The Goodness of God
in the Work of Redemption

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Holy Trinity - by MASTER of Flémalle - from The Hermitage, St Petersburg . . . . . . This composition of this Holy Trinity is called the Throne-of-Mercy. The Role of the Father is Twofold. On the one hand, He is taking His Son back, thus accepting Jesus' Sacrifice for Mankind. Yet, the very same-Gesture, serves-to Present and Recommend this Offering. Although Dead, Jesus' Right Hand 'Highlights' the Wound of His Right Side, from-which all Divine Love, Goodness and Mercies flow.


Consider that God allowed Four (4) Thousand Years to-Pass, after the Transgression-of Adam, before He sent His Son upon-Earth, to-Redeem the World. And in the mean-time, oh, what Fatal Darkness 'Reigned'-upon the Earth! The True God was not 'Known' or 'Adored', except in One small Corner-of the World. Idolatry 'Reigned' everywhere; so that Devils and Beasts and Stones, were adored-as gods.

But let us Admire in-this, the Divine Wisdom: He 'Deferred' the Coming-of the Redeemer, in-order-to 'Render' His Advent, more-Welcome to-Man, in-order-that the Malice-of-Sin might be better-known, as-well-as the Necessity-of a Remedy, and the Grace-of the Savior. If Jesus Christ had Come-into the World, immediately-after the Fall-of-Adam, the Greatness-of this Favor, would have been but slightly-Appreciated. Let us therefore 'Thank' the Goodness-of-God, for having Sent Us into the World, after the Great Work-of-Redemption was 'Accomplished'. Behold, the Happy Time is-Come, which was-called the Fullness-of-Time:

When the Fullness-of-Time was-Come, God sent His Son, . . .
that He might Redeem them, that were under the Law


The Goodness of God
in the Work of Redemption

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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Expulsion of Sinful Mankind from Paradise -
by MICHELANGELO Buonarroti -
from Cappella Sistina, Vatican

Consider that God, having 'Created' the First (1st) Man, in-order-that he might 'Serve' Him, and Love Him in this Life, and be-Conducted Afterwards to-Reign with-Him Forever (∞) in-Paradise, Enriched him for this End, with Knowledge and Grace. But, Ungrateful Man, Rebelled-against God, Refused Him the Obedience which he 'Owed' Him, in Justice and Gratitude; and thus, Miserable Sinner was he Left, with all his Posterity, as a Rebel, Deprived-of Divine Grace, and Forever (∞) Excluded-from Paradise. Behold, then, after this Ruin, caused-by Sin, all Men Lost! All were Living-in Blindness, or in the Darkness-of the Shadow-of-Death. The Devil had Dominion-over them, and Hell Destroyed innumerable Victims, amongst them.

But God, Seeing Men reduced-to this Miserable State, was Moved-with Pity, and Resolved-to Save them. And how? He did not send an Angel, a Seraph; but to-Show the World the Immense Love that He bore-to these Ungrateful Worms, "He sent His own Son, in the Likeness-of Sinful Flesh" - (Romans 8:3). He sent His Own Son to become Man, and to-Clothe Himself with the same Flesh as Sinful Man, in-order-that, by His Suffering and Death, He might 'Satisfy' the Divine Justice for their Crimes, and thus 'Deliver' them from Eternal (∞) Death; and, 'Reconciling' them with His Divine Father, might-'Obtain' for them Divine Grace, and might-'Render' them, Worthy to 'Enter'-into Life Eternal (∞).

Consider, on the One hand, the Immense Ruin that Sin brings-upon Souls, as it Deprives them of the Friendship of-God and of- Paradise, and Condemns them to an Eternity (∞) of-Pain. And, on the Other hand, consider the Infinite (∞) Love which God showed in this Great Work-of the Incarnation-of-the-Word, 'Causing' His Only-Begotten Son to-Sacrifice His Divine Life, by the hands-of Executioners on a Cross, in a Sea-of-Sorrows and of-Infamy, to-Obtain for us, Pardon and Life Eternal (∞). Oh, in-'Contemplating' this Great Mystery and this Excess-of Divine Love, how can we do otherwise than Exclaim:

O Infinite (∞) Goodness! O Infinite (∞) Mercy! O Infinite (∞) Love!

For a God to-become Man, and to-Die for me!



But, how is it my Jesus, that after Thou hast Repaired this Ruin-of-Sin, by Thy Own Death, I have so-often willfully-Renewed it again, by the many Offences I have Committed against Thee? Thou hast Saved me at so-Great a Cost, and I have so-often Chosen-to Damn myself, in Losing Thee, O Infinite Good! But what Thou hast said, Gives me Confidence, that when the Sinner who has Turned his Back upon-Thee, is Converted-to Thee, Thou wilt not Refuse to-Embrace him: "Turn ye to Me, and I will Turn-to you" (Zachariah 1:3). Thou hast also said, "If any Man shall Open-to Me the Door, I will Come-in to him" (Apocalypse 3:20). Behold, Lord, I am One-of these Rebels, an Ungrateful Traitor, who have often Turned my-Back upon-Thee, and Driven Thee from my Soul; but now I Repent-with all my Heart, for having thus Ill-used Thee and Despised Thy Grace; I Repent-of it and Love Thee above-everything. Behold, the Door-of my Heart is already Open; enter Thou, but enter, never-to Leave it again. I know well that Thou wilt never Leave me, if I do not again Drive Thee away; but this is my Fear, and this is the Grace which I ask-of Thee, and which I Hope always to-Ask; let me Die, rather than be Guilty-of this Fresh and still-Greater Ingratitude. My Dearest Redeemer, I do not Deserve to Love Thee, after all the Offences that I have Committed-against Thee, but for Thy Own Merits’ Sake, I ask-of Thee the Gift-of Thy Holy Love, and therefore I Beseech Thee, make me Know the Great Good Thou art, the Love Thou hast Borne me, and how much Thou hast done to-Oblige me to-Love Thee. Ah, my God and Savior, let me no-longer Live, Ungrateful-to Thy Great Goodness. My Jesus, I will never-Leave Thee again; I have already Offended Thee enough. It is only-Right that I should Employ the Remaining Years-of my Life, in-Loving Thee, and Pleasing Thee. My Jesus, my Jesus, Help me, Help a Sinner that Wishes to-Love Thee!

O Mary, my Mother, thou hast all-Power with-Jesus, seeing thou art His Mother; Beg-of Him to Forgive me; Beg-of Him to Enchain me with His Holy Love. Thou art my Hope; in thee do I Confide.