The Glories of Mary,
Her Special Privileges

The Sistine Madonna - by RAFFAELLO Sanzio (Raphael) - from Gemäldegalerie, Dresden

By their Gestures, the Virgin Mary, along with Saints Sixtus and Barbara, 'Present' the Savior-of-the-World, to the World.
Mary's Office, as a Humble Handmaid-of-God (Adoratrix), is Particularly Emphasized by Raphael, by depicting her in Bare-feet.


Mary's Adoration was Profound, Interior, Intimate. It was the Gift-of herself. She Offered her Whole Self to the Service-of Love-of the Eucharistic God. For Love Lays-down no-Conditions, Makes no-Reservations; it thinks no-Longer of Self, Lives no-Longer for Self; it is a Stranger to itself, and Lives-only for the God which it Loves. Everything in Mary was Directed-to the Blessed Sacrament, as its Center and End. A Current-of Grace and Love, Established itself between the Heart-of-Jesus-Hostia and the Heart-of-Mary-Adoratrix. These Hearts were like Two (2) Flames, Blended-into One (1). God was then Perfectly Adored-by His Creature,

Saint Peter Julian Eymard


The Glories of Mary
Her Special Privileges

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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Below, Saint Alphonsus 'Treats' Three (3) of Mary's Special Privileges;

Her Immaculate Conception,
Her Annunciation,
Her Assumption,
His Purpose is to Inspire us to Love God, and have Confidence-in Prayer-to His Mother, Mary.

Immaculate Conception




Fitness of Mary's Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception - Satan's Mighty Foe -
by Piola, Domenico -
from Church of Santissima Annunziata del Vastato, Genoa

This Depiction is Filled-with Symbolism. At the Instant-of her Conception within the Womb-of Saint Anne, at the Instant her Soul was Created-by Almighty God, Mary's Soul is shown being Crowned-by her Father, and Filled-with Grace by her Spouse, the Holy Spirit. Mary Tramples-on the Head-of the Evil Beast, assisted-by an Angel, carrying her Son's Cross of Redemption. Satan sits, very much Confused-by the Soul of Mary (the New Eve) over which he has no-Power, because of the Absence-of Original Sin; and behind Satan is the "Old Eve", Receiving the "Apple-of-Temptation" from the Evil Beast, which has no-Power over Mary. Jesus' (the New Adam) Crucifixion and Mary's Role as Auxiliatrix, was a Triumph over Satan, Sin and Death, necessary to-Correct the Sin-of both Adam and Eve.

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It was Fitting, First (1st) of all, that the Eternal Father should 'Create' Mary, Free-from the Original Sin, because she was His Daughter, and His First (1st)-Born Daughter. She herself 'Attests' — "Before all Ages, in the Beginning, He Created me" (Sirach 24:9) — in a Passage that is Applied-to Mary, by the Sacred Interpreters, by the Holy Fathers, and by the Church Herself. Whether she is the First (1st)-Born on-account-of her Predestination, together-with her Son in the Divine Decrees, before all Creatures; or, as others say, the First (1st)-Born of Grace, as Predestined-to be the Mother-of the Redeemer, after the Provision-of Sin; all Agree-in 'Calling' her the First (1st)-Born of God. If this is the Case, it was not Right that Mary should be the Slave-of the Devil, but rather that she should Always be 'Possessed'-by her Creator. Hence, Mary is Rightly-called the One and Only Daughter-of-Life, Differing-in this from others who, being Born-in Sin, are Daughters-of-Death.

Moreover, it was Right that the Eternal Father should 'Create' her in His Grace, since He 'Destined' her to be the Restorer-of the Lost World, and Mediatrix-of-Peace between Man and God. Now certainly, he who 'Mediates' Peace, should not be an Enemy-of the Offended Person, Still-less an Accomplice-of his Crime. Saint Gregory says that to-'Appease' the Judge, His Enemy certainly must not be Chosen-as an Advocate, for Instead-of 'Appeasing' Him, he would 'Enrage' Him more. Therefore, as Mary was to be the Mediatrix-of-Peace between God and Man, there was every-Reason why she should not Appear-as a Sinner and Enemy-of God, but as His Friend and 'Preserved'-from Sin.

