Chapter II
Love is Kind

Adoration of the Holy Name of Jesus - by El Greco - from Chapter House, Monasterio de San Lorenzo, El Escorial . . .
The Upper Portion of the Painting, depicts the Glory-of-Heaven, and the Lower Portion, depicts the Church Militant to the
Left, and the Jaws-of-Hell to the Right. "That in the Name of Jesus, every Knee should Bow,
of those that are in-Heaven, on-Earth, and Under the Earth" - Philippians 2-10

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Jesus Christ Died in-Battle, for us

Greater Love than this, no Man hath,
that a Man lay-down his Life, for his Friends.
(John 15:13 - Douay Rheims Bible)

Maiorem hac dilectionem nemo habet
ut animam suam quis ponat pro amicis suis.
(John 15:13 - Latin Vulgate Bible)


Some People make Perfection, Consist-in an Austere Life;
others in Prayer; others in Frequenting the Sacraments;
others in Almsgiving. But they Deceive themselves:
Perfect Sanctity consists-in Loving God with our Whole Heart.
Jesus Deserves our Love, because-of the Love He has Shown us,
in His Passion and Death.


Nota Bene: Bible Verses quoted-in this Book are from the English Douay-Rheims Translation, commissioned-by the Catholic Church.


Chapter II
Love is Kind

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

The Spirit-of-Kindness is the Spirit-of-God. Those who Love God, also Love All those, whom God Loves; they Eagerly Look-for Ways to-Help others, to-Comfort them, and to-Make them as-Happy as-Possible.

Saint-Francis-de-Sales, who was a-Master and a-Model of-Kindness, gives us this Rule:

What you Know can be Done with Love, Do it; and what you Know cannot be Done without Harming someone, leave Undone.

His Suggestion-to Leave a Deed Undone, Presumes of-course, that this takes place without Offending God, because an Offense against God must always be-Prevented, when it is within our Power.

This Kindness must be Particularly Observed, with Regard-to the Poor, who, because of their Poverty, are often Harshly Treated in this World. It should be Practiced-toward the Sick and the Infirm, who often Receive little-Help from others. Kindness must especially-Characterize our Behavior-toward our Enemies. Hatred must be 'Overcome' by-Love, and Persecution by-Kindness. This is the Way the Saints 'Acted', and this is why they Won the Respect-of their most-Exasperated Enemies.

Those Placed-in Authority-over others, should Observe every Kindness toward them. When 'Telling' them what they must-Do, they should 'Request', rather than 'Demand'. And they should be Kindhearted, even in the Correction-of Faults. It is one-thing to Correct-with Firmness, and another-to Correct-with Harshness. It is Occasionally necessary-to Correct-with Firmness, when the Fault is Serious, and Especially-if it is 'Repeated', after the Offender has already been Corrected-for it. But we must be-Careful not to-Make Corrections in-Anger. Those who Correct in-Anger, do more-Harm, than-Good. Some Persons brag-that they keep-Order, by-means-of Severity, saying that it is the only Successful Method. But only with-Kindness, is Authority Properly 'Exercised'.

If, on some Rare Occasion, it is necessary to-speak a Harsh Word in-order-to 'Help' Offenders 'Realize' their Mistakes, we should always Dismiss the Persons with-Gentleness, and with a Word-of Kindness. Wounds must be Healed, after the Fashion-of the Good Samaritan, in the Gospel, with Wine and Oil (see Luke 10:29). And when it Appears-that the Offender is Upset, the Correction must be Postponed-until Later. Otherwise we only make a Bad Situation, Worse.


Spirit of Jesus

When James and John wanted-to Punish the Samaritans, for 'Refusing' to 'Welcome' them, into their Country, the Lord Reprimanded them (see Luke 9:55). He told them to be Kind and Gentle. "I came not to Judge the World, but to Save the World" - John 12:47. To Destroy others, was not in-keeping-with His Spirit.

