Background on Saint Alphonsus
(Doctor of the Church, Bishop,
Founder-of the Redemptorist Order,
Feast Day 1 August)


Tribute to Saint Alphonsus

What makes his Writings such a Success, and the Secret-of their Charm, is the 'Conciseness', 'Clarity', 'Simplicity', 'Optimism' and 'Kindness' --- almost 'Tenderness'. Alphonsus excluded nobody from his Pastoral Zeal. He wrote to-All and for-All.

Just as the Laxity-of Confessors, makes-for the Ruin-of Souls, so also, Severity does much Evil. I Condemn Harshness which has no Justification, which Destroys, instead-of Building-up. One must be Full-of Gentleness and Charity, with Sinners. That was the Attitude-of Jesus Christ. And if we wish to lead Souls to God, and to Save them, we must Imitate Jesus Christ, the Greatest of all Missionaries.

by Pope John Paul the Great


Background on Saint Alphonsus

from Various Sources

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Painstakingly Devout, from Italian Parents, Alphonsus was Scrupulously Steeped-in the Fear-of-God. Alphonsus Founded and Established the Redemptorist Religious Order. Father Liguori is also the Patron-of Confessors and Moral Theologians. He is an Exemplary Model-for Canon Lawyers, Theologians and Bishops. Alphonsus is a most-Distinguished, Catholic Doctor-of-the-Church, in matters-of Morality, because of his Absolute Surrender-to God in Faith and his Conscience.

He was always Humble and Docile-to the Movements-of Grace. He allowed this to Draw his Heart and Mind. His Conscience was Formed and Fixed-on the Love-of God, Neighbor and the Church. He was absolutely Consumed-with Zeal for Souls and he Poured himself out Daily, Practicing what he Believed.

His Book, 'The-Glories-of-Mary', is a Masterpiece. His Writings are Clear, Profound, and Reveal Great Scholarship and Erudition. No one could possibly say anything-more in Quantity, about Mary, than Mary herself. The Plethora-of Modern Day Seers, Visionaries, Writers and Mystics, Reveal Mary. Mary's Discourse-to them, only Compliments, what Alphonsus has 'Already' said. Saint Alphonsus Liguori is a Must-read, for any Serious Explorer-of Mary. He is without-Doubt, the Marian Doctor Par-excellence. Other Doctors have Written similar 'Qualitative' Things about Mary, but he added a 'Quantitative' Component. Comparisons are always Odious, before-God, and we know that the 'Greatest' is the 'Least', in God's Kingdom.

Alphonsus lived-to his Nineties, Vowing never to-Squander a Precious Moment due-to God, either in Praying, Writing, Preaching Missions, Visiting-the-Sick, Pastoring his Flock as Bishop, and Giving Retreats. He unendingly-Implores us to Visit the Blessed Sacrament, our Redeemer, and to Live-out God's Holy Will, and obtain Salvation and Redemption through Jesus, in Union-with His Mother, Mary.

His Devotion-to Mary, he Claimed, Helped him Discover God, and his Vocation, Anew. His Devotion-to Jesus and Mary, his Brilliant Writings, his Paintings-of Mary, his Holiness and his Role-as the Founder-of the Redemptorists, has Ensured his Place-in God's Church.