deprived' of her Sweet Presence, as Saint Bernard 'Says': "It 'Seems' that we should rather 'Weep', than 'Rejoice'". But no, the Holy Church 'Invites' us to 'Rejoice': "Let us all 'Rejoice' in the Lord, 'Celebrating' a Festival in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary". And Justly, for, if we Love our Mother, we Ought-to 'Congratulate' ourselves, more-Upon her Glory, than On our own Private Consolation. What Son does not 'Rejoice', though on-account-of it, he has to be 'Separated' from his Mother, if he 'Knows' that she is Going-to 'Take' Possession-of a Kingdom? Mary, on this Day, is Crowned Queen-of-Heaven; and shall we not 'Keep' it a Festival and 'Rejoice', if we Truly Love her? "Let us 'Rejoice' then, let us all 'Rejoice'". And that we may 'Rejoice', and be 'Consoled' the more-by her 'Exaltation', let us 'Consider',

First, how Glorious was the Triumph of Mary, when she 'Ascended' to Heaven; and
Secondly, how Glorious was the Throne, to which she was there 'Exalted'.


First Point
How Glorious was the Triumph of Mary,
when she Ascended to Heaven

Ark of the New Covenant

Ark of the Old Covenant

After Jesus Christ, Our Savior, had 'Completed', by His Death, the Work-of-Redemption, the Angels ardently-Desired to 'Possess' Him in their Heavenly Country; hence they were continually 'Supplicating' Him in the Words-of David: "Arise, O Lord, into Thy Resting Place: Thou and the Ark, which Thou hast Sanctified" - Psalm 131:8. 'Come' O Lord, 'Come-Quickly', now that Thou hast ' Redeemed' Men; 'Come' to Thy Kingdom and 'Dwell' with us, and 'Bring' with Thee the Living Ark of Thy Mother, who was the Ark which Thou didst Sanctify, by 'Dwelling' in her Womb. Precisely thus, does Saint-Bernardine make the Angels 'Say': "Let Thy Most Holy Mother Mary, Sanctified by Thy Conception, also Ascend". Our Lord was, therefore, at-length, 'Pleased' to 'Satisfy' the Desire-of these Heavenly Citizens, by 'Calling' Mary to Paradise. But, if it was His Will, that the Ark-of-the-Old-Dispensation should be 'Brought' with Great Pomp into the City-of-David, "And David, and all the House-of-Israel, 'Brought' the Ark-of-the-Covenant-of-the-Lord, with Joyful Shouting, and with Sound-of-Trumpet" - 2Kings 6:15; how much Greater and more Glorious Pomp, did He 'Ordain' that His Mother, should 'Enter' Heaven!

The Death of the Virgin (detail) -
by GOES, Hugo van der -
from Groeninge Museum, Bruges

The Prophet-Elias was 'Carried' to Heaven in a Fiery Chariot, which according-to Interpreters, was no other than a Group-of-Angels, who 'Bore' him off from the Earth. "But, to 'Conduct' thee to Heaven, O Mother-of-God", 'Says' the Abbot-Rupert, "a Fiery Chariot was not enough; the Whole Court-of-Heaven, 'Headed' by its King, thy Son, 'Went-forth' to 'Meet' and 'Accompany' thee".

Saint-Bernardine-of-Siena is of the same Opinion. He says that, "Jesus", to 'Honor' the Triumph-of His Most Sweet Mother, "'Went-forth' in His Glory, to 'Meet' and 'Accompany' her".

Saint-Anselm also 'Says', "that it was Precisely for this Purpose, that the Redeemer was Pleased to 'Ascend' to Heaven, Before His Mother; that is, He did so, not only to 'Prepare' a Throne for her, in that Kingdom, but also that He might Himself 'Accompany' her with All the Blessed Spirits, and thus 'Render' her 'Entry' into Heaven, more-Glorious, and-such-as, 'Become' One who was His Mother". Hence Saint-Peter-Damian, 'Contemplating' the Splendor-of this 'Assumption' of Mary into Heaven, 'Says', "that we shall 'Find' it more-Glorious than the Ascension-of Jesus Christ; for, to-Meet the Redeemer, Angels only Went-forth; but when the Blessed Virgin was 'Assumed' to-Glory, she was 'Met' and 'Accompanied' by the Lord Himself, of-Glory, and by the Whole Blessed Company of Saints and Angels". For this Reason, the Abbot-Guarric 'Supposes' the Divine Word thus 'Speaking': "To 'Honor' the Father, I 'Descended' from Heaven; to 'Honor' My Mother, I 'Re-ascended' there"; that thus, I might be 'Enabled' to 'Go forth' to 'Meet' her, and Myself 'Accompany' her to Paradise.

