Various Practices of Devotion
in Honor of the Divine Mother;
of the Rosary and Office
of our Blessed Lady

Madonna of the Rosary - by STEFANO DA ZEVIO - Museo di Castelvecchio, Verona

The Virgin is seated-on the Ground, in the Middle-of an Enclosed Flower Garden, in which a Spring Gushes-forth. Mary is accompanied-by the Great Martyr, Saint Catherine of Alexandria and by a great many Angels. Mary stares sadly into space. The Pose in which she sits on the ground is the same in which she is to Lament-over her Dead Son. In fact, the Red Roses also refer to the Martyrdom of Christ, and the Numerous dark-colors Prefigure the Austere Tones of the Passion.


The Immense Good which this Noble Devotion has done to the World is well known.
How many, by its means, have been Delivered from Sin! how many Led-to a Holy Life!
how many to a Good Death, and are now Saved!


Various Practices of Devotion
in Honor of the Divine Mother;
of the Rosary and Office
of our Blessed Lady

by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori

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It is well known that the Devotion-of the most Holy Rosary was Revealed-to Saint-Dominic by the Divine Mother herself, at a Time when the Saint was in Affliction, and 'Bewailing', with his Sovereign Lady, over the Albigensian Heretics, who were at that Time, doing Great Mischief to the Church. The Blessed Virgin said to him, "This Land will always be Sterile, until Rain Falls-on it". Saint-Dominic was then Given-to Understand that this Rain was the Devotion-of-the-Rosary, which he was to 'Propagate'. This the Saint indeed did, and it was 'Embraced' by all Catholics; so-much-so that, even to the Present Day, there is no Devotion so generally 'Practiced' by the Faithful of all Classes, as-that-of the Rosary. What is there that Modern Heretics, Calvin, Bucer, and others, have not said, to 'Throw' Discredit on the use-of Beads? But the Immense Good, which this Noble Devotion has done to the World, is well known. How many, by its Means, have been 'Delivered'-from Sin! how many Led-to a Holy Life! how many to a Good Death, and are now Saved! To be Convinced-of this, we need only to 'Read' the many Books, which 'Treat' on the Subject. Suffice it to know, that this Devotion has been Approved-of by the Church, and that the Sovereign Pontiffs have 'Enriched' it with Indulgences. The following are the Principle Indulgences which may be 'Gained' by those who use Beads, to which the Bridgetine Indulgences have been 'Attached':

A Hundred (100) Days Indulgence, for every "Our Father", "Hail Mary", and "Creed". - Leo X, July 10, 1815.

For 'Reciting' the Whole Rosary of Fifteen (15) Decades, besides the above Indulgences, One of Seven (7) Years, Seven (7) Quarantines.

If the Rosary is said with another Person or Persons, the same Indulgence may be 'Gained'.

Those who 'Say' at least Five (5) Decades of the Rosary, every Day for a Year can 'Gain', on a Day at their own Choice, a Plenary Indulgence, provided that, Truly 'Contrite'-for their Sins, they 'Approach' the Holy Sacraments of Penance and Eucharist, and Pray for the Welfare-of the Church - Clement XI, Sept 22, 1714.

Those who 'Say' at least Five (5) Decades of the Rosary Once-a-Week, can 'Gain' a Plenary Indulgence on the Feast-of Saint-Bridget (8th of October), on-condition-that they 'Approach' the Holy Sacraments of Penance and Eucharist, and in their Parish Church, or some other Church, Pray as above. Benedict XIV, Jan 15, 1743.

Those who are in the Habit of 'Saying' the Rosary as above can, in the Article-of Death, having 'Confessed' and 'Received' the Holy Communion, 'Gain' a Plenary Indulgence by 'Pronouncing' the Holy-Name-of-Jesus, with Sorrow for their Sins, at least Mentally, if they are unable to do so with their Lips. - Ibid

Those who 'Say' the Rosary, as above, every Day for a Month, can, on a Day at their Choice within the Month, 'Gain' a Plenary Indulgence by Going-to Confession and Communion, 'Visiting' a Church, and Praying as above. - Ibid