Besides, it was Fitting-that God, should 'Preserve' her from Original Sin, since she was 'Destined'-to 'Stand'-in Opposition-to the Devil: "I will put Enmity between you and the Woman, and between your offspring and hers" (Genesis 3:15). Now if Mary was to 'Oppose' the Devil, surely it was not Fitting that she should First (1st) be Conquered-by him, and 'Made' his Slave, but rather, that she should be Free-from every Stain, and from all Subjection-to the Enemy. Otherwise, as he had in his Pride, already Corrupted the Whole Human Race, he would also have Corrupted the Pure Soul-of this Virgin. May the Divine Goodness, be ever Praised-for Bestowing-on her, so-much Grace, that she Remained Free-from every Stain-of-Sin, and could Bear Him, Who would Crush the Devil.

But it was especially Fitting-that the Eternal Father should 'Preserve' His Daughter, from the Sin-of Adam, because He 'Destined' her to be the Mother-of His only-'Begotten' Son. She was 'Chosen', in the Mind-of-God, before every Creature, to bring-forth God-made-Man. If for no-other Reason, then, the Father would 'Create' her, Pure from every Stain.

bvm00155.jpg (8951 bytes) Saint Thomas says, that All-things Consecrated-by God, must be Holy, and Pure-from every Defilement. If David, when he was 'Planning' the Temple-of-Jerusalem, with a Magnificence Worthy-of the Lord, said: "This Castle is not Intended for Man, but for the Lord God" (1Chronicles 29:1), how much more should we 'Believe'-that the Creator, having 'Destined' Mary to be the Mother-of His Own Son, would 'Adorn' her Soul with every Grace, so-that it might be a Worthy Dwelling-for a God. Thus the Father could say to this Beloved Daughter: "As a Lily among Thorns, so is My Beloved among Women" (Song 2:2). Daughter, among all My other Daughters, you are like a Lily among Thorns. For they are all Stained-by Sin, but you were always-Immaculate, and always-My Friend.

In the Second (2nd) Place, it was 'Befitting' the Son that Mary, as His Mother, should be 'Preserved'-from Sin. Other children do not Select their own Mothers; but if this were ever 'Granted'-to anyone, who would 'Choose' a Slave for his Mother, when he might have a Queen; or an Enemy of God, when he might have a Friend-of-God? If, then, the Son-of-God alone, could 'Select' His Mother, it is Certain-that He would 'Choose' One, 'Befitting' a God. And God 'Created' her, by the Nobility-of her Nature, as-well-as by the Perfection-of-Grace, as a Woman Suitable-to-be His Mother.

God, Who is Wisdom itself, Knew how to-'Prepare' a Fit Dwelling for Himself. "Wisdom has Built her House" (Proverb 9:1). How can we think that the Son-of-God would have 'Chosen'-to 'Inhabit' the Soul and Body-of Mary, without First (1st) Sanctifying her and 'Preserving' her from every Sin? For, as Saint Thomas says, the Eternal Word 'Inhabited' not only the Soul, but the Body-of Mary. The Church Prays: Lord, You did not Shrink-from the Virgin's Womb. Indeed, God would have Shrunk-from 'Becoming' Flesh, in the Womb-of any other Holy Virgin, since they were for a Time, Stained-with Original Sin. But He did not Shrink-from 'Becoming' Man, in the Womb-of Mary, because this 'Chosen' Virgin, was always Pure from every Guilt, and never Possessed-by the Devil.