Let us now 'Consider' how Our Savior 'Went-forth' from Heaven, to 'Meet' His Mother. On First 'Meeting' her, He 'Said': "Arise, make Haste, My Love, My Dove, My Beautiful One, and 'Come'. For Winter is now 'Past', the Rain is 'Over' and 'Gone'" - Canticles 2:10,11. 'Come', My Own Dear Mother, My Pure and Beautiful Dove; 'Leave' that Valley-of-Tears, in which, for My Love, thou hast 'Suffered' so-much. "Come from Libanus, My Spouse, Come from Libanus, Come; thou shalt be 'Crowned'". 'Come' in Soul and Body, to 'Enjoy' the Recompense-of thy Holy Life. If thy Sufferings have been Great on-Earth, far-Greater is the Glory which I have 'Prepared' for thee in Heaven. 'Enter' then, that Kingdom, and 'Take' thy Seat near Me; 'Come' to 'Receive' the Crown, which I will 'Bestow' upon thee, as Queen-of-the-Universe. 'Behold', Mary already 'Leaves' the Earth, at-which she 'Looks' with Affection and Compassion; with Affection, 'Remembering' the many Graces she had there, 'Received'-from her Lord; and with Affection and Compassion, because in it, she Leaves so-many Poor Children, 'Surrounded' with Miseries and Dangers. But 'See', Jesus 'Offers' her His Hand, and the Blessed Mother already 'Ascends'; already she has 'Passed'-beyond the Clouds, beyond the Spheres. 'Behold' her, already at the Gates-of Heaven. When Monarchs 'Make' their Solemn Entry into their Kingdoms, they do not 'Pass'-through the Gates-of the Capital, for they are 'Removed', to Make-way for them, on this Occasion. Hence, when Jesus Christ 'Entered' Paradise, the Angels 'Cried'-out: "Lift up your Gates, O ye Princes, and be ye Lifted up, O Eternal Gates; and the King-of-Glory shall Enter-in" - Psalm 23:8.

Behold, Mary already 'Enters' that Blessed Country. But on her 'Entrance', the Celestial Spirits, 'Seeing' her so Beautiful and Glorious, 'Ask' the Angels 'Without', as Origen 'Supposes' it, with United Voices-of-Exultation, "Who is this, that 'Cometh'-up from the Desert, Flowing with Delights, Leaning upon her Beloved?" - Canticles 8:5. And who can this Creature so-Beautiful be, that 'Comes' from the Desert of the Earth; a Place of Thorns and Tribulations? But this One 'Comes', Pure and Rich-in-Virtue, 'Leaning'-on her Beloved Lord, Who is Graciously Pleased Himself, to 'Accompany' her with so-Great Honor. Who is she? The Angels 'Accompanying' her 'Answer': "She is the Mother of our King; she is our Queen, and the Blessed One among Women; Full-of-Grace, the Saint-of-Saints, the Beloved-of-God, the Immaculate One, the Dove, the Fairest of all Creatures". Then, All the Blessed Spirits 'Begin' to 'Bless' her and 'Praise' her; 'Singing' with far-more Reason, than the Hebrews did to Judith: "Thou art the Glory-of-Jerusalem, thou art the Joy-of-Israel, thou art the Honor-of our People" - Judith 15:10. Ah, Our Lady and Our Queen, thou then 'Art' the Glory-of-Paradise, the Joy-of-our-Country, thou 'Art' the Honor of us All; be thou ever 'Welcome', be thou ever 'Blessed'! 'Behold' thy Kingdom; 'Behold' us also, who are thy Servants, ever Ready to 'Obey' thy Commands.