Note, too, with what Kindness, He 'Treated' the Adultress. "Then Jesus lifting up Himself, said to her: Woman, where are they that Accused thee? Hath no man Condemned thee? Who said: No man, Lord. And Jesus said: Neither will I Condemn thee. Go, and now Sin no more" - John 8:10-11. He was Content-with simply Warning her, and Sent her away, in Peace.

With what Kindness, too, He Tried-to Convert Judas, 'Allowing' him to-Eat from the same-Dish with Him, 'Washing' his feet, and 'Correcting' him even in the Act-of his Betrayal: "Judas, dost thou Betray the Son of Man, with a Kiss?" - Luke 22:48.

And see how He 'Acted', after Peter had 'Denied' Him. "And the Lord Turning, looked-on Peter" - Luke 22:61. This happened as Peter was-Leaving the House-of the High Priest. Without 'Accusing' him at all, Jesus looked-on Peter with Tenderness, and thus Converted him. And Peter, it is said, never stopped Weeping for the Wrong he had 'Done' his Master.

How much more is to be Gained-by Kindness than by Harshness. Saint-Vincent-de-Paul said, that in the Government-of his Congregation, he never Corrected anyone Severely, except on Three (3) Occasions, when he felt there was Reason, to do so. But he Regretted it Afterward, because he Found it Turned-out 'Badly', whereas he had always 'Succeeded' in the Past, by using Gentle Correction.


Our Kindness

Human Body



** Anger ** /Envy/Lust

Kindness should be Practiced: 'Toward' Everyone, 'On' every-Occasion, and 'At' all-Times. Saint Bernard tells us that some People are Gentle, as-long-as things go their-Way; but when they Experience a little Opposition or Contradiction, they are Instantly on-Fire. No-longer are they, Kindness 'Personified'.

If we ever have to-'Answer' to-anyone, who Insults us, we should be-Careful to-'Answer' with Gentleness. A Kind 'Answer' is enough to-'Extinguish' every Spark-of Anger. And if we feel Irritated, it is better to-Remain Silent, because at that Moment, it only seems Logical to-Say, 'Everything' that Comes-to Mind. But when our Anger has 'Passed', we begin to-Realize how Mistaken we were, to-'Speak' at all.

And when we ourselves, 'Commit' some Fault, we must also 'Practice' Kindness toward Ourselves. To be 'Annoyed'-at Ourselves, after a Fault is not Humility, but a subtle Form-of Pride, as-if we were Anything-but the Weak and Miserable Beings, that we are. To be Annoyed-with ourselves after 'Committing' a Fault, is a Fault worse-than, the One Committed, and will be the Source-of many other Faults. All this may Cause us to Abandon Prayer entirely, or even if we do Pray, it will be done-Badly. This less-Atrocious kind-of Pride, is that which Impels one to make Much-of Oneself Unduly and without Sufficient Warrant, without however any Disposition to Cast-off the Dominion-of the Creator. [A more Detailed and Comprehensive Explanation-of the Insidiousness-of Pride, is contained-in this short-Synopsis from the Catholic Encyclopedia.]

Troubled Souls become Uncertain-about God, and what they should do to-Regain Peace-of-Mind. Whenever we 'Commit' a Fault, then, we should Turn-to God, with Humility and Confidence, and say to Him:


O Lord, this has been the Fruit of my own Planting!
I Love You with all my Heart,
and I Repent of the Displeasure I have given You.
With Your Help, I will never do it again.



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"O my God, make me a Saint"
Saint Alphonsus Mary Liguori



Jesus, I Love You. My Treasure, Life-of my Soul, I cling to You, and give myself completely to You. I never want to stop Loving You. You let Yourself be-Bound like a Criminal, for my Sins, and led through the Streets-of Jerusalem. You allowed Yourself to be Nailed-to the Cross, and Die there. Never let me be Separated-from You again.

I Regret ever having-Turned my Back on You. I Love You with my Whole Heart. I have Offended You many-Times, but I Repent-of my Sins. Draw me entirely-to Yourself. I Renounce all Sensible Consolations. I want only You and nothing more. Make me Love You, and then do with me as You Will.

Mary, my Hope, Bind me to Jesus; let me Live and Die, United to Him.