Various Practices of Devotion
in Honor of the Divine Mother;
of Several other Devotions

Madonna and Child with the Lamb of God - by CESARE da Sesto - from Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan

Note the Fortress-Tower in the Painting background. Mary is that Tower Spoken-of in the Sacred Canticles: "Thy Neck is as the Tower-of-David, which is built with Bulwarks; a Thousand Bucklers hang upon it, all the Armor of Valiant Men" — Canticles 4:4). She is as a well-Defended Fortress, in Defense-of her Lovers, who in their Wars, have Recourse-to her. In her, do her Clients 'Find' all Shields and Arms, to 'Defend' themselves against Hell.


The Blessed Virgin, being unable fully to-'Thank' Our Lord for all the Precious Gifts
He has 'Bestowed' on her, 'Rejoices' Greatly when her Children 'Help' her to-'Thank' God.


Various Practices of Devotion
in Honor of the Divine Mother;
of Several other Devotions

by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori

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Various Other Practices of Devotion
in Honor of the Divine Mother

To-'Say' or to-'Hear' Mass, or to-have Mass 'Said', in Honor-of the Blessed Virgin It is True that the Holy-Sacrifice-of-the-Mass can be Offered-to God alone, to Whom it is 'Offered' Principally as an Acknowledgement-of His Supreme Dominion. But the Sacred-Council-of-Trent says that this does not 'Prevent' its 'Being', at the same Time, 'Offered' to-God, in-Thanksgiving-for the Graces 'Granted'-to the Saints, and to His Most Holy Mother, that whilst we are 'Mindful'-of them, they may Deign 'Intercede' for us. And for this Reason, at Mass we say, "That it may 'Avail' to their Honor, but to our Salvation". Our Blessed Lady herself 'Revealed' to a Holy Soul, that this Devotion of 'Offering' the Mass, as-also-of 'Saying' Three (3) "Paters", "Aves", and "Glorias", in-Honor-of the Most Holy Trinity, and in-Thanksgiving-for the Graces 'Granted' to her, was most-Pleasing to-her; for, the Blessed Virgin, being unable Fully, to-Thank Our Lord for all the Precious Gifts He has 'Bestowed'-on her, 'Rejoices' Greatly when her Children 'Help' her to 'Thank' God.

To 'Reverence' the Saints who are more-nearly Related-to Mary, as Saint-Joseph, Saint-Joachim, and Saint-Anne The Blessed Virgin herself, 'Recommended' a certain Nobleman to be-Devout towards her Mother, Saint-Anne. We should also 'Honor' the Saints who were Most Devoted-to the Divine Mother, such as Saint-John-the-Evangelist, Saint-John-the-Baptist, Saint-Bernard, Saint-John-Damascen the Defender-of her Images, Saint-Ildephonsus the Defender-of her Virginity, etc.

To 'Read' every-Day a Book, which 'Treats'-of the "Glories-of-Mary"; to 'Preach', or at-least to-Try to-'Instill' into All, and particularly our Relations, Devotion-to the Divine Mother The Blessed Virgin once 'Said' to Saint-Bridget, "Take care that the Children, are also my Children". To Pray every-Day, for the Most Devoted Clients-of Mary, both Living and Dead.

The word Indulgence (Latin Indulgentia, from Indulgeo, to be Kind or Tender) originally meant Kindness or Favor; in post-classic Latin it came to mean the Remission of a Tax or Debt. In Roman Law and in the Vulgate of the Old Testament (Isaiah 61:1) it was used to Express Release-from Captivity or Punishment. In Theological Language also, the word is sometimes 'Employed' in its Primary Sense, to-Signify the Kindness and Mercy of God. But in the Special Sense in which it is here Considered, an Indulgence is a Remission-of the Temporal-Punishment due to Sin, the Guilt of which has been 'Forgiven'. Among the Equivalent Terms used in Antiquity were Pax, Remissio, Donatio, Condonatio.

To 'Facilitate' Explanation, it may be well to 'State' what an Indulgence is Not. It is Not a Permission to 'Commit' Sin, nor a Pardon-of Future Sin; neither could be 'Granted' by any Power. It is Not the Forgiveness-of the Guilt-of-Sin; it 'Supposes' that the Sin has already been 'Forgiven' by-God in-Confession. It is Not an Exemption-from any Law or Duty, and much-less-from the Obligation consequent-on certain Kinds-of Sin, e.g., Restitution; on-the-contrary, it means a more-Complete Payment-of the Debt which the Sinner Owes-to God. It does Not 'Confer' Immunity-from Temptation, or 'Remove' the possibility-of subsequent Lapses-into Sin. Least-of-all, is an Indulgence the 'Purchase'-of a Pardon, which 'Secures' the Buyer's Salvation, or 'Releases' the Soul of another from Purgatory. The Absurdity-of such Notions must be Obvious to any one, who 'Forms' a Correct Idea of what the Catholic Church really 'Teaches' on this Subject.