Assumption of the Virgin - (God-the-Father, God-the-Son and God-the-Holy-Spirit 'Welcome' Mary to Paradise.)
- by KNOLLER, Martin - from Musée du Louvre, Paris

The Angels 'Accompanying' her, 'Answer': "She is the Mother of our King; she is our Queen, and the Blessed One among Women; Full-of-Grace, the Saint-of-Saints, the Beloved-of-God, the Immaculate One, the Dove, the Fairest of all Creatures".

The Work of a Mother is never Complete, until the Last of Her Children is Safely Home with Her, in Paradise.

All the Saints who were in Paradise, then 'Came' to 'Welcome' her and 'Salute' her, as their Queen. All the Holy Virgins 'Came': "The Daughters saw her, and Declared her most-Blessed; . . . . and they Praised her" - Canticles 6:8. "We", they 'Said', "O Most Blessed Lady, are also Queens in this Kingdom, but thou art our Queen; for thou wast the First to Give us the Great Example of Consecrating our Virginity to God; we all Bless and Thank thee for it". Then 'Came' the Holy Confessors to 'Salute' her, as their Mistress; who, by her Holy Life, had 'Taught' them so-many Virtues. The Holy Martyrs also 'Came' to 'Salute' her as their Queen; for she, by her Great Constancy, in the Sorrows of her Son's Passion, had 'Taught' them, and also by her Merits, had 'Obtained' them Strength, to Lay-down their Lives, for the Faith. Saint-James, the only One of the Apostles, who was yet in Heaven, also 'Came' to 'Thank' her in the Name-of all the other Apostles, for all the Comfort and Help she had 'Afforded' them, while she was on-Earth. The Prophets next 'Came' to 'Salute' her, and said: "Ah Lady, thou wast the One, 'Foreshadowed' in our Prophecies". The Holy-Patriarchs then 'Came', and 'Said': "O Mary, it is thou who wast our Hope; for thee it was, that we 'Sighed' with much Ardor, and for so-Long a Time". But amongst these Latter, 'Came' our First Parents, Adam and Eve, to 'Thank' her with still Greater Affection. "Ah, Beloved Daughter", they said, "thou hast Repaired the Injury which we Inflicted on the Human Race; thou hast Obtained for the World, that Blessing which we Lost by our Crime; by thee, we are Saved, and for it, be ever Blessed".

Saint-Simeon, then 'Came' to 'Kiss' her Feet, and with Joy, 'Reminded' her of the Day, when he 'Received' the Infant Jesus, from her Hands. Saint-Zachary and Saint-Elizabeth also 'Came', and 'Thanked' her for that Loving Visit which, with Great Humility and Charity, she had 'Paid' them in their Dwelling, and by which they had 'Received' such Treasures-of-Grace. Saint-John-the-Baptist 'Came' with still Greater Affection, to 'Thank' her for having 'Sanctified' him, by her Voice. But how must her Holy Parents, Saint-Joachim and Saint-Anne, have 'Spoken' when they 'Came' to 'Salute' her? O God, with what Tenderness must they have 'Blessed' her, 'Saying': "Ah, Beloved Daughter, what a Favor it was for us to 'Have' such a Child! Be thou now Our Queen; for thou art the Mother of our God, and as such, we Salute and Adore thee". But, who can ever 'Form' an Idea-of the Affection, with-which her Dear Spouse, Saint Joseph, 'Came' to 'Salute' her? Who can ever 'Describe' the Joy which the Holy Patriarch 'Felt', at 'Seeing' his Spouse so-Triumphantly 'Enter' Heaven, and 'Made' Queen-of-Paradise? With what Tenderness must he have 'Addressed' her: "Ah, my Lady and Spouse, how can I ever Thank our God as I ought, for having Made me thy Spouse, thou who art His True Mother! Through thee, I Merited to 'Assist' on Earth, the Childhood of the Eternal Word, to 'Carry' Him so-often in my Arms, and to 'Receive' so many Special Graces. Ever Blessed be those Moments, which I 'Spent' in Life, in 'Serving' Jesus, and thee my Holy Spouse. Behold our Jesus! let us 'Rejoice' that now He no-Longer 'Lies' on Straw in a Manger, as we 'Saw' Him at His Birth, in Bethlehem. He no-longer 'Lives' Poor and Despised in a Shop, as He Once 'Lived' with us, in Nazareth; He is no-longer 'Nailed' to an Infamous Gibbet, as when He 'Died' in Jerusalem, for the Salvation of the World; but He is 'Seated' at the Right Hand of His Father, as King and Lord-of-Heaven and Earth. And now, O my Queen, we shall never more be 'Separated' from His Feet; we shall there, 'Bless' Him and 'Love' Him for All Eternity".