Thus, Saint Augustine wrote, the Son-of-God has built Himself no Dwelling more-Worthy than Mary. And Saint-Cyril-of-Alexandria asks the Question: Who has ever heard of an Architect, Building a House for his own use, and then giving the First Possession of it, to his Greatest Enemy? Certainly Our Lord, Who gave us the Command to-Honor our Parents, would not Fail, when He 'Became' Man, to-Observe it Himself, by-'Bestowing'-on His Mother, every Grace and Honor. Hence, Saint Augustine says that we must-Certainly Believe that Jesus Christ 'Preserved' Mary's Body from Corruption after Death, for if He had not done so, He would not have 'Observed' the Law which, as it Commands Respect-to the Mother, also 'Condemns' Disrespect. Jesus would have Shown no Respect-for His Mother's Honor, if He had not Preserved her from Original Sin.

The Tree is known-by its Fruit. If the Lamb was always Immaculate, the Mother must also have been always Immaculate. Thus Mary is called the Worthy Mother, of a Worthy Son. None but Mary was the Worthy Mother of such a Son, and None but Jesus was the Worthy Son of such a Mother.

If, then, it was Fitting-for the Father to-'Preserve' Mary, as His Daughter, from Sin, and for the Son, because she was His Mother, it was also Fitting-for the Holy Spirit to-'Preserve' her as His Spouse. Mary, says Saint Augustine, was the only Person who Merited to be 'Called' the Mother and Spouse-of God. For the Holy Spirit Came-upon Mary, Enriching her with Grace, beyond all Creatures, and Dwelt-in her and 'Made' His Spouse, Queen-of-Heaven-and-Earth. He was 'With' her, since He came-to 'Form'-from her Immaculate Body, the Immaculate Body of Jesus Christ, as the Angel 'Predicted' — "The Holy Spirit will Come-upon you and the Power of the Most High will Overshadow you" (Luke 1:35). For this Reason, Mary is called the Temple-of-the-Lord and the Sanctuary-of-the-Holy-Spirit, because by the 'Operation'-of the Holy Spirit, she was 'Made' Mother-of the Incarnate Word.

Now, if an Artist were Allowed-to 'Choose' a Bride as-Beautiful or as-Deformed, as he himself could Paint her, how Great would be his Care, to-Make her as Beautiful as-Possible! Who, then, will say that the Holy Spirit did not 'Deal'-thus with Mary, and "Rejoice, O Highly Favored Daughter". To the other Saints, Grace is-'Given' in-Part, but to the Virgin it was-'Given' in-Fullness. And so Saint Thomas says that Grace made-Holy, not only the Soul, but also the Flesh-of Mary, that with it, the Virgin might 'Clothe' the Eternal Word.


The Doctrine 'Treated' above, Centuries earlier by Saint Alphonsus, was later Declared Dogma of our Faith,
by Pope Pius IX in the Apostolic Constitution "Ineffabilis Deus", December 8, 1854.
pius_IX_immaculate_conception.gif (26176 bytes) "We Declare, Pronounce, and Define that the Doctrine which holds that the most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the First Moment of her Conception, by a Singular Grace and Privilege, Granted by Almighty God, in-view-of the Merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the Human Race, was Preserved free-from all Stain of Original Sin, is a Doctrine Revealed-by God, and therefore to be Believed Firmly and Constantly, by all the Faithful".


Mary's Humility at the Annunciation


"Whoever Exalts himself, shall be Humbled, but whoever Humbles himself, shall be Exalted" (Matthew 23:12). These are the Words-of Our Lord, and cannot Fail. Therefore God, having Determined-to make Himself Man and being about-to 'Choose' His Mother on Earth, sought among Women the Holiest, and most- Humble. Among them all, He saw One (1), the Youthful Virgin Mary, who was Perfect in all Virtues, Simple, and Humble as a Dove, in her own Esteem. "There are Maidens without-Number — One alone is My Dove, My Perfect One" (Song 6:8-9). Let this One, said God, be My 'Chosen' Mother.

