Jesus Before the High Priest

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Christ before Caiaphas - by GIOTTO di Bondone - from Cappella Scrovegni (Arena Chapel), Padua


John 18:19-24

The High Priest questioned Jesus about His disciples and about His teaching. Jesus answered, "I have always spoken publicly to everyone; all My teaching was done in the synagogues and in the Temple, where all the people come together. I have never said anything in secret. Why, then, do you question Me? Question the people who heard Me. Ask them what I told them - they know what I said."

When Jesus said this, one of the guards there slapped Him and said, "How dare you talk like that to the High Priest!"

Jesus answered him, "If I have said anything wrong, tell everyone here what it was. But if I am right in what I have said, why do you hit Me?"

Then Annas sent Him, still tied up, to Caiaphis the High Priest.


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