The Paradise of God
is the Heart of Man

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Contemplating the Sacred Heart of Jesus - by GIAQUINTO, Corrado


"Deliciae Meae esse cum Filiis Hominum"
(My Delights were to be with the Children of Men - Proverbs 8:31).
The Paradise-of God, so-to-say, is the Heart-of-Man.


The Paradise of God is the Heart of Man

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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god_is_luv_ani.gif (9754 bytes) Does God Love you? Then Love you Him ! ! !

Become Accustomed-to Talking-to Him Face-to-face, Familiarly, with Confidence and Love, as-to a Friend, the Dearest Friend you have, Who Loves you so-much.

It is a Great Mistake, as we have seen, to 'Treat' God with-Diffidence. An even Greater Mistake, is to suppose-that Conversing-with God is nothing but Tedium and Bitterness.

No, it is not True. "Non … habet amaritudinem conversatio illius, nec taedium convictus illius" (Her [Wisdom’s] Conversation hath no Bitterness, nor her Company any Tediousness - Wisdom 8:16). Ask those Souls that Love Him with a True Love, and they will tell you that amidst the Sorrows-of their Life, they find no-Greater and Truer Relief, than in Conversing Lovingly with God.

You are not yet Required-so to-Apply your Minds, as to Make you Forget all your Business, and all your Pleasure.

It is only Required-of you that, without Neglecting your Occupations, you should Act-towards God as you Act-towards those whom you Love, and who Love you.

Your God is always With-you, indeed "Inside"-you: "In Ipso …Vivimus, et Movemur, et Sumus" (In Him - we Live and Move and Be - Acts 17:28).

There is no Doorkeeper, for whoever Wishes-to Speak-to God; indeed, it is God’s Pleasure, that you should 'Talk' Familiarly-with Him.

Speak-to Him of your Business, of your Plans, of your Sorrows, of your Fears, and of all that Concerns you.

Above all do it, as I have said, with Confidence, and with an Open Heart, because God is not Accustomed-to Speak-to the Soul, that does not Speak-to Him. Such a Soul, being Unused-to Dealing-with Him, will not well Understand His Voice, when He 'Speaks'.

When you 'Desire' His Love, without Waiting-for you to-'Approach' Him, He will Anticipate your Desire, and will 'Make' Himself Present-to you, 'Bringing' all those Graces and Remedies, of which you Stand-in Need. He is only Waiting-for you to-Speak, to-Show you that He is-Near, and is-Ready-to Listen-to you, and to Console you ...

Our God Dwells-in the Highest Heavens, but does not Disdain-to Pass Days and Nights, with His Faithful Children, allowing them a Share-in His Divine Consolations, any One of which Surpasses all the Delights and Pleasures of the World. Only they who have not-Tried such Consolations, have no Desire-for them: "Gustate et videte quoniam suavis est Dominus" (O Taste and see that the Lord is Sweet - Psalm 33:9).


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O my Jesus, have Mercy on me.
I offer Thee my Ungrateful, but Penitent Heart.
My Redeemer, I Repent above all of having Despised Thee.
I Repent, and I Love Thee with all my Soul.

Ah yes, my Savior, my God, I Love Thee, I Love Thee.
Rather, it is Thou Who Remindest me always how much Thou hast Suffered for me,
that I may never again Forget to Love Thee.