The Greatest Sorrow of Jesus

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Prayer in the Garden - by RICCI, Sebastiano - from Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

"Let this Chalice Pass-from Me" [Matthew 26:39]


Quĉ utilitas in sanguine meo, dum descendo in corruptionem?

"What Profit is there in My Blood, whilst I go down to-Corruption?" ----- Psalm 29:10


The Greatest Sorrow of Jesus

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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Indifference to the Love and Suffering of Jesus -

Treading under-foot the Son-of-God, and offering an Affront
to the Spirit-of-Grace [Hebrews 10:29]

Jesus Christ Revealed-to the Venerable-Agatha-of-the-Cross, that whilst He was in His Mother's Womb, that which Afflicted Him more-than any other Sorrow, was the Hardness-of the Hearts-of-Men, who should, after His Redemption, Despise the Graces which He came-into the World, to-Diffuse. And He had Expressed this Sentiment before, by the Mouth-of-David, in the Words just-Quoted, which are generally thus-Understood-by the Holy Fathers: What Profit is there in My Blood, whilst I go-down-to Corruption?

Saint Isidore explains 'whilst I Descend-into Corruption', "whilst I Descend to-take the Nature-of Man, so Corrupted-by Vices and Sins"; as if He had said, "O My Father, I am indeed going to Clothe Myself with Human Flesh, in-order-to shed My Blood for Men; but what-Profit is there in My Blood? - - - the Greater Part-of the World will set no-Value on My Blood, and will Go-on Offending Me, as if I had Done nothing-for the Love-of them".

This Sorrow, was the Bitter Chalice which Jesus 'Begged' the Eternal Father to Remove-from Him, saying: Let this Chalice Pass-from Me [Matthew 26:39]. What Chalice? The Sight-of the Contempt with-which His Love was Treated. This made Him Exclaim-again, on the Cross: My God, My God, why hast Thou Forsaken Me? Our Lord Revealed-to Saint-Catherine-of-Sienna, that this was the Abandonment, of-which He Complained - - - the Knowledge, namely, that His Father would have to-Suffer, that His Passion and His Love should be Despised-by so-many Men, for whom He Died.

And this same-Sorrow, Tormented the Infant Jesus in the Womb-of-Mary, the Foresight-of such a Prodigality of-Sorrows, of-Ignominy, of-Blood-Shedding, and of so-Cruel and Ignominious a Death, and all to-so little-Purpose. The Holy Child saw, even there, what the Apostle says, that many [indeed the Greater Number] should Trample under-foot His Blood, and Despise His Grace, which this Blood would Obtain-for them: Treading under-foot the Son of God, and Offering an Affront-to the Spirit-of-Grace. [Hebrews 10:29]

But if we have been-of, the Number-of these Ungrateful Men, let us not Despair; Jesus, at His Birth, came to-Offer Peace to-Men of Good Will, as He made the Angels Sing: And on-Earth, Peace to Men of Good Will [Luke 2:14]. Let us, then, 'Change' our Will, Repent-of our Sins, and 'Resolve' to-Love this Good God, and we shall find Peace, that is, the Divine Friendship.


Affections and Prayers

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O my most-Amiable Jesus, How much have I too, Caused Thee to-Suffer during Thy Lifetime! Thou hast Shed Thy Blood for me, with so-much Sorrow and Love, and what Fruit hast Thou hitherto Drawn-from me, but Contempt, Offenses, and Insults? But, my Redeemer, I will no-longer Afflict Thee; I Hope that in the Future, Thy Passion will Produce Fruit in me, by Thy Grace, Which I feel is already Assisting me.

I will Love Thee above every other-Good; and to-Please Thee, I am ready-to Give my Life, a Thousand Times. Eternal Father, I should not have the Boldness-to appear-before Thee, to Implore either Pardon or Graces, but Thy Son has told me, that whatever Grace I ask-of Thee, in His Name, Thou wilt Grant it to me: If ye shall Ask anything-of the Father, in My Name, He will Give it to ye. [John 16: 23]

I Offer Thee, therefore, the Merits-of Jesus Christ, and in His Name, I Ask-of Thee, First, a General Pardon of all my Sins; I Ask Holy Perseverance, even unto Death; I ask of Thee, above all, the Gift-of Thy Holy Love, that it may make me always, Live according-to Thy Divine will.

As to my own-Will, I am Resolved-to Choose a Thousand Deaths, sooner than Offend Thee, and to Love Thee with my Whole Heart, and to do everything that I possibly can, to-Please Thee. But in-order-to do all this, I Beg-of Thee, and Hope to-Receive from Thee, Grace to-Execute what I Propose.

My Mother Mary, if thou wilt Pray-for me, I am Safe. Oh, Pray-for me, Pray; and cease not to-Pray till thou seest that I am Changed, and made what God Wishes me to-be.