Let us now consider how Humble Mary was, and how God 'Exalted' her: Mary could-not Humble herself more than she did, in the Incarnation-of the Word, and God could-not 'Exalt' Mary more-than He has 'Exalted' her. For the Greater Glory and Merit of His Mother, the Word did not make Himself her Son, without First (1st) 'Obtaining' her Consent ('Fiat'). Therefore, when the Humble Young Virgin was in her Poor Dwelling, the Angel Gabriel came, 'Bearing' the Great Message. He 'Enters' and 'Salutes' her, saying: "Rejoice, O Highly Favored Daughter! The Lord is with you. Blessed are you among Women" (Luke 1:28). 'Rejoice', because you are Favored above all the other Saints. The Lord is with you because you are so- Humble. You are Blessed among-Women, for All-others have been Stained-by Original Sin; but you, because you are to be the Mother-of the Lord, have been and will Always-be Blessed, and Free-from every Sin.

And what did the Humble Mary, answer to this Greeting-of Praises? She answered Nothing, but she was Disturbed-by such a Greeting: "She was Deeply Troubled by his Words, and Wondered what his Greeting meant". (Luke 1:29). And why was she Disturbed? Through Fear-of Illusion, perhaps? No, the Text is Plain; she was Troubled-by his Words, not by his Appearance. Such a Disturbance was due-to her Humility at-hearing those Praises, so-'Exceeding' her Humble Estimate-of herself. Thus, the more she is 'Exalted'-by the Angel, the more she 'Humbles' herself, and the more she 'Considers' her Nothingness.

The Annunciation - by Pedro Berruguete
- from the Monastery of Miraflores, Burgos . . . .

In this Depiction-of the Annunciation, the Angel Gabriel announces the Will-of-God to Mary, whose Purity is symbolized-by the White Lilies, and whose Prior Knowledge-of the Messiah, is symbolized-by the Holy Book at the Right, containing the Words-of the Inspired Writers of Genesis and Isaiah, of which she had Intimate prior-Knowledge. The Holy Spirit is Depicted above Gabriel, awaiting Mary's 'Fiat', by which she Consented to become the Spouse-of the Holy Spirit and the Mother-of the Redeemer.

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But Mary knew from-Scripture (i.e., the Inspired Writers-of Genesis and Isaiah), that a Virgin was to be the Mother-of the Messiah, and she Heard those Praises, 'Offered'-by the Angel to herself, which seemed-to Belong only-to the Mother-of God. Did it then come into her Mind that perhaps she herself might be that 'Chosen' Mother-of God? No, her Profound Humility did not Permit this Thought. These Praises had no other Effect, than-to 'Cause' her Great Fear.

Gabriel, seeing Mary so Full-of Fear at that Greeting, 'Encouraged' her, saying: "Do not Fear, Mary. You have found Favor with God" (Luke 1:30). Do not be Afraid, Mary; nor be Surprised-by the Great Titles by which I have 'Saluted' you, for if you are so-Little and Humble, in your own-Eyes, God has made you Worthy-to find the Grace, Lost-by Man. Therefore, He has 'Preserved' you from the Common Stain-of all Adam's Children. Even from the Moment-of your Conception (in the Womb-of Saint Anne), He has 'Adorned' you with a Grace, Greater-than that of all the Saints. And He now 'Exalts' you to be His Mother: "You shall Conceive and Bear a Son, and give Him the Name Jesus" (Luke 1:31).

Now, why this Delay? The Angel, Lady, 'Awaits' your Answer; or, rather, as Saint Bernard says, we who are Condemned-to Death, 'Await' it. "Behold, Mother", continues Saint Bernard, "to you is now Offered the Price-of our Salvation, which will be the Divine Word in you, made Man. If you will Accept Him for a Son, we shall Immediately be Delivered-from Death. Look, the Price-of our Salvation is Offered-to you. We are freed Immediately, if you Consent. Your Lord Himself, Desires your Consent, on which He has Made the World's Salvation depend. Answer quickly; Delay no-longer the Salvation-of the World, which now Depends-on your Consent".

But look, Mary already 'Answers'. She says-to the Angel: "I am the Servant of the Lord. Let it be done to me as you say" (Luke 1:38). What more-Beautiful, more-Humble, more-Prudent Answer could all the Wisdom-of Men have Invented, if they had Thought-for a Million Years! The Answer had no-sooner Come-forth from the Humble Heart-of Mary, than it Drew-from the Bosom-of the Eternal Father, the only-Begotten Son. For hardly had she 'Uttered' those Words, when Immediately, the Word was made Flesh: the Son-of-God became also the Son-of Mary.

Now let us 'Consider' the Great Humility of the Virgin in this Answer. She indeed 'Understood', how-Great was the Dignity-of the Mother-of God. She had already been Assured-by the Angel, that she was this Happy Mother, 'Chosen'-by the Lord. But Despite all this, she is not at all Raised-in her own Esteem, and does not Stop-to Enjoy her Exaltation. Rather, she 'Considers' her own Nothingness, and the Infinite (∞) Majesty of her God, Who has 'Chosen' her for His Mother. She Knows how Unworthy she is, of-such-an Honor, but would by-no-Means, 'Oppose' His Will.

When her Consent is 'Asked', what does she 'Do', what does she 'Say'? Wholly Annihilated-to self, and all Inflamed on the other-hand with the Desire-to 'Unite' herself more-closely-to God, by entirely 'Abandoning' herself to the Divine Will, she 'Answers', "I am the Servant of the Lord". Behold the Slave-of the Lord, Obliged to do whatever her Lord 'Commands'. If the Lord 'Chooses' me for His Mother, if everything that I have, is His Gift, then who could think He is 'Selecting' me for any Merit of my own? "I am the Servant of the Lord". What Merit can a Slave have, to be made the Mother-of her Lord? "I am the Servant of the Lord". Let God alone be Praised, and not the Slave, since it is God's Goodness which has led Him to Glance-on a Creature so-Lowly as I am, and thus to make her so-Great.

In-order-to 'Comprehend' the Greatness, to-which Mary was 'Elevated', it would be necessary-to 'Comprehend' the Majesty-of-God. It is Sufficient-to 'Say', that God 'Made' this-Virgin His Mother, to have it Understood-that He could not 'Exalt' her more-than He did 'Exalt' her. By 'Making' Himself the Son-of the Virgin, God 'Established' her in a Rank, Superior-to that of all the Saints and Angels.


This 'Explains'-why the Evangelists, who have so-fully 'Recorded' the Praises-of others, have been so-Brief in their Descriptions-of the Privileges-of Mary. For it was enough to say that 'From' her, Jesus was-'Born'. What more would you Wish the Evangelists to say about the Grandeur-of this Virgin? Let it be enough that they say she is the Mother-of God. Having recorded-in these few Words, her entire Merit, it was not Necessary-for them to-'Describe' the Particulars, separately. And why not? "Because", as Saint Anselm answers, "to say only this, that she was the Mother of God, Transcends every other Glory that can be Attributed to her. Whatever Name you may Wish-to call her, whether Queen-of-Heaven, Ruler-of-the-Angels, or any other Title-of-Honor, you will never Succeed-in Honoring her so-much-as by Calling her the Mother-of-God". But to become Mother-of God, it was Necessary-that the Holy Virgin should be 'Exalted'-to a certain Equality-with the Divine Persons, by an Infinity (∞) of Graces. Therefore, if God 'Dwells'-in Creatures, in different-Ways, He 'Dwelt'-in Mary in a Unique Way, making Himself One (1) with her.