Those who have the Rosary with them, and, Contrite for their Sins, 'Examine' their Consciences, and 'Say' an "Our Father" and Three (3) "Hail Marys", 'Gain' an Indulgence of Twenty (20) Days. - Ibid

Those who have the Rosary with them, and 'Hear' Mass on any Day, 'Hear' a Sermon, or 'Accompany' the Viaticum to a Sick Person, 'Convert' a Sinner, or 'Perform' any Act of Piety in-Honor-of our Lord Jesus Christ, or of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or of Saint-Bridget, and say Three (3) "Our Fathers" and "Hail Marys", 'Gain' an Indulgence of a Hundred (100) Days. - Ibid

Nota Bene - All the above Indulgences are
Applicable-to the Souls in Purgatory


Normal Conditions for Plenary Indulgence

To 'Gain' Indulgences, whether Plenary or Partial, it is necessary that the Faithful be in the State-of-Grace, at least at the Time the Indulgenced Work is 'Completed'. [i.e. One must be a Catholic, not Excommunicated or in Schism].

A Plenary Indulgence can be 'Gained' only Once a Day. In-order-to 'Obtain' it, the Faithful must, in addition to Being-in the State-of-Grace:

Have the Interior Disposition of Complete Detachment-from Sin, even Venial Sin;

Have Sacramentally Confessed their Sins;

Receive the Holy Eucharist (it is certainly better to Receive it while Participating in Holy Mass, but for the Indulgence only Holy Communion is Required);

Pray for the Intentions-of the Supreme-Pontiff.

It is Appropriate, but not Necessary, that the Sacramental Confession and especially Holy Communion and the Prayer for the Pope's Intentions, take place on the same day that the Indulgenced Work is 'Performed'; but it is sufficient that these Sacred Rites and Prayers be 'Carried' out within Several Days (about 20) before-or-after the Indulgenced Act. Prayer for the Pope's Intentions is left-to the Choice of the Faithful, but an "Our Father" and a "Hail Mary" are suggested. One Sacramental Confession suffices-for Several Plenary Indulgences, but a Separate Holy Communion and a Separate Prayer for the Holy Father's Intentions, are Required for each Plenary Indulgence.


Very many other Indulgences have been 'Granted' to this Devotion by various Pontiffs; it would therefore be Well for All to have the Intention to 'Gain' all the Indulgences which have been 'Granted'. The Beads must have had the Indulgences of Saint-Bridget 'Annexed' to them by a Priest who has 'Received' the Power to do so. Only the First (1st) Person who Uses them after the Blessing, can 'Gain' the Indulgences. If the Beads are 'Given'-away after they have been once Used, they must be Blessed again. It is also Necessary to Meditate during the 'Recitation' of the Rosary, on the Mysteries which may be Found in almost all Prayer Books; but it is Sufficient for those who do not Know them, to 'Meditate' upon any One of the Mysteries of the Passion of Jesus Christ, His Scourging, Death, etc. The Rosary should also be said with Devotion; and here we may Call-to-Mind what the Blessed Virgin said to Saint-Eulalia, "that she was better Pleased with Five Decades said Slowly and Devoutly, than with Fifteen said in a Hurry and with Little Devotion". It is, therefore, well to 'Say' the Rosary 'Kneeling', before an Image of Mary; and, before each Decade, to make an Act-of-Love to Jesus and Mary, and 'Ask' them for some Particular Grace. It is also Preferable to 'Say' it with others, rather than alone.

As to the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin, which is said to have been 'Composed' by Saint-Peter-Damian, Pius V 'Granted' Indulgences to those who 'Recited' it, and the Blessed Virgin has many times shown how Acceptable this Devotion is to her, as may be seen in Father-Auriemma's little-Work. She is also much-Pleased with the Litany-of-Loretto, for Reciting which there is an Indulgence of Three Hundred (300) Days each time; and for those who say it every day, a Plenary Indulgence on Mary's Five (5) Principle Festivals: the Immaculate Conception, Nativity, Annunciation, Purification, and Assumption, on the Usual Conditions. The Hymn, "Hail Star of the Sea", is also very Pleasing to Mary; she 'Desired' Saint-Bridget to say it every Day; but still more, is she Pleased-with the "Magnificat", for we then 'Praise' her in the very Words in which she herself 'Praised' God.