We should also Remember the many Indulgences, 'Granted'-by Sovereign Pontiffs, to those who in various Ways, 'Honor' the Queen-of-Heaven:

I. To whoever 'Says', "Blessed be the Holy and Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary", Pius-VI 'Granted' for each-Time, an Indulgence of One Hundred (100) Days. Father-Crasset says-that other Indulgences, applicable-to the Souls in Purgatory, have been 'Granted' to those who, after the Word Immaculate 'Add', and most-Pure.

II. For the "Salve Regina", Forty (40) Days Indulgence.

III. For the "Litany-of-Loreto", Three Hundred (300) Days Indulgence.

IV. To those who 'Bow-their-Heads', on 'Hearing' the Names-of Jesus and Mary, Twenty (20) Days Indulgence.

V. To those who 'Say' Five (5) "Paters" and "Aves", in-Honor-of the Passion of Jesus and the Sorrows of Mary, Many and Great Indulgences.

Here, for the Convenience-of Devout-Souls, I will Indicate other Indulgences 'Granted' by Sovereign Pontiffs, for other Devotions:

I. For 'Hearing' Mass, there are many Indulgences.

II. For 'Making' the Acts-of Faith, Hope, Charity, and Contrition, with the Intention-of 'Receiving' the Holy Sacraments during-Life and in-Death, Benedict-XIII 'Granted' Seven (7) Years Indulgence, and a Plenary Indulgence Once-a-Month, applicable-to the Souls-in-Purgatory, and for One's-Self in the Hour-of-Death, to those who have made these Acts, Everyday-for a Month.

III. To those who say Fifteen (15) "Paters" and "Aves" for Sinners, the 'Remission' of a Third 3rd Part-of the Penalties, due-for their own Sins.

IV. To those who 'Meditate' for Half-an-Hour a Day, Benedict-XIV 'Granted' many Indulgences, and a Plenary-One, Once-a-Month, on-condition-of 'Approaching' the Sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist.

V. To those who 'Say' the Prayer "Anima Christi", Three Hundred Days Indulgence.

VI. To those who 'Accompany' the Holy Viaticum, Five (5) Years, and Five (5) Quarantines, if without a Wax-light; and if with-One, Seven (7) Years and Seven (7) Quarantines; those who cannot 'Accompany' it, but say a "Pater" and an "Ave" for the Intention-of the Sovereign-Pontiff, One Hundred (100) Days.

VII. To those who 'Genuflect' before the Blessed Sacrament, Two Hundred (200) Days Indulgence.

VIII. To those who 'Kiss' the Cross, a Year and Forty (40) Days Indulgence.

IX. To those who 'Bow' their Heads at the "Gloria Patri", Thirty (30) Days Indulgence.

X. To Priests, who before 'Saying' Mass, 'Say' the Prayer Ego volo celebrare Missam, Fifty (50) Years.

"Ego volo celebráre Missam, et confícere Corpus et Sánguinem Dómini nostri Jesu Christi" .... I wish to 'Celebrate' Mass and 'Confect' the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

XI. To 'Kiss' the Habit-of a Religious Order, Five (5) Years.

Father-Viva 'Gives' a List-of many other Indulgences. Those who Endeavor-to 'Gain' these Indulgences, must be careful to 'Dispose' themselves by an Act-of-Contrition.

I 'Omit' other Devotions which may be Found-in other Books, such as those of the Seven-Joys, of the Twelve-Privileges-of-Mary, and such-like; and 'Conclude' this Work, in the Beautiful Words of Saint-Bernardine-of-Siena:



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O Lady, Blessed amongst all Women, Thou art the Honor-of the Human Race, and the Salvation-of our People. Thy Merits have no-Limits, and thou hast Full Power over all Creatures. Thou art the Mother-of-God, the Sovereign Lady-of the World, and the Queen-of-Heaven. Thou art the Dispenser-of all Graces, and the Ornament of the Holy Church. Thou art the Model-of the Just, the Consolation-of the Saints, and the Root-of our Salvation. Thou art the Joy-of-Paradise, the Gate-of-Heaven, the Glory-of-God. Behold, we have 'Announced' thy Praises. We 'Beseech' thee, then, O Mother-of-Mercy, to Supply-for our Weakness, to 'Excuse' our Presumption, to 'Accept' our Services, to 'Bless' our Labors, by 'Imprinting' thy Love in the Hearts of all; that after having 'Honored' and 'Loved' thy Son on Earth, we may 'Praise' Him, and 'Bless' Him for-ever in Heaven.