The Holy Name of Jesus

Adoration of the Holy Name of Jesus -
by El Greco -
from Chapter House, Monasterio de San Lorenzo, El Escorial
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The Upper-portion of the painting depicts the Glory-of Heaven, and the Lower-portion depicts the Church Militant to the Left, and the Jaws-of Hell to the Right.

Adoration of the Holy Name of Jesus -
by ROELAS, Juan de las -
from University Chapel, Seville
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The Upper-portion of the painting depicts the Glory-of Heaven, and the Lower-portion depicts the Church Militant, in the company of the Holy Family


He humbled Himself, becoming Obedient unto Death, even to the Death of the Cross. For which Cause, God also hath Exalted Him, and hath given Him a Name which is above all Names: That in the Name of Jesus, every Knee should Bow, of those that are in Heaven, on Earth, and under the Earth: And that every Tongue should Confess, that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the Glory of God the Father. - Philippians 2:8-11


The Holy Name of Jesus

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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The Name Jesus 'Signifies' Savior. And Saint Peter assures us that the Eternal Father has not given-to Men, any other name, by which they may be Saved, amidst the Snares-of this Deceitful World, than the Adorable Name of Jesus. It is this Name that makes the Truth of Faith, shine everywhere, and that calls Men from the Depths of Darkness, to the Adorable Light-of the Gospel. It is by Virtue-of this Adorable Name that the Apostle gave Light-to the Blind, made the Lame 'Walk', 'Healed' the Sick, 'Raised' the Dead to Life, and 'Filled' the Whole World with Astonishment. And if the Angel, at-First, announced-that Jesus would bring Life into the World, by 'Delivering' it from the Cruel Slavery, into which Adam had Plunged it, this Good Savior 'Confirmed' this Promise Himself, when He declared that He had come, so that His Sheep might have Life, and might have it more-Abundantly. By Virtue-of His Name, we see Idolatry 'Overthrown' and the Synagogue 'Vanquished'. Ah! since in this World, there is no Good that is not due-to the Efficiency-of the Name of Jesus, let us Acknowledge-with Humility and Love, the Source-of all these Riches; and if in the Past, we have been Unfaithful, let us Once-for-all, put an End-to our Ingratitude, and let us Endeavor-to Repair, all the Wrong that we have Done, and Say:



O Amiable and Holy Name of Jesus! may the Seraphim of Heaven give to Thee for me, Suitable thanks, and never cease to-Praise Thee by Forever Repeating that Thou dost Merit all-Glory, all-Honor, and all-Power. My Sweet Savior, I Hope to-Obtain, by Virtue-of Thy Name, the Salvation-of my Body and Soul; I Hope that with this Glorious Name in my Heart and on my Lips, Victorious-over the World and the Flesh, I shall have the Happiness to-Sing Thy Praises and to-Bless the August Trinity, forever-and-ever.



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Novena to the Holy Name of Jesus

Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus