The Four (4) Principal Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell - by French Artist, Auguste Rodin
Depicts a Scene from "The Inferno", the First Section of Dante's, Divine Comedy


Her Gates are Sunk-into the Ground - Lamentations 2:9


The Four (4) Principal Gates of Hell

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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"Broad is the Way, that Leadeth to-Destruction, and many there are, who Go-in thereat" - Matthew 7:13. Hell has then, Different Gates, but these Gates, stand-on our Earth. "Her Gates are Sunk-into the Ground" - Lamentations 2:9. These are the Vices, by-which Men Offend God, and Draw-down upon themselves, Chastisements and Eternal (∞) Death. Amongst the other Vices, there are Four (4), which send most Souls to-Hell, and on this Earth, bring-upon Men, the Scourges-of God; and these Four (4) are, HATRED, BLASPHEMY, THEFT, and IMPURITY. Behold, the Four (4) Gates, by-which the Greater Number-of Souls enter Hell; and it is of these Four (4), that I mean to-Speak Today, in-order-that you may Amend and Cure yourselves, of these Four (4) Vices; otherwise God will Cure you of them, but by your own Destruction.


First Gate - Hatred

The First (1st) Gate-of-Hell is Hatred. As Paradise is the Kingdom-of-Love, so Hell is the Kingdom-of-Hatred. "Father", says such a Person, "I am Grateful to and Love my Friends, but I cannot Endure him who does me an Injury". Now, Brother, you must know that the Barbarians, the Turks and Indians, Say and Do all this: "Do not even the Publicans this?" - Matthew 5:46, says the Lord. To-Wish Well-to him who Serves you, is a Natural thing; it is done, not only by the Infidel, but even by the Brutes and Wild Beasts. "But I say to you" - Matthew 5:44. Hear what I Say-to you, 'Says' Jesus Christ; Hear My Law, which is a Law-of-Love: "Love your Enemies" - Matthew 5:44. I Wish, that you, My Disciples, should Love even your Enemies. "Do Good-to them that Hate you, and Pray-for them that Persecute and Calumniate you" - Matthew 5:44; if you can do nothing else, you must Pray for them who Persecute you, and then you shall be the Children-of God, your Father: "that you may be the Children-of your Father, Who is in Heaven" - Matthew 5:45. Saint Augustine then is-Right, in saying that it is by Love alone, a Child-of God is Known, from a Child-of the Devil. Thus have the Saints always done; they have Loved their Enemies. A certain Woman had Traduced the Honor-of Saint-Catherine-of-Sienna, and the Saint Attended this same Woman in her Sickness, and Ministered-to her, as a Servant. Saint Acaius sold his Garment, to Succor One who had Taken-away his Character. Saint Ambrose gave-to an Assassin, who had Attempted his Life, a Daily Allowance, in-order-that he might have the wherewithal to-Live. (To the Right, JPII Forgives his Assassin.) Such may indeed be called the Children-of God. Is it a Great Matter, says Saint-Thomas-of-Villanova, that often, when we have Received an Injury from anyone, we Forgive it at the Suit-of a Friend, who Pleads-for him? And shall we not do the Same, when God Commands it?

Oh, how well-Grounded a Hope-of-Pardon, has not he, who Pardons the Man who has Offended him. He has the Promise-of God Himself, Who says, "Forgive, and you shall be Forgiven" - Luke 6:37. "By Forgiving others", says Saint-John-Chrysostom, "you earn Pardon for yourself". But he, on the contrary, who will have Vengeance, how can he Hope-for Pardon-for his Sins? Such a Person, in saying the "Our Father", Condemns himself when he says: "Forgive us our Trespasses, as we Forgive them that Trespass against us". Then, when such a Person Wishes-to take Vengeance, he says to God: Lord, do not Pardon me, because I will not Pardon my Enemies. You give Judgment, in your own Cause, says Saint-John-Chrysostom. But, be-Assured, that you shall be-Judged without Mercy, if you show not Mercy-to your Neighbor. For Judgment without Mercy, to him that hath not done Judgment. But how, says Saint Augustine, how can he who will not Forgive his Enemy, according-to the Command-of-God, have the Face to-ask Pardon-from God, for his Offences.

If then, my Brethren, you Wish-to have Revenge, bid adieu to Paradise: Without are Dogs. Dogs, on-account-of their Natural Fury, are taken to-Represent the Revengeful. These Dogs are Shut-out from-Paradise; they have a Hell in this Life; and they shall have Hell in the Next. "He who is at Enmity-with anyone", says Saint-John-Chrysostom, "never enjoys Peace: he is in Everlasting Trouble". "But, Father, such a One has taken-away my Good Name, which I will Renounce for no one". Such is, Forsooth, the Proverb, ever in the Mouths-of those Hellhounds who seek-for Revenge. "He has taken away my Honor, I must take his Life". And is the Life-of a Man, at your Disposal? God alone is Master-of-Life. For it is Thou, O Lord, that hast the Power-of Life and Death. Do you Wish-to take Vengeance-of your Enemy? God Wishes-to take Vengeance of thee. Vengeance belongs-to God alone. "Revenge is Mine, and I will Repay them in due Time" - Deuteronomy 32:35.

But how else, you say, can my Honor be Repaired? Well, and in-order-to 'Repair' your Honor, you must Trample-under-Foot, the Honor-of-God. Do you not Know, says Saint Paul, that when you Transgress the Law, you Dishonor God? "Thou that makest thy Boast of the Law, by Transgression-of the Law, Dishonorest God" - Romans 2:23.. And what Honor is this of yours, that you Wish-to Repair? It is the same as the Honor-of a Turk, of an Idolator: a Christian's Honor is to Obey God, and Observe His Law.

But other Men will Look-down upon me; and so, for Fear, you should be Looked-down upon, you must Condemn yourself to Hell. But if you Forgive, the Good will Praise you; wherefore it is, that Saint-John-Chrysostom says: "If you Wish to be Revenged, do Good to your Enemy, because then others will Condemn your Enemy, and Speak-well of you". It is not True that he Loses his Honor, who, when he has been Injured or Insulted, says: "I am a Christian, I neither can, nor will be Revenged". Such a Person Gains, instead-of Losing Honor, and, besides, Saves his Soul. On the contrary, he who takes-Revenge, will be Punished by God, not only in the 'Other' Life, but in 'This' also. He is Obliged-to Flee-from the Justice-of Men, after having 'Taken' that Vengeance, which will-Render his Life, henceforward Miserable. What an Unhappiness, to-Live a Fugitive; to be always in Dread-of Justice; always in Dread-of the Kindred-of his Victim; Tormented with Remorse-of Conscience, and Condemned-to Hell?

And let us further Know, my Brethren, that Revenge and the Desire-of-Revenge are alike, Enormous; are the same Sin. Should we at any-time, Receive an Offence, what are we to do? When our Passion begins-to Rise, we must have Recourse-to God, and to the most Holy Mary, who will Help us, and obtain Strength-for us, to Forgive. We should then, Endeavor-to Say:

Lord, for the Love of Thee, I Forgive the Injury that has been done me,
and do Thou in Thy Mercy, Forgive me all the Injuries I have done Thee.



Second Gate - Blasphemy

Let us Pass-on to the Second (2nd) Gate-of-Hell, which is Blasphemy. Some, when things go Wrong with them, do not Attack Man, but Endeavor-to Wreak their Vengeance, upon God Himself, by Blasphemy. Know, my Brethren, what manner-of Sin, Blasphemy is. A certain Author says: "Every Sin, compared-with Blasphemy, is Light"; and First (1st) of All, Saint-John-Chrysostom says, there is nothing Worse-than Blasphemy. Other Sins, says Saint Bernard, are Committed-through Frailty, but this, only-through Malice. With Reason then, does Saint-Bernardine-of-Sienna call Blasphemy a Diabolical Sin, because the Blasphemer, like a Demon, Attacks God Himself. He is worse-than those who Crucified Jesus Christ, because they did not Know Him to be God; but he who Blasphemes, 'Knows' Him to be God, and Insults Him Face-to-face. He is Worse-than the Dogs, because Dogs do not Bite their Masters, who Feed them; but the Blasphemer 'Outrages' God, Who is at that very Moment, Bestowing Favors on him. What Punishment, says Saint Augustine, will Suffice-to Chastise so Horrid-a-Crime? We should not Wonder, says Julius III, that the Scourges-of God do not Cease, while such a Crime exists-among us.

Lorino Cites the Following Fact: We Read-in the Preface-to the Pragmatic Sanction in-France, that King Robert, when Praying-for the Peace-of the Kingdom, was Answered-by the Crucifix, that the Kingdom never should have had Peace, if he had not 'Eradicated' Blasphemy. The Lord Threatens-to Destroy the Kingdom, in-which this Accursed Vice Reigns. They have Basphemed the Holy One of Israel; . . . your Land is Desolate . . . it shall be Desolate" - Isaiah 1:4-7.

Oh, if there were always-Found, some-one to-do what Saint-John-Chrysostom 'Advises': "Strike his Mouth, and Sanctify, thereby, thy Hand". The Mouth-of the Accursed Blasphemer should be Struck, and he should then be-Stoned, as the Old Law Commanded: "And he that Blasphemeth the Name-of the Lord, Dying, let him Die: all the Multitude shall Stone him" - Leviticus 24:16. But it would be better, if that were done, which Saint Louis, King-of-France, put in-force: he Commanded-by Edict, that every Blasphemer should be Branded-on the Mouth, with an Iron. A certain Nobleman, having Blasphemed, many Persons 'Besought' the King, not to- Inflict that Punishment, upon him; but Saint Louis Insisted-upon its Infliction, in every Instance; and some Taxing him with-Excessive Cruelty on that Account, he Replied-that he would Suffer his own Mouth to be Burned, sooner-than 'Allow' such an Outrage to be Put-upon God, in his Kingdom.

Tell me, Blasphemer, of what Country are you? Allow me to-Tell you, you Belong-to Hell. Saint Peter was Known-in the House-of-Caiphas, for a Galilean, by his Speech. "Surely thou also art one of them", it was said to him, "for even thy Speech doth Discover thee" - Matthew 26:73. What is the Language-of the Damned? - - Blasphemy. "And they Blasphemed the God of Heaven, because of their Pains and Wounds" - Revelation 16:11. What do you 'Gain', my Brethren, by these your Blasphemies? you 'Gain' no Honor by them. Blasphemers are Abhorred, even by their Blasphemous Companions. Do you Gain any Temporal Advantage?

Do you not see, that this Accursed Vice, keeps us Forever in-Beggary? "Sin maketh Nations Miserable" - Proverbs 14:34. Do you Derive Pleasure from it? What Pleasure do you Derive-from Blaspheming God? The Pleasure-of the Damned; and that Moment-of Madness 'Past', what Pain and Bitterness does it not Leave-in your Heart? Resolve to-Rid yourself of this Vice, in any event. Take care, if you do not 'Abandon' it Now, that you will 'Carry' it with you to-Death, as has happened-to so-many, who have Died with-Blasphemy in their Mouths. But, Father, what can I do when the Madness comes upon me? Good God! and are there no-other Means-of Working it off, than by Blasphemy? Say, "Cursed be my Sins; Mother of God, Assist me, Give me Patience"; your Passion, your Anger, will Pass-off Quickly, and you will find yourself in the Grace-of-God, after the Trial. If you do not Act thus, you will find yourself more-Afflicted, and more Lost than Before.


Third Gate - Theft

Let us now Pass-on to the Consideration-of the Third (3rd) Great Gate-of-Hell, by-which so-Large a Portion-of the Damned 'Enter'; I mean Theft. Some, so-to-speak, 'Adore' Money-as their God, and Look-upon it, as the Object-of all their Desires. "The Idols of the Gentiles, are Silver and Gold" - Psalm 115:4. But the Sentence-of Condemnation, has already been Pronounced-against such: " . . . nor Thieves . . . nor Extortioners shall Possess the Kingdom-of-God - 1Corinthians 6:10. It is True that Theft is not the most Enormous-of Sins, but Saint Antoninus says that it very-much 'Endangers' Salvation. The Reason is, because-for the Remission-of other Sins, True Repentance only, is Required; but Repentance is not enough, for the Remission-of Theft: there must be Restitution, and this is made with-Difficulty. A certain Hermit, had once the following Vision: he saw Lucifer seated-on a Throne, and Inquiring-of one of his Demons, why he had been so-long about Returning. The latter replied that he had been Detained-by his Endeavors-to Tempt a Thief, not to Restore what he had Stolen. "Let this Fool, be Severely Punished", said Lucifer. To what purpose have you Spent this Time? Do you not Know, that he who has-Taken the Property-of another, never 'Restores' it? And, in Truth, so it is: the Property-of Another becomes to him who 'Takes' it, like his own Blood; and the Pain-of-Suffering One's Blood, to be Drawn-for Another, is very Difficult to-Endure. We learn it every-Day, from Experience: Innumerable Thefts take place; how much Restitution do you see?

