Treatises by Saint Alphonsus Liguori
On the Four Last Things


Remember Dear Christian:

You have but
One soul to save,
One God to love and to serve,
One eternity to expect.

Death will come soon,
Judgment will follow and then
Heaven or Hell forever!

Therefore, O Child of Jesus and Mary,
Avoid sin and all dangerous occasions of sin.
Pray without ceasing.
Go frequently to Confession and to Holy Communion.

Saint Alphonsus de Liguori


Treatises by Saint Alphonsus Liguori
On the Four Last Things

from the Transalpine Redemptorists

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Advantages of Deep Meditation on The Four Last Things

from the Catechism of Trent

But in order that the faithful may appreciate the fruit they derive from a knowledge of so many and such exalted mysteries, it is necessary, first of all, to point out that to God, Who has hidden these things from the wise and made them known to little ones, we owe a debt of boundless gratitude. How many men, eminent for wisdom or endowed with singular learning, who ever remained blind to this most certain truth ! The fact, then, that He has made known to us these truths, although we could never have aspired to such knowledge, obliges us to pour forth our gratitude in unceasing praises of His supreme goodness and clemency.

Another important advantage to be derived from reflection on this Article is that in it we shall find consolation both for ourselves and others when we mourn the death of those who were endeared to us by relationship or friendship. Such was the consolation which the Apostle himself gave the Thessalonians when writing to them concerning those who are asleep.

Again, in all our afflictions and calamities the thought of a future resurrection must bring the greatest relief to the troubled heart, as we learn from the example of holy Job, who supported his afflicted and sorrowing soul by this one hope that the day would come when, in the resurrection, he would behold the Lord his God.

The same thought must also prove a powerful incentive to the faithful to use every exertion to lead lives of rectitude and integrity, unsullied by the defilement of sin. For if they reflect that those boundless riches which will follow after the resurrection are now offered to them as rewards, they will be easily attracted to the pursuit of virtue and piety.

On the other hand, nothing will have greater effect in subduing the passions and withdrawing souls from sin, than frequently to remind the sinner of the miseries and torments with which the reprobate will be visited, who on the last day will come forth unto the resurrection of judgment.


The active study of the four last things
and the deep consideration of them,
is the thing that will keep you from sin.

--Saint Thomas More


Note Bene: Bible verses quoted in these treatises are from the
English Douay-Rheims translation commissioned by the Catholic Church.