Prayers of Saint Alphonsus

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The Virgin Mary in Prayer - by DÜRER, Albrecht - from Staatliche Museen, Berlin
(Saint Bernard says that all Divine Graces and especially this one of Perseverance, come to us through Mary)


When we Pray, we speak-to God;
but when we Read, God speaks-to us.

In Prayer, God hears our Petitions,
but in Reading, we listen-to His Voice.

Spiritual Reading and Prayer are the Arms by which
Hell is Conquered, and Paradise Won.


Prayers of Saint Alphonsus

by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

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God has set His Heart on Saving us. "He Wants all Men to be Saved" - 1Timothy 2:4. And He is Ready-to Give all the Help necessary-for Salvation, but as Saint Augustine says, "He Gives, only-to those who Ask". Thus, it is a Common Opinion-of Theologians, that Prayer is necessary-for Adults, as a means-of Salvation. A Person, who does not Pray, and who Neglects to Ask-for the Help, Required-to Overcome-Temptations, and to Preserve-Graces already Received, cannot be Saved.

On the other hand, Our Lord cannot Refuse-to Give Graces to those who Ask-for them, because He has 'Promised' to do so: "Call to Me, and I will Answer you" - Jeremiah 33:3. Ask Me, and I will not Fail-to 'Hear' you. This 'Promise' is not to be Understood, with Reference-to Temporal Goods, because God only gives these, when they are for the Good of the Soul. But, He has 'Promised' Absolutely-to give Spiritual Graces, to anyone who Asks Him, and having 'Promised' it, He is Obliged-to give them to us.

Notice that, while on God's Part, Prayer is a 'Promise', on our-Part, it is a 'Binding-Precept': "Ask, and you will Receive" (Matthew 7:7). "He told them a Parable on the Necessity of Praying always" - Luke 18:1. These Words convey a Command, which is Binding-for our Whole Life, but especially, when a Man is in Danger-of Death, or of Falling-into Sin; for if he does not-then, have Recourse-to God, he will Certainly be Lost. And he who has already Fallen, commits another Sin, when he does not Turn-to God, for Help.

But will God 'Hear' him, while he is still-in Sin? Yes!!!, He does 'Hear', if the Sinner Humbles himself, and Prays-for Pardon; for it is Written-in the Gospel, "Whoever Asks, Receives" - Luke 11:10. God, then, has Promised-to 'Hear', all who Pray-to Him, whether they are Just or Sinners. In another place, God says, "Call upon Me in Time of Distress; I will Rescue you" - Psalm 50:15.

No, there will be no-Excuse, on the Day-of-Judgment, for anyone who Dies-in Mortal Sin. It will be of no-use for him to Say, that he did not have the Strength-to Resist the Temptation which Troubled him, because Jesus Christ will Answer: If you did not have the Strength, why did you not Ask for it? I should certainly have Given it to you.

You see, then, that if you Want to be Saved and keep yourself in the Grace-of-God, you must often Pray-to Him. The Council-of-Trent declares that, for a Man to Persevere in God's Grace, it is not-enough that he should have only that General Aid, which God gives to all Men; he must also have that Special Assistance, which can only be Obtained-by Prayer. For this Reason, all the Doctors-of-the-Church, say that everyone is 'Bound', under Serious Sin, to Pray-often, to God.

two_small_hearts.gif (9223 bytes) It is also most useful to-Practice, some Particular Devotion-to the Mother of God, who is called the Mother-of-Perseverance. A Person who does not have this Special Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, will find it very Difficult-to Persevere; for Saint Bernard says that all Divine Graces, and especially this One of Perseverance, come-to us through Mary.

Therefore, I repeat: If you Wish to be Saved, Pray continually-to the Lord, to give you Light and Strength, not-to Fall into Sin. Every Morning, ask Him to Keep you from Sin during that day. And when any Bad Thought or Occasion of Sin, presents itself-to your Mind, immediately have Recourse-to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin, and say, "Jesus, Help me! Most Blessed Virgin, come to my Aid!" It is enough at such a Time, to utter the Names-of Jesus and Mary, and the Temptation may Vanish; but, should the Temptation continue, Persevere-in Seeking the Assistance-of Jesus and Mary, and you will be Victorious.


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