All the Angels then 'Came' to 'Salute' her; and she, the Great Queen, 'Thanked' All for the 'Assistance' they had 'Given' her on Earth, and more Especially, she 'Thanked' the Archangel Gabriel, who was the Happy Ambassador, the Bearer of All her Glories, when he 'Came' to 'Announce' to her, that she was the 'Chosen' Mother-of-God. The Humble and Holy Virgin, then 'Kneeling', 'Adored' the Divine Majesty, and all-'Absorbed' in the Consciousness-of her own Nothingness, 'Thanked' Him for all the Graces 'Bestowed' upon her by His Pure Goodness, and especially for having 'Made' her the Mother-of the Eternal Word. And then, let-him-who-can, 'Comprehend' with what Love the Most Holy Trinity 'Blessed' her. Let him 'Comprehend' the Welcome 'Given' to His Daughter by the Eternal Father, to His Mother by the Son, to His Spouse, by the Holy Ghost. The Father 'Crowned' her by 'Imparting' His Power to her; the Son, His Wisdom; the Holy Ghost, His Love. And the Three (3) Divine Persons, 'Placing' her Throne at the Right-of that of Jesus, 'Declared' her Sovereign-of-Heaven and Earth; and 'Commanded' the Angels and All Creatures, to 'Acknowledge' her as their/their Queen, and as such to 'Serve' and 'Obey' her. Let us now 'Consider' how 'Exalted' was the Throne to-which Mary was 'Raised', in Heaven!


Second Point
How Exalted was the Throne,
to which she was Elevated, in Heaven.

"If the Mind-of-Man", 'Says' Saint-Bernard, "can never 'Comprehend' the Immense Glory 'Prepared' in Heaven by God, for those who on-Earth have 'Loved' Him, as the Apostle 'Tells' us, who can ever 'Comprehend' the Glory He has 'Prepared' for His Beloved Mother, who, more than all-Men, Loved Him on Earth; nay, even from the very First Moment of her Creation, Loved Him more than All Men and Angels, United"? Rightly then, does the Church 'Sing', that Mary, having 'Loved' God more than All the Angels, "the Mother-of-God has been 'Exalted' above them All, in the Heavenly Kingdom". Yes, "She was 'Exalted'", 'Says' the Abbot-Guarric, "above the Angels, so that she 'Sees' none 'Above' her, but her Son", Who is the Only-Begotten of the Father.

Hence, it is that the Learned Gerson 'Asserts' that, as All the Orders-of Angels and Saints, are 'Divided' into Three (3) Hierarchies (according to the Angelic Doctor and Saint-Denis), so does Mary, of herself, 'Constitute' a Hierarchy apart, the Sublimest of All, and Next-to that of God. And as, 'Adds' Saint-Antoninus, the Mistress is, without-Comparison, 'Above' her Servants, so is "Mary, who is the Sovereign Lady of the Angels, Exalted incomparably-above the Angelic Hierarchies". To 'Understand' this, we need only know what David 'Said': "The Queen 'Stood' on Thy Right Hand" - Psalm 44:10. And in a Sermon, by an Ancient Author, among the Works-of Saint-Athanasius, these Words are 'Explained' as Meaning that "Mary is Placed at the Right Hand of God".

