The Earthly Sign-of God's Love His Church

Piercing-of Christ's Side by the Roman Soldier, Longinus - by RUBENS, Pieter Pauwel -
from Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp

The Holy Spirit, Who Presided-over the Passion-of Christ, just as He Presides-over Each and Every Sacrifice-of-the-Mass,
was in Complete Control, when Roman Soldiers decided not to-Break His Legs, and Longinus Pierced the Side-of Jesus with a Lance, instead.


The Side-of Jesus Christ
The New Holy-of-Holies, His Church

There is an Intrinsic Connection between the Soldier 'Piercing' the Heart-of-Christ on the Cross, which Drew-forth Blood and Water, and the 'Rending'-of the Veil-of the Temple. Two (2)Veils were 'Rent':

One, the Man-made Purple Veil-of the Temple, which did away-with the Old Law;

the Other, the Divine Veil-of His Flesh, which Opened the Holy-of-Holies of Divine Love, 'Tabernacled' among us.

In both instances, what was Holy, was made Manifest:

One, the Holy-of-Holies, which had been only a 'Pre-Figurement';

sacheart_ani.gif (8256 bytes) the Other, the 'True' Holy-of-Holies, His Sacred Heart, which Opened-to the Guilty, Access-to God.

The Church was Instituted-by the Flow-of 'Water' and 'Blood' from the Pierced Side-of Jesus Christ, which Represent the Grace and Forgiveness available-to Mankind, through the One True Church-of-Christ, the new Holy-of-Holies.

'Water' - from the Pericardical Sac

'Blood' - from the Right Auricle

Symbolic of Baptism

Symbolic of Eucharist

The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, which continues Christ's Image and Mission, in-Time.
The Pope is the Vicar-of-Christ on-Earth, i.e. in-Time.


Neque per sanguinem aut vitulorum, sed per propriam sanguinem introivit semel in sancta, aeterna redemptione inventa.

Neither by the Blood of-Goats or of-Calves, but by His own Blood, He entered Once into the Holies,
having obtained Eternal Redemption - (Hebrews 9:12 - DRV).


The Earthly Sign-of God's Love His Church

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

angelbar.gif (3645 bytes)

sacheart_ani.gif (8256 bytes) And of what Worth, would the Blood-of all-Goats, or even of all-Men be, if they were Sacrificed to-obtain Divine Grace for us? It is only the Blood of this Man-God, which would Merit-for us, Pardon and Eternal Salvation. But, if God Himself had not Devised this Way, to-Redeem us, as He did by Dying to Save us, who ever would have been able to Think-of it? His Love alone, 'Designed'-it and 'Executed'-it. Therefore Holy Job, did well to Cry-out to this God, Who Loves Man so-much: What is Man, O Lord, that Thou dost so Exalt him? Why is Thy Heart so Intent-upon Loving him? What is Man, that Thou shouldst Magnify him? Or why dost Thou set Thy Heart upon him? (7:17).



Ah, my Jesus, One Heart is but little, with which to-Love Thee; if I Loved Thee, even with the Hearts-of all Men, it would be too-little. What Ingratitude, then, would it be if I were to-Divide my Heart, between Thee and Creatures! No, my Love, Thou wouldst have it All, and well dost Thou Deserve it; I will Give it all to Thee. If I do not know how to Give it Thee as I ought, take it Thyself, and grant that I may be able to say to Thee with Truth, O God of my Heart! (Psalm 72:26) Ah, my Redeemer, by the Merits-of the Abject and Afflicted Life that Thou hast Willed to-Live for me, give me True Humility, which will make me Love Contempt, and an Obscure Life. May I Lovingly Embrace all Infirmities, Affronts, Persecutions and Interior Sufferings; and all the Crosses which may come-to me, from Thy Hands. Let me Love Thee, and then Dispose-of me as Thou Wilt. O Loving Heart-of my Jesus! make me Love Thee, by Discovering-to me, the Immense Good that Thou art. Make me all Thine, before I Die. I Love Thee, my Jesus, Who art Worthy to be Loved. I Love Thee with all my Heart, I Love Thee with all my Soul.



- End of Liguori Discourse -


Additional Amplification based-on
Saint Eugene de Mazenod, and
Saint John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church

"We Love Jesus Christ in His Church, because She is His Immaculate Spouse, Who came out of His Opened Side on the Cross, just as Eve came out of the first Adam"

Saint Eugene de Mazenod


Pentecost is Traditionally considered to be the Birthday-of the Church, which is Christ's One (1) and only Bride. However, the above Quote by Saint Eugene-de-Mazenod, sheds additional Light on the Subject. Actually, the Birth-of the Church Commenced on Good Friday, when the Side (Heart) of Jesus was Pierced with a Lance, and 'Water' and 'Blood' Flowed-Forth for the Salvation-of all Mankind. This Concept is Eloquently Explained below by the Great Doctor-of-the-Church, Saint John Chrysostom. The Descent-of the Holy Spirit, the Soul-of the Church, Fifty (50) days after Easter, on the Feast-of Pentecost, Concluded the Birth (Fashioning) of Christ's Immaculate Spouse, the Church.


Birth of Eve,
the Bride of Adam,
from Adam's side

Birth of the Church,
the Bride of Christ,
from Christ's Side

"Water and Blood Symbolized Baptism and the Holy Eucharist. From these Two (2) Sacraments the Church is Born: from Baptism, the Cleansing Water that gives Rebirth and Renewal from the Holy Spirit; and from the Holy Eucharist. Since the Symbols of Baptism and the Eucharist flowed-from His Side, it was from His Side that Christ 'Fashioned' the Church, as He had 'Fashioned' Eve from the Side-of Adam".

Saint John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church