Saint Thomas 'Asserts'-that Mary, being made Mother of God, by Reason-of this Close Union-with an Infinite (∞) Good, 'Received' a certain Infinite (∞) Dignity. The Dignity-of the Mother-of God is the Highest Dignity that could be Conferred-on a mere-Creature; in this respect, nothing Greater can be 'Created'. Therefore, Saint Bonaventure wrote that God could make a Greater-World, a Greater-Heaven, but could not 'Exalt' a Creature to Greater-Excellence, than by 'Making' her His Mother. But better than all others, Mary herself 'Described' the Height to-which God had 'Elevated' her, when she said: "God, Who is Mighty, has done Great Things for me" (Luke 1:49).

To conclude, then, this Divine Mother is Infinitely (∞) Inferior-to God, but Immensely Superior-to all Creatures. If it is Impossible to-find a Son more-Noble than Jesus, it is also Impossible to-find a mother more-Noble than Mary. This should cause the Servants-of such a Queen not only to Rejoice-in her Greatness, but also to-Increase their Confidence-in her most Powerful Protection. For as Mother-of God, she has a Certain Right-to His Gifts, and a Right-to Obtain them for-those for-whom she Prays. God cannot Refuse-to 'Hear' the Prayers-of this Mother, for He cannot Refuse-to 'Recognize' her as His True and Immaculate Mother. So we may Pray-to Mary by saying: You Prevail-with God by a Maternal Authority; thus even for those who Grievously Sin, you 'Obtain' the Great Grace-of-Reconciliation. For you are always 'Heard', since God in all things, Conforms-to your Wishes, as to those of a True and Pure mother. Therefore, Mother-of God, and our Mother, in you the Power to Help us is not Lacking. The Will, too, is not Lacking. For you Know-that God has not 'Created' you for Himself alone, but has 'Given' you to-Men, as their Deliverer. For 'Through' you, we 'Recover' Divine Grace; and 'By' you, the Enemy is Conquered and Crushed.


The Glory of Mary's Assumption into Heaven

Sequence of Holy Events

Death of the Virgin

Assumption into Heaven Coronation of Mary
as Queen of Heaven:
Daughter-of the Father
Spouse-of the Holy Spirit
Mother-of the Son


mary_death_jesus_goes.jpg (30968 bytes)

The Death of the Virgin - by GOES, Hugo van der -
from Groeninge Museum, Bruges


It would seem Just, that the Church, on this Day (15 August) of the Assumption-of Mary into Heaven, should Invite us to-Weep, rather-than to-Rejoice, since our Mother has 'Left' this Earth, and we no-longer Enjoy her Presence. As Saint Bernard says, it seems that we should rather Weep than Exult. But, No!!!, Holy Church 'Invites' us to-Rejoice: "Let us all Rejoice in the Lord, Celebrating a Feast in Honor-of the Blessed Virgin Mary". And if we Love this Mother, we ought to 'Think' more-of her Glory, than-of our own Particular Consolation. What Son does not Rejoice, although Separated-from his mother, if he Knows-that she is going-to take Possession-of a Kingdom?

Mary Today, is to be 'Crowned' Queen-of-Heaven; and shall we not 'Celebrate' a Joyful Feast, if we Truly Love her? So, let us Rejoice! After Jesus Christ Our Savior, had 'Completed' the Work-of our Redemption by His Death and Resurrection, He 'Ascended'-into the Presence-of His Father. Picture how the Savior came-from Heaven to-meet His Mother, and how He said to her, "Arise, My Beloved, My Beautiful One, and come! For see, the Winter is Past" (Song 2:10-11). Come, My Dear Mother, My Beautiful One, leave that Valley-of-Tears where you have Suffered so-much-for My Love; "Come from Lebanon, my Bride, come from Lebanon, come!" (Song 4:8). Come-with Soul and Body, to 'Enjoy' the Reward for your Holy Life. If you have Suffered Greatly on-Earth, far-Greater is the Glory I have Prepared-for you in Heaven. Come there to-Sit near Me, come to 'Receive' the Crown I will give you as Queen-of-the-Universe.

