Prayers for the Repose of Souls

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Saint Gregory Delivers the Soul of a Monk - by CRESPI, Giovanni Battista - from S. Vittore, Parese . . . .

In this 1617 Painting by Giovanni Crespi, an Angel prepares to carry the Soul of a Monk, and others, from Purgatory to Heaven, in Response-to the Mass said for the Repose-of their Souls, by Saint Gregory


When we Pray, we speak-to God;
but when we Read, God speaks-to us.

In Prayer, God hears our Petitions,
but in Reading, we listen-to His Voice.

Spiritual Reading and Prayer are the Arms by which
Hell is Conquered, and Paradise Won.


Prayers for the Repose of Souls

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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Prayer for the Repose of Souls

My God! I Recommend-to Thee the Souls of my Relations, my Benefactors, my Friends and my Enemies, and of those who are in Purgatory, on my account.

I Recommend-to Thee the Souls of Evangelical Laborers, of Religious and Priests, and especially of those who had Charge-of my Soul.

I Recommend-to Thee the Souls of those who were most Devout-to the Passion-of Our Lord, to the Blessed Sacrament, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Souls who are most Abandoned, those who Suffer-most, and those who are Nearest-to the Entrance-into Paradise. So I Hope. So may it be.



Prayer for Souls in Purgatory

O God of Love, Father-of Our Lord Jesus Christ, on this Altar, Behold the Unbloody Sacrifice-of the Body and Blood-of Thy Son, Representing that of His most Holy Death and Grievous Passion, which He, the Great High Priest, Offered Thee on Calvary. In consideration-of this Holocaust-of Sweet Odor, have Mercy-on the Souls-in Purgatory; Open-to them the Gates-of Heaven, that they may Love and Praise Thee, and Enjoy Thee Eternally-in the Abode-of the Saints.

Together with the Sufferings-of Thy Divine Son, I likewise Offer Thee the Sorrows-of His Blessed Mother, whose Soul was Crucified-at the Foot-of her Sonís Cross; for the Lance which Pierced the Side and Heart-of Jesus, Thine Adorable Son, also Transfixed the Soul and Heart-of Mary, according to Simeonís Prophecy, and made her the Queen-of-Martyrs.

Behold then, O Heavenly Father! The Disfigured Countenance-of Thy Son on the Cross and the Crucified Heart-of His Mother, at the Foot-of this same Cross; and by the Merits-of all the Sufferings of that Son and that Mother, Grant Eternal Repose to the Souls-in Purgatory. So I Hope. So may it be.