Several Acts of Consecration to the
Sacred Heart of Jesus 


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queenofworld.gif (30221 bytes) Tell everyone that God grants His Graces through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is to her that we must ask for them. The Sacred Heart of Jesus wants us to Venerate the Immaculate Heart of Mary together with His.

-- Jacinta of Fatima on her deathbed


Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

from various sources

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Life Offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
through the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)My dear Jesus, before the Trinity, Our Heavenly Mother, and the whole Heavenly Court, united with Your Most Precious Sacred Blood and Your Sacrifice on Calvary, hereby I offer my Whole Life to the intention of Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Together with my Life, I place at Your disposal all Holy Masses, all my Holy Communions, all my Good Deeds, all my Sacrifices, and the Sufferings of my Entire Life for the Adoration and Supplication of the Holy Trinity, for Unity in our Holy Mother Church, for the Holy Father and for Priests, for good Priestly Vocations, and for all Souls until the End of the World. O my Jesus, please accept my Life Sacrifice and my Offerings and give me Your Grace that I may Persevere Obediently until my Death.




The Five Promises of our Heavenly Mother to those who offer this
Prayer with Humble Heart, Firm Resolution and Clear Intent

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) "Their name will be written in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, inflamed by Love".
littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes)"Their Life Offerings, together with the Infinite Merits of Jesus, can save many Souls from Damnation."
littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes)"None of their Family Members will go to Hell, even if it seems otherwise, because they will receive in the Depths of their Souls the Graces of Sincere Contrition before the Soul departs from their Bodies".
littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes)"On the day they Offer their Lives, their Loved Ones Suffering in Purgatory will be released".
littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes)"I will be with them in the Hour of their Deaths. They will not know Purgatory. I will carry them in their Souls straight to the Presence of the Glorious Trinity, where they will live with me in a special place created by God and will Rejoice forever".

NIHIL OBSTAT: P. Alberto Valenzuel, S.J.
IMPRIMATUR: Pbro. Agustin Gutierez de la Torre,
Vicario General de la Arquidiocesis Guadalajara,
12 de junio de 1988.
IMPRIMATUR also by the local Bishop in Hungary.
(Verbal. The Bishop himself offered his life according to the request of Our Lady)



The Twelve Promises of Our Lord


sacheart_ani.gif (8256 bytes) "I promise you, in the Excessive Mercy of My Heart that My all-Powerful Love will grant to all those who receive Holy Communion on the First Friday for, Nine consecutive Months, the Grace of Final Repentance; they shall not die in My Disgrace nor without Receiving the Sacraments; My Divine Heart shall be their Safe Refuge in that Last Moment".


littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) I will give them all the Graces necessary for their State in Life.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) I will give Peace in their Families.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) I will Console them in all their Troubles.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) They shall find in My Heart an Assured Refuge during life and especially at the Hour of Death.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) I will pour Abundant Blessings on all their undertakings.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) Sinners shall find in My Heart the Source and Infinite Ocean of Mercy.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) Tepid Souls shall become Fervent.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) Fervent Souls shall Speedily Rise to great Perfection.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) I will Bless the Homes in which the Image of My Sacred Heart shall be Exposed and Honored.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) I will give to Priests the Power to Touch the most Hardened Hearts.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) Those who Propagate this Devotion shall have their name written in My Heart, and it shall never be Effaced.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) The all-Powerful Love of My Heart will grant to all those who shall receive Communion on the First Friday of Nine Consecutive Months the Grace of Final Repentance; they shall not die under My Displeasure, nor without receiving their Sacraments; My Heart shall be their Assured Refuge at the Last Hour.



Consecration to the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts
(origin unknown)

two_small_hearts.gif (9223 bytes) vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)O Mary, Virgin most Powerful and Mother of Mercy, Queen of Heaven and Refuge of Sinners, we Consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate Heart.

We Consecrate to you our Very Being and our Whole Life; all that we have, all that we Love, all that we are. To you we give our Bodies, our Hearts and our Souls; to you we give our Homes, our Families, our Country.

We desire that all that is in us and around us may belong to you, and may share in the Benefits of your Motherly Benediction. And that this Act of Consecration may be truly Efficacious and Lasting, we renew this day at your feet the Promises of our Baptism and our First Holy Communion.

We Pledge ourselves to Profess Courageously and at all times the Truths of our Holy Faith, and to live as befits Catholics who are Duly Submissive to all the Directions of the Pope and the Bishops in Communion with him.