My Brethren, see that you Take-not the Property-of your Neighbor, and if, during the Past, you have ever Failed in this Respect, make Restitution as-soon-as Possible. If you cannot at once make Full Restitution, do it by-Degrees. Know that the Property-of-Another in your Possession, will not only be the Means-of Bringing you to Hell, but will make you Miserable, even in this Life. Thou hast Despoiled others, says the Prophet, and others shall Despoil thee. "Because thou hast Spoiled many Nations, all that shall be Left-of the People, shall Spoil thee" - Habakkuk 2:8. The Property-of-Another, brings with it a Curse, which will Fall upon the entire House-of the Thief. "This is the Curse that Goeth Forth over the Face of the Earth, . . . and it shall come-to the House-of the Thief" - Zechariah 5:3-4; that is to say (as Saint-Gregory-Nazianzen explains it), that the Thief shall Lose not only the Stolen Property, but his Own. The Goods-of Another, are as Fire and Smoke, to-Consume everything that Comes-in their Way.

Remember well, Mothers and Wives, when Children or Husbands bring-Home the Property-of their Neighbor, Remember-well to Chide and Reprove them; not to-Applaud their Action, or even Consent-to it, by Silence. Tobias, hearing a Lamb 'Bleat' in his House, "Take heed", said he, "lest perhaps it be Stolen; Restore ye it, to its Owners" - Tobit 2:21. Saint Augustine says that Tobias, because he Loved God, did not Wish-to Hear the Sound-of Theft, in his House. Some Persons 'Take' the Property-of their Neighbor, and then are Fain to Quiet their Consciences, by Almsdeeds. Christ, says Saint-John-Chrysostom, will not be Fed-with the Plunder-of Others. The Sins of this kind, Committed-by the Great, are Acts-of Injustice, the Injuries that they Inflict-upon others, the Taking-from the Poor of what is their Due. These are Descriptions-of Theft which require Perfect Restitution, and a Restitution most Difficult of all to-Make, and most-Likely to be the Cause-of One's Damnation.


Fourth Gate - Impurity

We have now, Lastly, to Speak-of the Fourth (4th) Gate-of-Hell, which is Impurity; and it is by this Gate, that the Greater Number-of the Damned, 'Enter'. Some will say that it is a Trifling Sin. Is it a Trifling Sin? It is a Mortal Sin!! Saint Antoninus writes, that such is the Nauseousness-of this Sin; that the Devils themselves cannot Endure it. Moreover, the Doctors-of-the-Church say that certain Demons, who have been Superior-to the Rest, Remembering their Ancient-Dignity, Disdain Tempting-to so Loathsome a Sin. Consider then how Disgusting he must be to God, who, like a Dog, is ever Returning-to his Vomit, or Wallowing-like a Pig in the Stinking Mire of this Accursed Vice. "The Dog is Returned-to his Vomit, and the Sow that was Washed, to her Rolling-in the Mire" - 2Peter 2:22.

The Impure say, moreover, God has Compassion-on us, who are Subject-to this Vice, because He Knows that we are Flesh. What do you say? God has Compassion-on this Vice. But you must Know that the most Horrible Chastisements, with which God has ever 'Visited' the Earth, have been Drawn-down by this Vice. Saint Jerome says that this is the only Sin of which we Read, that it 'Caused' God to-Repent Him of having 'Made' Man. "It Repented Him that He had made Man on the Earth" - Genesis 6:6. Wherefore it is, Saint Jerome says, that there is no Sin which God Punishes so-Rigorously, even upon Earth, as this. He once Sent Fire from Heaven upon Five (5) Cities, and Consumed all their Inhabitants, for this Sin. Principally, on-account-of this Sin, did God Destroy Mankind, with the Exception-of Eight (8) Persons, by the Deluge. It is a Sin which God Punishes, not only in the Other Life, but in this, also. In Confirmation-of this, you have only to-Enter the Hospitals, and see-there the many Poor Young Men, who were once Strong and Robust, but are now Weak, Squalid, Full-of-Pains, Tormented-with Lancets and Caustic, and Ulcers; all through this Accursed Vice. "Because thou hast Forgotten Me and cast Me off behind thy Back, Bear thou also thy Wickedness and thy Fornications" - Ezekiel 23:35. Because, says God, you have Forgotten Me and Turned-your-Back upon Me, for a Miserable Pleasure-of the Flesh, I am Resolved-that even in this Life, you shall Pay-the-Forfeit, of your Wickedness.

