Copiosa apud eum Redemptio

(With Him There is Plentiful Redemption - Psalm 130:7)

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Trinity (detail) - by BECCAFUMI, Domenico - from Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena . . . . . . Note the Interaction-of the Hands. Jesus' Hands are Flattened-on the Cross, while God the Father appears almost directly behind them, as if they were once, and will again, be the same hands. The Role-of the Father is two-fold. On the one-hand, He is taking His Son back, thus accepting Jesus' Sacrifice for Mankind. Yet, the very same Gesture, serves to Present and Recommend this Offering.


Addressed to those Souls who are in-Earnest
about Advancing-in the the Way-of Perfection


Copiosa apud eum Redemptio . . .
With Him There is Plentiful Redemption

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church

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The Motto Saint-Alphonsus-Ligouri 'Chose'-for his Beloved Congregation-of-the-Most-Holy-Redeemer (Redemptorist Fathers) was: "Copiosa apud eum Redemptio" -- from the Latin Bible, Verse 7 of Psalm 130 (the "de Profundis"). With Christ there is Plentiful Redemption!

Saint Alphonsus was a Voice, 'Announcing' the Glad Tidings-of the Infinite (∞) Love-of-God for-Humanity, especially for-Sinners, at a Time when Jansenism had spread a Coldness and Rigorism over so-many Sectors-of the Church. Saint Alphonsus' Heart, Beat-with the Heart-of-Christ, the Compassionate and Good Shepherd, Who leaves the Ninety-nine, to Search-out the Lost-one .... thus Alphonsus' commitment, to-Preach the Gospel to "the most Abandoned".

Below is just One (1) Selection from the Immense Body-of-Writings of this Great Doctor-of-the-Church, yet it is very Typical-in its Clarion Proclamation-of a Love beyond all Expectation, beyond the Wildest Dreams of our own Minds and Hearts. This Selection is taken from the Opening Page of his Classic Jewel, The-Practice-of-the-Love-of-Jesus-Christ.


The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ

(Based on the Words-of Saint Paul: "Charity is Patient, is Kind" (1Corinthians 13:4)

The Whole Sanctity and Perfection of a Soul, consists-in Loving Jesus Christ, our- God, our-Sovereign Good, and our-Redeemer. Whoever Loves Me, says Jesus Christ Himself, shall be Loved-by My Eternal Father: My Father Loves you, because you have Loved Me (John 16:27).

Some, says Saint-Francis-de-Sales, think Perfection means an Austere Life, others Prayer, others Frequenting the Sacraments, others Works. But they Deceive themselves. Perfection means Loving God with our Whole Heart. The Apostle wrote, "Above all things have Charity, which is the Bond-of-Perfection" (Colossians 3:14).

It is Charity which keeps 'United' and 'Preserves' all the Virtues that 'Render' a Man Perfect. Hence Saint Augustine said: "Love God, and do whatever you please", because a Soul that Loves God, is Taught-by that same Love, never to do anything that will Displease Him and to leave nothing Undone, that may Please Him.

But perhaps God does not Deserve all our Love? He has Loved us with an Everlasting Love (Jeremiah 31:3). Oh Man, says the Lord, Behold, I was the First to-Love you. You were not yet in the World, the World itself was not-Created, and I already Loved you. As-long-as I am God, I Love you; as-long-as I have Loved Myself, I have also Loved you.

As Almighty God knew that Man is Won by- Kindness, He determined-to Lavish His Gifts upon him, and so to Take-Captive the Affections-of his Heart. For this Reason, He said, "I will Draw them with the Cords-of-Adam, with the Bands-of-Love".

I will 'Catch' Men by those very Snares, by-which they are Naturally Caught, the Snares-of Love. And such exactly are all the Favors-of God, to Man ......

"Heaven and Earth, and all things, tell me to Love Thee", says Saint Augustine. "My Lord", he said, "whatever I Behold on the Earth, or above the Earth, all Speak to me, and Exhort me to Love Thee, because all Assure me, that Thou hast made them for the Love of me".

.... But God was not Satisfied with giving us so-many Beautiful Creatures. He has gone to such-lengths to-gain our Love, as to give Himself to us. The Eternal Father did not-Hesitate to-Give us even His only-Begotten Son: "For God so Loved the World, as to give His only Begotten Son" (John 3:16).

When the Eternal Father saw that we were all Dead and Deprived of His Grace by Sin, what did He do? For the Immense Love, as the Apostle writes, for the too-great Love He Bore us, He sent His Beloved Son to make Atonement-for us, and so to-Restore to us that Life, which Sin had Robbed us of, Who "for His exceeding Charity wherewith He Loved us, even when we were Dead in Sins, hath Quickened us together, in Christ" (Ephesians 2:4-5).

And in Granting us His Son (not Sparing His Son, that He might Spare us), He has Granted us every Good, together with Him, His Grace, His Love, and Paradise, since Assuredly, all these Gifts are much less than that of His Son.

And so, likewise, the Son, through His Love for us, has given Himself Wholly to us. In-order-to Redeem us from Everlasting Death and to-Recover for us the Divine Grace and Heaven, which we had Forfeited, He became Man and Put-on Flesh, like our own. Behold then a God, Reduced-to Nothingness. Behold the Sovereign-of the World, Humbling Himself so-low, as to-Assume the Form-of a Servant, and to Subject Himself to all the Miseries, which the rest-of Men, 'Endure'.

But what is more-Astonishing still, is that He could very-well have Saved us without-Dying and without-Suffering at all. But no, He 'Chose' a Life-of Sorrow and Contempt, and a Death-of Bitterness and Ignominy, even to Expiring-on a Cross the Gibbet-of-Infamy, the Award-of Vilest Criminals. But why, if He could have 'Ransomed' us without Suffering, why should He 'Choose' to-Die, and to-Die on a Cross? To-Show us how He Loved us. He Loved us, and because He Loved us, He 'Delivered' Himself up to-Sorrows and Ignominies, and to a Death more Cruel than ever, any Man Endured-in this World.