The Practice of the
Love of Jesus Christ

Taken from Volume VI of
The Ascetical Works of Saint Alphonsus,
Priest of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer
M. H. GILL & SON, 1887


Jesus Christ Died in-Battle, for us

Greater Love than this, no Man hath,
that a Man lay-down his Life, for his Friends.
(John 15:13 - Douay Rheims Bible)

Maiorem hac dilectionem nemo habet
ut animam suam quis ponat pro amicis suis.
(John 15:13 - Latin Vulgate Bible)


Some People make Perfection, Consist-in an Austere Life;
others in Prayer; others in Frequenting the Sacraments;
others in Almsgiving. But they Deceive themselves:
Perfect Sanctity consists-in Loving God with our Whole Heart.
Jesus Deserves our Love, because-of the Love He has Shown us,
in His Passion and Death.


Nota Bene: Bible Verses quoted-in this Book are from the English Douay-Rheims Translation, commissioned-by the Catholic Church.


The Practice of the
Love of Jesus Christ

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Because Saint Alphonsus would not Lose sight-of his Redeemer, all of his Works have as their Goal, a Growing 'Union' between Christian and Christ. Over-and-over he 'Reminds' us that 'Surface' Christianity is not enough. We must 'Surrender'-to the Overwhelming Force-of the Love-of-Christ, and 'Allow' ourselves to-become 'Transformed'-into, the Redeeming Christ.

In an Effort, therefore, to-Bring the Force-of this most-Important Work-of Saint Alphonsus to a Wider Audience, this Edition Eliminates the Examples and Illustrations that are Extrinsic-to the Flow-of the Saint's Doctrine. What remains is Truly "the Spirit of Saint Alphonsus", a Spirit that is Uncompromising-in its Pursuit of the Love-of Jesus Christ, as it is Found-in the Gospel.




Chapter I - Love is Patient

Chapter II - Love is Kind

Chapter III - Love is not Jealous (Envious)

Chapter IV - Love is not Snobbish (Blind to what is Holy)

Chapter V - Love does not put on Airs

Chapter VI - Love is never Rude (Ambitious or Arrogant)

Chapter VII - Love is not Self-Seeking

Chapter VIII - Love is Not Prone to Anger

Chapter IX - Love does not Rejoice in what is Wrong, but Rejoices with the Truth

Chapter X - Love Beareth All Things

Chapter XI - Love Believeth All Things

Chapter XII - Love Hopeth All Things

Chapter XIII - Love Endureth All Things

Summary of the Virtues Necessary for Growth in the Love of Jesus Christ