The Holy Eucharist

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Holy Thursday: Last Supper - First Mass - First Eucharist - First Communion - First Holy Orders -
by JOOS van Wassenhove - from Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, Urbino
Judas, the Traitor, is seen lurking in the background, at the far left.
He does not Partake of the Sacraments, only the Faithful Eleven participate.


"What Wonderful Majesty! What Stupendous Condescension! O Sublime Humility! That the Lord of the Whole Universe, God and the Son of God, should Humble Himself like this under the Form of a little Bread, for our Salvation".

-Saint Francis of Assisi


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The Holy Eucharist

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from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Eucharist (Greek Eucharistia, Thanksgiving) is the name given to the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar its Twofold aspect of Sacrament and Sacrifice of Mass, and in which Jesus Christ is Truly Present under the Bread and Wine. Other Titles are used, such as "Lord's Supper" (Coena Domini), "Table of the Lord" (Mensa Domini), the "Lord's Body" ( Corpus Domini), and the "Holy of Holies" ( Sanctissimum), to which may be added the following Expressions, and somewhat altered from their Primitive Meaning: "Agape" (Love-Feast), " Eulogia" (Blessing), "Breaking of Bread", "Synaxis" (Assembly), etc.; but the Ancient Title "Eucharistia", appearing in Writers as early as Ignatius, Justin, and Irenĉus, has taken Precedence in the Technical Terminology of the Church and her Theologians. The expression "Blessed Sacrament of the Altar", introduced by Augustine, is at the Present Day almost entirely restricted to Catechetical and Popular Treatises. This extensive-Nomenclature, describing the Great Mystery from such different Points of View, is in itself sufficient proof of the Central Position the Eucharist has occupied from the Earliest Ages, both in the Divine Worship and Services of the Church and in the Life of Faith and Devotion which Animates her Members.

The Church Honors the Eucharist as one of her most Exalted Mysteries, since for Sublimity and Incomprehensibility, it yields in nothing to the allied Mysteries of the Trinity and Incarnation. These Three (3) Mysteries constitute a Wonderful Triad, which causes the Essential Characteristic of Christianity, as a Religion of Mysteries, far Transcending the Capabilities of Reason, to Shine-forth in all its Brilliance and Splendor, and Elevates Catholicism, the most-Faithful Guardian and Keeper of our Christian Heritage, far above all Pagan and non-Christian Religions.

The Organic Connection of this Mysterious Triad, is clearly discerned, if we consider Divine Grace under the Aspect-of a eucharist3.gif (9262 bytes) Personal Communication of God. Thus in the Bosom of the Blessed Trinity, God the Father, by virtue of the Eternal Generation, Communicates His Divine Nature to God the Son, "the only Begotten Son Who is in the Bosom of the Father" (John 1:18), while the Son of God, by virtue of the Hypostatic Union, Communicates in turn the Divine Nature received from His Father to His Human Nature, formed in the Womb of the Virgin Mary (John 1:14), in order that thus as God-Man, hidden under the Eucharistic Species, He might deliver Himself to His Church, Who, as a Tender Mother, Mystically Cares-for and Nurtures in Her Own Bosom this, Her Greatest Treasure, and Daily places it before Her Children as the Spiritual Food of their Souls. Thus the Trinity, Incarnation, and Eucharist are really Welded-together like a Precious Chain, which in a Wonderful Manner, links Heaven with Earth, God with Man, Uniting them Most Intimately, and keeping them thus United. By the very fact that the Eucharistic Mystery does Transcend Reason, no Rationalistic Explanation of it, based on a merely Natural Hypothesis and Seeking-to Comprehend one of the Sublimest Truths of the Christian Religion, as the Spontaneous Conclusion of Logical Processes, may be attempted by a Catholic Theologian.


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