Various Practices of Devotion
in Honor of the Divine Mother;

Madonna and Child - by CIMA da Conegliano - from Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence


If you Persevere until Death, in True Devotion to Mary,
your Salvation is Certain.


Various Practices of Devotion
in Honor of the Divine Mother;

by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori

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And with this, my Dear Reader and Brother, Lover of our Mother Mary, I Bid you Farewell, and Say: Continue with Joy, to Honor and Love this Good Lady, and Endeavor also to 'Cause' her to be Loved by as many as you can; and Doubt not, but be Fully Persuaded, that if you Persevere until Death, in True Devotion to Mary, your Salvation is Certain. I Conclude, not that I should still have much to-Say on the Glories of this Great Queen, but least I should 'Tire' you. The Little I have 'Written', will be more than Sufficient, to make you 'Desire' this Great Treasure, Devotion towards the Mother-of-God, which she will Fully 'Reward' by her Powerful Patronage. Accept then, the Desire which I have had in this Work, to 'Lead' you to Salvation and to Sanctify, by 'Inflaming' you with Love and Ardent Devotion, to this Most Amiable Queen. And should you find that in this, I have somewhat 'Helped' you by my Book, as a Charity, I 'Beg' you that you will 'Recommend' me to Mary, and 'Ask' her for me, the Grace which I 'Ask' her for you, that we may one day be together at her Feet, in Company-with all her other Dear Children.

And to thee do I 'Turn' in my Conclusion, O Mother of my Lord, and my Mother Mary. I 'Beseech' thee Graciously to Accept my Poor Labors, and the Desire which I have had, to See thee 'Praised' and 'Loved' by All. Thou well-Knowest how Ardently I have Desired-to 'Complete' this Little Work of thy Glories, before the End of my Life, which is already 'Drawing-to' its Close. But now I Die Happy, Leaving this Book on-Earth, which will continue-to 'Praise' and 'Preach' thee, as I have Endeavored-to do During the Years which have Passed, since my Conversion, which 'Through' thee I 'Obtained' from God. O Immaculate Mary, I 'Recommend' all those who Love thee to-thee, and especially those who Read this Little Book, and more particularly, those who have the Charity to 'Recommend' me to thee. O Lady, 'Grant' them Perseverance, make them all Saints, and thus Lead them All 'United', to Praise thee in Heaven. O my Most Sweet Mother, it is True that I am only a Poor Sinner, but I 'Glory' in Loving thee, and 'Hope' Great Things from thee, and amongst others, to Die Loving thee. I Trust that in the Agonies-of-Death, when the Devil will 'Put' my Sins before me, that in the First (1st) Place, the Passion of Jesus, and then thy Intercession, will 'Strengthen' and 'Enable' me to 'Leave' this Miserable Life in the Grace-of-God, that so I may Go and 'Love' Him, and 'Thank' thee, my Mother, for all Eternity (∞).




O Lady, 'Say' to thy Son for us, "They have no Wine". How Bright is the Chalice of this Inebriating Wine! The Love-of-God 'Inebriates' us, so-as-to Make us 'Despise' the World; it 'Warms' and 'Strengthens' us to become Indifferent-to Temporal Things, and 'Inclines' us towards, and 'Makes' us Active in the Acquirement-of those things, which are Invisible.

Thou art a Fruitful Field, Filled-with Virtues, Filled-with Graces. Thou Camest-forth as a Bright and Blushing Dawn; for Original Sin, being 'Conquered' by thee, thou wast Born Resplendent with the Knowledge-of-Truth, and Blushing-with the Love-of-Virtue; the Enemy could in-nothing, 'Prevail' against thee, for a Thousand Bucklers hang-upon thee, all the Armor-of Valiant Men; for there is no Virtue, which did not 'Shine' resplendent in thee; and whatever was Divided-amongst all the Saints, thou didst 'Possess' United-in thyself.

Original Sin is not an 'Act', but a 'State'. The "State-of-Original-Sin" is simply the Loss of Sanctifying Grace and the Preternatural Gifts, which resulted from the 'Original' Sin - the 'First' Sin committed-by the Human Race. As a result we Suffer, Die Physically, Struggle with Passions and Desires which our Wills are too-Weak to Control, and have Minds which are Darkened by Sin, requiring the Help-of-God, which comes to us as the Holy Spirit's Gift-of-Grace.

O, Our Lady, Our Mediatress, Our Advocate, 'Reconcile' us with thy Son, 'Commend' us to thy Son. 'Grant', O Blessed One, by the Grace which thou didst 'Find', by the Prerogative which thou didst Merit, by that Mercy to which thou didst give-Birth, that He, Who through thee, 'Deigned' to become a Partaker-of our Infirmity and Misery, may also, through thy Intercession, make us the Partakers-of His Happiness and Glory.



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Lovely Rose, if thou dost deign
Love to Lavish still on me,
Grant my Heart such Love to gain
That it Die for Love of thee.

My Lady, Grant this Grace to me,
To Love thee until Death,
And when I Die, to Call on thee
Still with my Latest Breath.

My Hope art thou, O Mary Blest,
Sweet Star of Life's Dark Sea,
Ah, Guide me Safe to Port-of-Rest,
And Open Heaven to me.