It is certain, as Saint-Ildephonsus 'Says', that Mary's Good Works, Incomparably 'Surpassed' in Merit, those of All the Saints, and therefore, her Reward must have 'Surpassed' theirs in the same Proportion; for, "as that which she Bore was Incomprehensible, so is the Reward which she Merited and Received, Incomprehensibly Greater than that of All the Saints". And since it is Certain, that God 'Rewards' according-to Merit, as the Apostle Writes, "Who will Render to every Man, according-to his Works" - Romans 2:6, it is also Certain, as Saint-Thomas 'Teaches', that the Blessed Virgin, "who was Equal-to and even Superior-in Merit to all Men and Angels, was 'Exalted' above All the Celestial Orders". "In Fine'", 'Adds' Saint-Bernard, "let us 'Measure' the Singular Grace that she 'Acquired' on Earth, and then we may 'Measure' the Singular Glory, which she 'Obtained' in Heaven"; for "according to the 'Measure' of her Grace on Earth, is the 'Measure' of her Glory in the Kingdom-of-the-Blessed".

A Learned-Author 'Remarks' that the Glory of Mary, which is a 'Full', a 'Complete' Glory, 'Differs' in that from the Glory of other Saints in Heaven. It is True, that in Heaven, All the Blessed 'Enjoy' Perfect Peace and Full Contentment; yet it will always be True, that no One of them 'Enjoys' as Great a Glory, as he could have 'Merited', had he 'Loved' and ' Served' God, with Greater Fidelity. Hence, though the Saints in Heaven 'Desire' nothing more, than they 'Possess', yet in fact, there is Something that they could 'Desire'. It is also True that the Sins which they have 'Committed', and the Time which they have 'Lost', do not 'Bring' Suffering; still it cannot be 'Denied' that a Greater Amount-of Good 'Done' in Life, Innocence 'Preserved', and Time well 'Employed', 'Give' the Greatest Happiness. Mary 'Desires' Nothing in Heaven, and has Nothing to 'Desire'. Who, amongst the Saints in Heaven, except Mary, 'Says' Saint-Augustine, if 'Asked' if he has 'Committed' Sins, could 'Say' no? It is Certain, as the Holy-Council-of-Trent has 'Defined', that Mary never 'Committed' any Sin, or the Slightest Imperfection. Not only, she never 'Lost' Divine Grace, and never even 'Obscured' it, but she never 'Kept' it Idle; she never 'Performed' an Action which was not Meritorious; she never 'Pronounced' a Word, never 'Had' a Thought, never 'Drew'-a-Breath, that was not 'Directed' to the Greater Glory-of-God. In fine', she never 'Cooled' in her Ardor, or 'Stopped' a Single Moment, in her onward-Course 'Towards' God; she never 'Lost' anything by-Negligence, but always 'Corresponded' with Grace, with her Whole Strength, and 'Loved' God as-much-as she could 'Love' Him. "O Lord", she now 'Says' to Him in Heaven, "If I Loved Thee not as-much-as Thou didst Deserve, at least I Loved Thee as-much-as I Could".

Celestial Glory, 1Corinthians 15:41;
Hand-of-God, Photo from NASA

In Each of the Saints, there were Different Graces, as Saint-Paul 'Says', "there are Diversities of Operations (Graces), but the same God, Who worketh all, in all" - 1Corinthians 12:6. So that Each of them, by 'Corresponding' with the Grace he had 'Received', 'Excelled' in some Particular Virtue - the One in 'Saving' Souls, the Other in 'Leading' a Penitential Life; One in 'Enduring' Torments, Another in a Life-of Prayer; and this is the Reason for which the Holy Church, in 'Celebrating' their Festivals, says of each, "there was not Found, One like him". And as in their Merits they 'Differ', so do they 'Differ' in Celestial Glory: "One is the Glory of the Sun, another, the Glory of the Moon, and another, the Glory of the Stars. For Star differeth from Star, in Glory" - 1Corinthians 15:41. Apostles 'Differ' from Martyrs, Confessors from Virgins, the Innocent from Penitents. The Blessed Virgin, being Full-of All Graces, 'Excelled' each Saint in every Particular Virtue; she was the Apostle-of-the-Apostles; she was the Queen-of-Martyrs, for she 'Suffered' more-than All of them; she was the Standard-Bearer-of-Virgins, the Model-of-Married-People; she 'United' in herself, Perfect Innocence and Perfect Mortification; in fine', she 'United' in her Heart, All the most Heroic Virtues, that any Saint ever 'Practiced'. Hence of her it was 'Said', that "The Queen Stood on Thy Right Hand, in Gilded Clothing; Surrounded with Variety" - Psalm 44:10. For All the Graces,Privileges, and Merits of the other Saints, were All 'United' in Mary, as the Abbot-of-Celles says, "The Prerogatives of all the Saints, O Virgin, thou hast United in thyself".