Coronation of the Virgin -
by LANFRANCO, Giovanni -
from Musée du Louvre, Paris

In this depiction of the Coronation-of the Virgin Mary, as Queen-of-Heaven and Queen-of-the-Universe; her Son Jesus, who Rules and Judges all Creation, places the Heavenly Crown on the Head of His mother Mary. The Duties of Queen always Reside-with the Queen-Mother, of which there is only One (1), in all cases. Jesus and Mary, both sinless, already possess their Ageless Glorified Bodies. Saint Augustine is depicted as being Instructed-from Scripture by an Angel, who is Intellectually Superior to the Great Saint. Saint-William-of-Aquitaine, Protector of the Church against Schism, is also depicted in Prayer. Satan's Sin-of-Pride would not have allowed him to accept a Human as his King or Queen. When Jesus Humbled Himself to Assume a Human Nature, He in-turn, Raised the Dignity-of the Human Soul, above the Dignity-of Angels.

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Now, 'Behold', Mary leaves the Earth, and calling-to Mind the many Graces she had there, 'Received'-from her Lord, she Looks-on it, Affectionately. And now Jesus Offers her His Hand and the Blessed Mother Rises-in the Air, Passes beyond the Clouds, and Arrives-at the Gates-of-Heaven. When Monarchs make their Entrance, to-take Possession-of their Kingdom, they do not Pass-through the Gates-of the City; for either these are Taken-off entirely, or they Pass-over them. Hence the Angels, when Jesus Christ 'Entered' Paradise, cried: "Lift up, O Gates, your Lintels; Reach-up, you Ancient Portals, that the King-of-Glory may come in!" (Psalm 24:7). And now that Mary is going to take Possession-of the Kingdom-of the Heavens, the Angels who 'Accompany' her, 'Cry'-to the Others, who are within: "Lift up, O Gates, your Lintels; Reach-up, you Ancient Portals, that the Queen-of-Glory may come in!". And now Mary Enters-into the Blessed Country. But on her Entrance, the Celestial Spirits, Seeing her so Beautiful and Glorious, Ask-of those who are with her, "Who is this coming-up from the Desert, leaning upon her Lover?" (Song 8:5). Who is this Creature, so Beautiful, that comes from the Desert-of the Earth, a place Full-of Thorns and Tribulations? This One comes so-Pure and so-Rich in Virtue, supported-by her Beloved Lord. Who is she? The Angels who 'Accompany' her, 'Answer': This is the Mother-of our King. She is our Queen, the Blessed One (1) among-Women, Full-of Grace, the Saint-of-Saints, the Beloved-of-God, the Immaculate One, the Dove, the most-Beautiful of all Creatures. And then all those Blessed Spirits begin-to Bless and Praise her, Singing-with more-Reason, than the Hebrews sang-to Judith, "You are the Glory of Jerusalem, the surpassing Joy of Israel; you are the Splendid Boast of our People" (Judith 15:9). Our Lady and Our Queen, you are the Glory-of-Paradise, the Joy-of-our_Heavenly Country, you are the Honor-of us all. Be ever-Welcome, be ever-Blessed. We are all your Servants, ready-for your Commands.

If the Human Mind, says Saint Bernard, cannot 'Comprehend' the Immense Glory which God has Prepared-in Heaven, for those who have Loved Him on-Earth, then who will ever 'Comprehend'-what He has Prepared-for her who 'Bore' Him? On Earth, He Loved her more than all Men; and even from the First (1st) Moment-of her Creation, He Loved her more-than all Men and Angels, together. Try to Imagine the Glory He 'Prepared'-for her. Justly, then, does Holy Church 'Sing' that Mary, having Loved God more than all the Angels, has been 'Exalted' above them, so that she sees no one above her, but her Son, Who is the only-'Begotten' Son-of-God.