You say, God has Compassion-upon Men, Subject-to this Sin. But, it is this Sin that 'Sends' most Men to Hell. Saint Remigius says, that the Greater Number-of the Damned are in-Hell, through this Vice. Father Segneri Writes-that, as this Vice 'Fills' the World with Sinners, so it 'Fills' Hell with Damned Souls; and before him, Saint-Bernardine-of-Sienna wrote: "This Sin Draws the Whole World, as-it-were, into Sin". And before him Saint Bernard, Saint Isidore, said, that "the Human Race is Brought-under the Power-of the Devil, more by Lust, than by all the other Vices". The Reason is, because this Vice Proceeds-from the Natural Inclination-of the Flesh. Hence the Angelic Doctor says, that the Devil does not take such-Complacency, in-Securing the Commission-of any other Sin, as of this, because the Person who is Plunged-in this Infernal Mire, Remains Fast therein, and almost Wholly Unable-to Free himself more. "No one is so Obstinate in Sin, as the Impure", says Saint-Thomas-of-Villanova. Moreover, this Vice Deprives One, of-All Light, for the Impure Man becomes so Blind, as-almost Wholly-to Forget God, says Saint-Laurence-Justinian; which is in-accordance-with what is Said-by the Prophet Hosea: "They will not Set their Thoughts, to-return-to their God; for the Spirit-of-Fornicationm is in the midst-of them, and they have not known God" - Hosea 5:4. The Impure Man knows-not God; he 'Obeys' neither God, nor Reason, as Saint Jerome says; he 'Obeys' only the Sensual Appetite which Causes him to-Act the Beast.

This Sin, because it 'Flatters', makes us Fall at-once, into the Habit-of it, a Habit which some Carry-with them, even to Death. You see Husbands, and Decrepit Old Men, Indulge-in the same Thoughts and Committing the same Sins, that they Committed-in their Youth. And because Sins-of this kind, are so-easily Committed, they become Multiplied, without Number. Ask-of the Sinner, how-many Impure Thoughts he has Consented-to: he will tell you he cannot-Remember. But, Brother, if you cannot tell the Number, God can; and you Know that a Single (1) Immodest Thought, is enough-to 'Send' you to-Hell. How many Immodest Words have you Spoken, in which you took Delight yourself, and by-which you Scandalized your Neighbor? From 'Thoughts' and 'Words', you proceed-to 'Acts', and to those Innumerable Impurities which those Wretches 'Roll' and Wallow' in, like-Swine, without ever being Satisfied, for this Vice is never Satisfied.

But, Father, you will say, how can I Hold-out against the Innumerable Temptations which Assail me? I am Weak, I am Flesh. And since you are Weak, why not 'Recommend' yourself to-God, and to most-Holy Mary, who is the Mother of-Purity? Since you are Flesh, why do you 'Throw' yourself in the Way-of Sin? Why do you not Mortify your Eyes? Why do you Gaze-upon those Objects, whence Temptations Flow? Saint Aloysius never 'Raised' his Eyes, to-Look even-upon his Mother. It is to be Remarked, moreover, that this Sin brings-with it, Innumerable others: Enmities, Thefts, and, more especially, Sacrilegious Confessions and Communions, by-reason-of the Shame which will not-Allow these Impurities to be Disclosed-in Confession. And let us Remark-here in-Passing, that it is Sacrilege, above all things, that Brings-upon us Sickness and Death; for, says the Apostle, "He that Eateth and Drinketh Unworthily, Eateth and Drinketh Judgment-to himself, not Discerning the Body of the Lord" - 1Corinthians 11:29; and then he adds: "Therefore, are many Infirm and Weak among you" - 1Corinthians 11:30. And Saint-John-Chrysostom, in Explanation-of that Passage, says that Saint Paul speaks-of Persons, who were Chastised-with Bodily Infirmities, because they 'Received' the Sacrament, with a Guilty Conscience.