Instantly, with Mary's Fiat, and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ became 'Present' in the Most Pure Womb of the Blessed Mary. By God's Grace, Mary, the Little Jewish Girl, is Now the:

Daughter of God-the-Father,
Mother of God-the-Son, and
Spouse of the Holy-Spirit


She 'Possessed' them in such a Degree that, as "the Splendor of the Sun 'Exceeds' that of All the Stars United", so, says Saint-Basil-of-Seleucia, "does Mary's Glory 'Exceed' that of All the Blessed". Saint-Peter-Damian 'Adds', that "as the Light of the Moon and Stars is so entirely 'Eclipsed' on the 'Appearance' of the Sun, that it is as-if it was 'Not', so also does Mary's Glory so far 'Exceed' the Splendor of all Men and Angels, that, so to say, they do not 'Appear' in Heaven". Hence Saint-Bernardine-of-Sienna 'Asserts', with Saint-Bernard, that the Blessed 'Participate' in-Part, in the Divine Glory; but that the Blessed Virgin has been, in a Certain Way, so Greatly 'Enriched' with it, that it would seem that no Creature could be more-closely 'United' with God, than Mary is: "She has Penetrated into the Bottom of the Deep, and seems Immersed as-deeply-as it is possible, for a Creature in that Inaccessible Light". Blessed-Albert-the-Great 'Confirms' this, 'Saying' that our Queen "Contemplates the Majesty of God in Incomparably closer-Proximity, than All other Creatures". The above-Named Saint-Bernardine moreover 'Says', "that as the other Planets are Illumined by the Sun, so do All the Blessed 'Receive' Light, and an Increase-of-Happiness, from the Sight-of-Mary". And in another Place, he also 'Asserts' that "when the Glorious Virgin Mother-of-God, 'Ascended' to Heaven, she 'Augmented' the Joy, of All its Inhabitants".

For the same Reason, Saint-Peter-Damien 'Says', that "the Greatest Glory of the Blessed in Heaven is, after 'Seeing' God, the Presence-of this Most Beautiful Queen". And Saint-Bonaventure, that, "after God, our Greatest Glory and our Greatest Joy, is Mary".

Mantel of Mary... Mother of Mercy, Pity, Help, Protection - by CHARONTON, Enguerrand - from Musée Condé, Chantilly

Let us then, 'Rejoice' with Mary, that God has 'Exalted' her to so-High a Throne in Heaven. Let us also 'Rejoice' on our own Account; for though our Mother is no-longer 'Present' with us on Earth, having 'Ascended' in Glory to Heaven, yet in Affection, she is always with us. Nay, even 'Being' there Nearer-to God, she better 'Knows' our Miseries; and her Pity for us is Greater, while she is better-able to 'Help' us. "Is it possible, O Blessed Virgin", 'Says' Saint-Peter-Damien , "because thou art so Greatly 'Exalted', thou hast 'Forgotten' us in our Miseries? Ah no, God 'Forbid' that we should have such a Thought! So Compassionate a Heart, cannot but Pity our so Great Miseries". "If Mary's Compassion for the Miserable", 'Says' Saint-Bonaventure, "was Great when she Lived-upon Earth, it is far Greater now, that she 'Reigns' in Heaven".

Let us, in the Mean Time, 'Dedicate' ourselves to the Service of this Queen, to 'Honor' and 'Love' her, as-much-as we can; for as Richard-of-Saint-Lawrence 'Remarks', "She is not like other Rulers, who 'Oppress' their Vassals with Burdens and Taxes; but, she 'Enriches' her Servants with Graces, Merits, and Rewards". Let us also 'Entreat' her in the Words of the Abbot-Guarrie: "O Mother-of-Mercy, thou who Sittest on so-Lofty a Throne, and in such Close Proximity to God, 'Satiate' thyself with the Glory of thy Jesus, and Send us, thy Servants, the Fragments that are left". Thou dost now Enjoy the Heavenly Banquet-of the Lord; and we, who are still on-Earth, as Dogs under the Table, 'Ask' thy Mercy.



