The Charity of God

Holy Trinity - by COECKE VAN AELST, Pieter - from Museo del Prado, Madrid . . . .

The Role of the Father is Twofold. On the One-hand, He is taking His Son back, thus accepting Jesus' Sacrifice for Mankind. Yet, the very same Gesture serves-to Present and Recommend this Offering.


In hoc apparuit caritas Dei in nobis, quoniam Filium suum unigenitum misit Deus in mundum, ut vivamus per eum.

By this, hath the Charity-of-God appeared towards us, because God hath sent His only-begotten Son into the World, that we might Love by Him - (1John 4:9)


The Charity of God

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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All Men were Dead-by Sin, and they would have-remained Dead, if the Eternal Father had not sent His Son to-Restore them to-Life, by His Death. But how? what is this? A God to-Die for Man! A God! And who is this Man? "Who am I?" says Saint Bonaventure. "O Lord, why hast Thou Loved me so much?" But it is in this, that the Infinite (∞) Love-of-God Shines-forth. By this hath the Charity-of-God appeared. The Holy Church, exclaimed on Holy Saturday, "O Wonderful Condescension-of Thy Mercy, towards us! O Inestimable Affection-of Charity! that Thou mightest Redeem a Slave, Thou didst deliver-up Thy Son". O Immense Compassion! O Prodigy! O Excess-of the Love-of-God! to-Deliver a Servant and a Sinner from the Death that he Deserves, His Innocent Son is Condemned-to-Die.



Thou, then, O my God, hast done this, that we might Live-by Jesus Christ. Yes, indeed, it is but 'Meet', that we should Live-for Him, Who has 'Given' all His Blood and His Life for us. My Dear Redeemer, in the Presence-of Thy Wounds, and of the Cross on-which I see Thee Dead-for me, I Consecrate to Thee my Life, and my Whole Will. Ah, make me all Thine, for from this day forward, I Seek and Desire none, but Thee. I Love Thee, Infinite Goodness, I Love Thee, Infinite Love; while I Live, may I always Repeat, My God, I Love Thee, I Love Thee; let my Last Words in-Death be, My God, I Love Thee, I Love Thee!