My Brethren, should you ever have been Sunk-in this Vice, I do not bid you be Disheartened, but Arise at once from this Foul and Infernal Pit; Beg-of God forthwith, to-Give you Light, and Stretch-out His Hand to you. The First (1st) Thing that you have to do, is to Break-with the Occasion-of-Sin: without that, Preaching and Tears and Resolutions and Confessions, all are Lost. Remove the Occasions, and then constantly Recommend yourself to-God, and to-Mary the Mother of-Purity. No matter how Grievously you may be Tempted, do not be Discouraged-by the Temptation; at once Call-to your Aid, Jesus and Mary, 'Pronouncing' their Sacred Names. These Blessed Names have the Virtue-of making the Devil Fly, and Stifling that Hellish Flame within you. If the Devil Persists-in Tempting you, Persevere-in Calling-upon Jesus and Mary, and certainly you shall not Fall. In-order-to Rid yourself of your Evil Habits,

'Undertake' some Special Devotion to our Lady;
Begin-to Fast-in her Honor upon Saturdays;
Contrive to-Visit her Image every Day, and
Beg-of her to-Obtain for your Deliverance, from that Vice.

Every Morning, Immediately-after Rising, never Omit-saying Three (3) "Hail Mary's", in Honor-of her Purity, and do the same, when Going-to Bed; and above all things, as I have said, when the Temptation is most Troublesome, call Quickly-upon Jesus and Mary. Beware, Brother, if you do not be-Converted Now, you may never be Converted.



O Jesus, my Redeemer, I Return Thee 'Thanks', for not-having Taken me out-of this Life, whilst I was Thy Enemy. How many Years have-Passed, since I Deserved-to be in-Hell! Had I Died-on such a Day, or on such a Night, what would have become of me for all Eternity? My God, I Return Thee 'Thanks'. I accept-of Death, as a Satisfaction-for my Sins, and I accept-of it the Manner, in-which it may Please Thee, to-send it to-me; but since Thou hast Waited-for me until now, oh, Wait-for me yet a little-Longer. Suffer me, therefore, that I may Lament my Sorrow a little. Give me Time to-Weep Over my Offences against Thee, before Thou comest to-Judge me.

I will no-longer 'Resist' Thy Calls. Who knows but these Words, which I have just-Read, are Thy Last Call to me? I Acknowledge that I do not Deserve Mercy: Thou hast Pardoned me so-often, and I have again, Ungratefully Offended Thee. A Contrite and Humble Heart, O God, Thou wilt not Despise. Ah, Lord, since Thou canst not Despise a Humble and Penitent Heart, behold the Traitor who, Humbled and Repentant, has Recourse-to Thee. Cast me not away-from Thy Face. Thou hast said, Him that Cometh-to Me, I will not Cast-out. It is True that I have Offended Thee more than others, because I have been Favored more than others, with Light and Grace; but the Blood Thou hast Shed-for me, gives me Courage, and Proffers Pardon to me, if I 'Repent'. Yes, O my Sovereign Good, I do Repent-with my whole Soul, for having Insulted Thee. Pardon me, and give me Grace to-Love Thee for the Future. I have long-enough Offended Thee. As for the remainder-of my Life, no, my Jesus, I will not spend it in-Offending Thee; I will spend it wholly in Weeping-over the Displeasure I have given Thee, and in Loving Thee with all my Heart, O God, Worthy-of Infinite Love.

O Mary, my Hope, Pray-to Jesus for me.



Ancient Miraculous Prayer to Saint Joseph
Patron of Departing Souls

This Prayer was found in the Fiftieth Year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In 1505 it was sent from the Pope to Emperor Charles, when he was going into Battle. Whoever shall Read this Prayer, or Hear it, or Keep it about themselves, shall never Die a Sudden Death, or be Drowned, nor shall Poison take-effect on them; neither shall they Fall into the Hands of the Enemy, nor shall they be Burned in any Fire, nor shall they be Overpowered in Battle.

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O Saint Joseph, whose Protection is so Great, so Strong, so Prompt before the Throne of God, I Place in you, all my Interests and Desires.

O Saint Joseph, do Assist me by your Powerful Intercession, and Obtain for me from your Divine Son, all Spiritual Blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord; so that having Engaged here below your Heavenly Power, I may Offer my Thanksgiving and Homage to the most Loving of Fathers.

O Saint Joseph, I never Weary Contemplating you and Jesus Asleep in your Arms; I dare not approach while He Reposes near your Heart. Press Him in my name and Kiss His Fine Head for me, and ask Him to Return the Kiss when I Draw my Dying Breath, Saint Joseph, Patron of Departing Souls, Pray for us.


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Many Miracles have been attributed to this Daily Prayer.
Make this Prayer known everywhere . . .


Consecration to God thru Mary