Father-Silvano-Razzi 'Relates' that a Devout Ecclesiastic, and Tender Lover of our Queen Mary, having 'Heard' her Beauty Greatly 'Extolled', had a Most Ardent Desire Once, to 'See' his Lady; and therefore, with Humble Prayers, 'Begged' this Favor. The Clement Mother 'Sent' him Word, by an Angel, that she would 'Gratify' him, by 'Allowing' him to 'See' her; but on this Condition, that after 'Seeing' her, he should 'Remain' Blind. He 'Accepted' the Condition. Behold, One Day the Blessed Virgin 'Appeared' to him; but that he might not 'Remain' quite Blind, he First 'Wished' to 'Look' at her, with One Eye only; but afterwards, 'Overcome' by the Great Beauty of Mary, he 'Wished' to 'Contemplate' her with both; whereupon the Mother-of-God 'Disappeared'. 'Grieved' at having Lost the Presence-of his Queen, he could not 'Cease' Weeping, not indeed for his Lost Eye, but because he had not 'Seen' her with both. He then 'Began' to 'Entreat' her again, that she would once more 'Appear' to him, being quite Willing, for this Purpose, to Lose the other Eye, and 'Become' Blind. "Happy and Contented shall I be, O my Lady", he said, "to become Wholly Blind for so Good a Cause, which will Leave me more than ever 'Enamored' of thee, and of thy Beauty". Mary was Graciously 'Pleased' once more to 'Satisfy' him, and again 'Consoled' him with her Presence; but because this Loving Queen can never Injure any one, she not only did not 'Deprive' him of the Sight of the Other Eye, but even 'Restored' him the One he had Lost.



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O Great, Exalted, and most Glorious Lady, 'Prostrate'-at the Foot-of thy Throne, we 'Adore' thee from this Valley-of-Tears. We 'Rejoice' at thy Immense Glory, with-which Our Lord has 'Enriched' thee; and now that thou art 'Enthroned' as Queen-of-Heaven and Earth, ah 'Forget' us not, thy Poor Servants. Disdain not, from the High Throne on-which thou 'Reignest', to 'Cast' thine Eyes-of-Mercy on us Miserable Creatures. The nearer thou art to the Source-of-Graces, in the Greater Abundance canst thou 'Procure' those Graces for us. In Heaven thou seest more-Plainly our Miseries; hence thou must 'Compassionate' and 'Succor' us the more. Make us thy Faithful Servants on Earth, that thus we may One Day 'Bless' thee in Heaven. On this Day, on which thou wast 'Made' Queen-of-the-Universe, we also 'Consecrate' ourselves to thy Service. In the midst-of thy so Great Joy, 'Console' us also by 'Accepting' us as thy Servants. Thou art, then, Our Mother. Ah, Most Sweet Mother, Most Amiable Mother, thine Altars are 'Surrounded' by many People; some 'Ask' to be 'Cured' of a Disorder, some to be 'Relieved' in their Necessities, some for an Abundant Harvest, and some for Success in Litigation. We 'Ask' thee for Graces more-Pleasing to thy Heart; 'Obtain' for us that we may be 'Humble', 'Detached' from the World, 'Resigned' to the Divine Will; 'Obtain' us the Holy Fear of God, a Good Death, and Paradise. O Lady, 'Change' us from Sinners into Saints; 'Work' this Miracle, which will 'Redound' more to thy Honor, than if thou didst 'Sight' to a Thousand Blind Persons, or didst 'Raise' a Thousand from the Dead. Thou art so Powerful with God, we Need only 'Say' that thou art His Mother, His Beloved One, His Most Dear One, 'Filled with His Grace. What can He ever 'Deny' thee? O Most Beautiful Queen, we have no Pretensions to 'See' thee on Earth, but we do 'Desire' to 'See' thee in Paradise; and it is thou who must 'Obtain' us this Grace. For it we Hope, with Confidence.

Amen, amen