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Parallel to, but separate from Father Most's Article below, some people speculate that "Rapture" or the "End-of-Times", occurred Two Thousand Years ago in 70 AD when Rome destroyed the City of Jerusalem and it's Holy Temple, signaling the "End-of-Times" of the Jewish Nation/Temple, from which it never recovered.


Nota Bene: The Word Rapture is not Contained in the Bible and was First Coined by John Nelson Darby, a Leader of a British Sectarian Group, the Plymouth Brethren. The End-Times Preaching of this Rabid anti-Catholic took hold on his numerous trips to America and Canada (1859-1874). The Concept of Rapture is not a Catholic vs Protestant Issue. Most Original Protestant Churches do not Believe the Rapture Theory.



by Father William G. Most

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In 1Thessalonians 4, there are a Few Lines which are Widely Misunderstood. They are thought to Speak of Rapture. I have even seen a Bumper Sticker on a Car: "In Case of Rapture, this Car will be Unmanned". The Poor Man thought Jesus might come-down at any Moment, and Snatch him into the Sky! Then his car would go Wild, probably Killing someone. But no Worry, he told himself. Only the Bad Guys will be left.

The Trouble begins in 1Thessalonians 4:13. We gather that the Thessalonians had been Expecting the Return of Jesus at any Moment. Some were thinking: Would it not be too bad if I should die before that - then others would get to see Him before I would!

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Resurrection of the Flesh/Body - by Signorelli from the Chapel of San Brizio, Duomo, Orvieto . . .
Note the similarity of the Flag carried by the Archangels above, and the Flag below-right carried by
the Resurrected Jesus depicted by Pinturicchio in his Fresco from the Palazzi Pontifici, Vatican

Saint Paul wanted to Answer this Concern of the Thessalonians. He said in effect, do not get Worried. Here is how it will be:

resurrection2_sm.jpg (2918 bytes) littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) Jesus will come down from Heaven with a Command, with the Call of an Archangel, and a Trumpet and the Dead will Rise First.

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) Then we, the Living, will be Taken in the Clouds to meet Jesus in the air.

Rapture Believers also compare this Passage with the Account of the Last Judgment. The Judge is Seated, and on the Left are the Wicked, on the Right, the Good People. But this takes place on the Earth. They say the Rapture takes place in the Air - so there must be Two (2) Separate Events.

Those who think that way, seem not to know about Literary Genre - the various Patterns of Writing used in Ancient Time. We need to know what they are, for each Genre has, as it were, its own Rules for how to Understand it.

Now the Passage in 1Thessalonians has Strong Apocalyptic Color:

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) A Cry from the Sky,

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) A Call of an Archangel,

littlegoldcross.gif (962 bytes) The Trumpet of God.

This is basically Apocalyptic, a Strange Hebrew Genre which presents Highly Colored Images, Revelations, Secrets. The Original Readers knew this was Overly Strong, and knew they needed to Cut-it Down to get at the Solid Content. The Last Judgment Scene is clearly Apocalyptic too - all Persons of all Ages of the World are to Come-before the Judge. There would be no place on the Globe with even Standing Room for such a Throng (Nota Bene: Population Reference Bureau in Washington estimates this Number at 106 Billion). So it is Apocalyptic. It conveys the fact that God will Reveal to all, how Just and Right all His Judgments were throughout all History. Probably, He will do this by way of an Interior Locution (a MysticalWord/Message received Interiorly by a person), which with One Touch, as it were, can Convey a Huge Amount of Information.

We are left with only One (1) Event, Last Judgement. So there will be no Cars Flying-off Unmanned!


The above Short Dissertation by Father Most presents just the Tip of the Iceberg regarding Rapture. The Audio Links Below provide much more Pertinent Detail in MP3 Audio Formats by EWTN.


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