Examples of Mary's Intercession
For Her Devout Clients

The Madonna and Child, with Canon van der Paele - by EYCK, Jan van -
from Groeninge Museum, Bruges . . . . Click to enlarge

Van Eyck is here Concerned-with Showing the Presence of a Vision, and therefore of Illustrating the Reality-of God in our World. Canon-van-der-Paele is shown in the Choir of the Collegiate Church of Saint Donatian, in Bruges, where he is being Presented-to the Virgin by Saint George (Right), and Saint Donatian (Left). The Virgin and Child, Fix their Gaze on the Canon. The Reliefs and Sculptures (shown Left, click to enlarge) on the Capitals in the Background, and on the Virgin's Throne, all Allude-to Christ's Salvation-of-Humanity. The Depictions on the Throne, of Adam and Eve, Cain killing Abel, and Samson Fighting the Lion, together with the Depiction on the Capitals, of Abraham 'Sacrificing' Isaac, Create an Old Testament Framework, which Allows the Observer to Reflect on the Mercy-of-God, Who sent His Son, Christ the Redeemer, into the World. Redemption-from-Sin (Cain Killing his Brother) is possible only through the Power-of-Faith (Samson Overpowering the Lion). The Goodness and Grace of God "at the Moment of Truth" (Abraham 'Sacrificing' Isaac), serves as Proof-of the Redeeming Power and Presence of Servants-of-God, both Celestial (St George) and Mortal (Canon van der Paele). The Virgin is Pictured holding a Nosegay, and her Son, a Parrot - Unmistakable Echoes-of the Garden-of-Eden - and both Figures have 'Turned-to' Face the Meditating Canon.


Good People easily 'Believe' Miracles,
So are the Wicked always-ready to Turn them into Ridicule


Examples of Mary's Intercession
For Her Devout Clients

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

There are some Persons, who make it a Boast, that they are Free-from Prejudice, and 'Pride' themselves on Believing no other Miracles, than those 'Recorded' in the Sacred Scriptures, looking-upon all Others, as Tales and Old-Women's-Fables. Here it is Well to 'Repeat' a Just Remark, 'Made' by the Learned and Pious Father-John-Crasset. He 'Says', "that as Good People easily 'Believe' Miracles, so are the Wicked always Ready to Turn them into Ridicule", and he 'Adds', "that as it is a Weakness to Give Credit to Everything, so on-the-other-hand, does the Rejection of Miracles, when they are Attested by Grave and Pious Men, either Savor-of Infidelity, because they are thought Impossible to God, or of Presumption, in Denying the Credibility of such a Class-of Authors".

FatherCanisius 'Says', "There is Less Danger in 'Believing' and 'Admitting', that which is Related with some Appearance of Truth by Respectable Authors, and which has not been Rejected by Learned Men, which is moreover a Subject of Edification to our Neighbor, than in Rejecting it with a Disdainful and Presumptuous Spirit".


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