We Pledge ourselves to keep the Commandments of God and His Church, in particular to Keep Holy the Lord's Day. We likewise Pledge ourselves to make the Consoling Practices of the Christian Religion, and above all, Holy Communion, an Integral Part of our lives, in so far as we shall be able so to do.

Finally, we Promise you, O Glorious Mother of God and Loving Mother of Men, to Devote ourselves Whole-Heartedly to the Service of your Blessed Cult, in order to Hasten and Assure, through the Sovereignty of your Immaculate Heart, the Coming of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of your Adorable Son, in our own Hearts and in those of all Men, in our Country and in all the World, as in Heaven, so on Earth.




Novena Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes)O Most Blessed Mother, Heart of Love, Heart of Mercy, ever Listening, Caring, Consoling, hear our Prayer. As your children, we implore your Intercession with Jesus your Son. Receive with Understanding and Compassion the Petitions we place before you today, especially ... (special intention).

We are comforted in knowing your Heart is ever open to those who ask for your Prayer. We trust to your Gentle Care and Intercession, those whom we Love and who are Sick or Lonely or Hurting. Help all of us, Holy Mother, to bear our burdens in this life until we may share Eternal Life and Peace with God forever.



Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes) I, a Faithless Sinner -- Renew and Ratify today in thy hands, O Immaculate Mother, the Vows of my Baptism; I renounce forever Satan, his Pomps and Works; and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, to carry my Cross after Him all the days of my life, and to be more Faithful to Him than I have ever before.

In the presence of all the Heavenly Court I choose thee this day, for my Mother and Mistress. I deliver and Consecrate to thee, as thy slave, my Body and Soul, my Goods, both interior and exterior, and even the Value of all my Good Actions, Past, Present and Future; leaving to thee the Entire and Full Right of disposing of me, and all that belongs to me, without exception, according to thy Good Pleasure, for the greater Glory of God, in Time and in Eternity.



Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

vela-c2.gif (2466 bytes) O Most Holy Virgin and Our Mother, we listen with grief to the complaints of your Immaculate Heart surrounded with the Thorns placed therein at every moment by the Blasphemies and Ingratitude of Selfish Humanity. We are moved by the Ardent Desire of Loving you, sweet Mother, and of promoting a True Devotion to your Immaculate Heart.

We therefore kneel before you to Manifest the Deep Sorrow we feel for your Grievances that people cause you, and to Atone by our Prayers and Sacrifices for the Offenses with which they return your Love. Obtain for them, and for us, Pardon of so many Sins. Hasten the Conversion of Sinners that they may Love Jesus and cease to Offend Our Lord, already so much Offended. Turn your Loving Eyes of Mercy toward us, that we may Love God with all our Heart on Earth, and enjoy Him forever in Heaven.



Words of Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe - Martyr of Auschwitz

Whoever does not wish to have Mary Immaculate as his Mother will not have Christ as his Brother either; the Father will not send His Son to him; the Son will not descend into his Soul; the Holy Spirit will not make him a Member of the Mystical Body of Christ; for all these Mysteries of Grace take place in Mary Full of Grace and in her alone. No other creature is or will ever be Immaculate like her, or Full of Grace, or capable of being so Intimately United to the Lord as was the Immaculate Virgin. And since the first-born Son, the Man-God, was conceived only through the Specific Consent of the Most Blessed Virgin, the same holds true of all other humans, who must imitate in all things their Primary Model, Christ.


Saint Louis Marie De Montfort, and the Early Church Fathers

1) “Mary has Two (2) Sons, the One (1) is the God-Man, the Other, mere Man. She is the Mother of the First, Corporally, and the Second, Spiritually”. (Saint Bonaventure and Origen)

2) “This is the Will of God Who Willed that we should have all things through Mary. If then, we possess any Hope or Grace or Gift of Salvation, let us acknowledge that it comes to us from her”. (Saint Bernard)

3) ďAs you were not worthy that anything should be given to you, all Graces were given to Mary so that you might receive through her all Graces you would not otherwise receive”. (Saint Bernard)



The Heroic Act of Charity (Raccolta-140) is made by Offering for the Faithful Departed all of your Works in this Life, as well as the Prayers offered for you after your Death. All of these are put in the Hands of the Virgin Mary to use for the Benefit of the Holy Souls. This Act has great Benefits.



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