God so Loved the World

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Sic Deus dilexit mundum, ut Filium suum unigenitum daret
God so-Loved the World, as to give His only-Begotten Son - (John 3:16)


God so Loved the World

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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Oh, how-much does that little Word, so-Mean! It Means that we shall never be able to-Comprehend the Extent-of such a Love as this, which made a God send His Son to-Die, that Lost Man might be Saved. And who would ever have been able-to Bestow-on us this Gift-of Infinite (∞) Value, but a God-of Infinite (∞) Love?


I Thank Thee, O Eternal Father, for having given me Thy Son, to be my Redeemer; and I Thank Thee, O Great Son-of-God, for having Redeemed me, with so-much Suffering and Love. What would have Become-of me, after the many-Sins that I have-Committed against Thee, if Thou hadst not Died-for me? Ah, that I had Died before I had Offended Thee, my Savior! Make me Feel some-of that Detestation-for my Sins, which Thou hadst while-on Earth, and Pardon me. But Pardon is not-sufficient for me, Thou dost Merit my Love; Thou hast Loved me, even to-Death, unto-Death will I also Love Thee. I Love Thee, O Infinite Goodness, with all my Soul; I Love Thee more than myself; in Thee alone, will I place all my Affections. Do Thou Help me; let me no-longer Love, Ungrateful-to Thee, as I have hitherto done. Tell me what Thou wouldst Have-of me, for, by Thy Grace, all, all will I do. Yes, my Jesus, I Love Thee, my Treasure, my Life, my Love, my All.