The Glory-of Mary, which was Full and Complete, is different from that which the other Saints have, inHeaven. It is True that in- Heaven, all the Blessed 'Enjoy' Perfect Peace and Full Contentment. Yet it will always be True, that None-of them Enjoys that Glory, which he Could-have 'Merited', if he had 'Loved' and 'Served' God with Greater Fidelity. Therefore, although the Saints in Heaven, 'Desire' Nothing-more than what they 'Possess', yet in fact, there is something-more, they could 'Desire'. It is also True, that the Sins which they have Committed, and the Time which they have Lost, do not-bring Suffering. But it cannot be 'Denied', that the most Good done in-Life, 'Gives' the Greatest Contentment.

Mary in Heaven, 'Desires' Nothing, and has Nothing-to 'Desire'. Which of the Saints in Paradise, says Saint Augustine, if asked whether-or-not he has Committed Sins, can 'Answer' No, except Mary? It is Certain, as the Council-of-Trent has 'Defined', that Mary never Committed any Sin, not even the Slightest. She never did an Action, that was not Meritorious. She never said a Word or had a Thought or drew a Breath, that was not Directed-to the Greatest Glory-of-God. In a Word, she never Relaxed or Stopped One (1) Moment, in her Onward course-to God. She never Lost anything through Negligence, for she always 'Cooperated'-with Grace, with all her Power, and Loved God as-much-as she could Love Him. O Lord, she now says to Him in Heaven, if I have not Loved You as-much-as You Deserve, at least I have Loved You as-much-as I Could.

Let us Rejoice then with Mary, in the Exalted Throne to-which God has 'Elevated' her in Heaven. And let us Rejoice also for her own-Sake, since if our Mother has 'Ceased' to-be Present-with us, by Rising-in Glory to Heaven, she has not 'Ceased' to-be Present-with us in her Affection. No, being Nearer and more-United-to God, she 'Knows' our Miseries better, and therefore 'Pities' them more, and is better able to-Relieve us. And will you, O Blessed Virgin, because you have been so Exalted-in Heaven, 'Forget' us? No!, may God 'Preserve' us from the Thought. A Heart so- Merciful, cannot but 'Pity' our Miseries. If the Pity-of Mary for us was so-Great when she Lived-upon Earth, how much Greater, says Saint Bonaventure, is it in Heaven, where she now 'Reigns'.

And with this Love-of our Mother Mary, I leave you, my Readers, 'Saying' to you: Continue Joyfully to Honor and Love this Good Lady. Try also to 'Promote' the Love-of her, wherever you can; and do not Doubt that, if you 'Persevere'-in True Devotion-to Mary, even until Death, your Salvation is 'Assured'. I finish, not because I have nothing more-to Say-about the Glories-of this Great Queen, but so that I may not 'Tire' you. The little I have Written, may indeed be enough to show you the Great Value-of Devotion-to the Mother-of God. I Wish-to 'See' you Safe and Holy, to 'See' you become a Loving and Devoted Child-of this most-Lovable Queen. And if you Know that this Book has Helped you somewhat, I 'Ask' you, in your Charity, 'Recommend' me to Mary, and 'Ask' of her the Grace which I 'Ask' for you, that we may both 'Meet'-in Paradise at her feet, together-with all her other Dear Children.



Prayer to Mary

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Hail, Holy Queen, Mother-of-Mercy!
Our Life, our Sweetness and our Hope!
To thee do we Cry, Poor Banished children-of Eve;
to thee do we Send-up our Sighs, Mourning and Weeping in this Valley-of-Tears.

Turn then, most Gracious Advocate, thine Eyes-of-Mercy toward us,
and after this our Exile, show unto us the Blessed Fruit of thy Womb, Jesus.
O Clement, O Loving, O Sweet Virgin Mary!

V. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.

R. That we may be made Worthy-of the Promises-of Christ.