Prostitution in the Bible

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Jesus and the Adulteress - by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri Guerchin (Guercino) - from Dulwich Picture Gallery, London


The Book of Hosea

(The Book of Prostitution... and the "Love of God")

 "Yahweh said to Hosea: Go, marry a whore, and get children with a whore, for the country itself has become nothing but a whore by abandoning Yahweh" (Hosea 1:2).

The Book of Hosea is the First of the Twelve minor Prophets. It is the most beautiful Book on the "Love of God" in the Old Testament.

Hosea, the Prophet, married Gomer and had a child with her. She gave birth to two other children, but Hosea was not their father… however, Hosea took them and cared for them as his own children… how great was the Love of Hosea!… their names were suggestive: "Lo-ruhamah", "Not-loved", and "Lo-ammi", "Not-my kin".

Finally, Gomer became a Prostitute, and she eventually become a Slave. Hosea learned that his wife Gomer was for sale at an Auction of Slaves… the attractive young lady of earlier years had become a worn, faded, undesired woman who had aged prematurely… and Hosea purchased his own wife at the Auction of Slaves, the slave Gomer, for 15 shekels (3:2), and brought her home, not as slave, but as his wife, as the Lady of the House… the Love of Hosea was great, incredible!… even he changed the names of her children of prostitution, to "Ruahmah", "loved", and "Ammi", "My kin"… the incredible Love of Hosea!.

Then, Hosea applies the story of his life to the People of God, to the Kingdoms of the North and the South, to Israel and Judah, and to you and me: Every time you and I go after Money, or Power, or Pleasures, we Prostitute against God… we throw ourselves into the arms and care of other gods, and that's Prostitution against God! With every Sin, we become Slaves of the Devil; but God buys us back, not for 15 Shekels, but with His own Blood, and brings us back to His Home, not as Slaves, but as Children of God, as His Inheritance!… to make a Feast for us every time we repent! (Luke 15:22-23)... how incredibly great is the Love of God!… and not only once, but again and again, seventy-times-seven, every time we repent after our Sin… our God is the God of Hosea, a Super-Merciful God!… He is always waiting for our Repentance, and Trust in Him.

The Bible refers often to this "Prostitution against God", which is the Worse Sin in the Bible, worse than Drugs, or Social Injustice, or Homosexuality, or Homicide... it is the Sin we commit most often, and it is the Sin that we usually don't confess! (Isaiah 1:21, Jeremiah 2:20, Exodus 34:15, Leviticus 17:7, Deuteronomy 31:16)... and every time we Sin, "we Crucify the Son of God in ourselves, and hold Him up to Mockery" (Hebrews 6:6)...

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A Prostitute washes the Feet of Jesus with
Bitter Tears of Sorrow for her Sins.


The Bible insists again-and-again in the Mercy of God, Who is always waiting for our Repentance, but also in the Severe Punishments to the People of God and to the persons who do not Repent of this Prostitution. And it is not enough "to repent" as Judas did, but we have "to weep bitterly" for our Sins and Trust in Jesus, as Peter did. Judas "repented", but his great mistake was not to Trust in Jesus, thinking that he could never be Forgiven (Matthew 26:75, 27:3-5).

The Punishment of the Law for a regular Prostitute is "to burn her alive" (Leviticus 21:9, Genesis 38:24). Jesus regarded Prostitution as Evil, but He went against Jewish Tradition and Laws, and Forgave Prostitutes and opened the way for them to enter God's Kingdom through Faith (Matthew 21:32-33).

Joshua 2 tells the story of Rahab the Prostitute, who received and hid the two men sent by Moses. By Faith she and her family was saved, says Hebrews 11:31, as described in Joshua 6; and the Sign of Salvation was the Scarlet Cord she tied to her window, Symbol of the Blood of Christ. She became the great-grand-mother of King David, ancestor of Jesus Christ, as described in the Genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:5. King David Sinned like all the kings did, but he cried for his Sin like no other king did… and he humbly trusted in the Mercy of the Lord like you and I should always do.

God the Father Loves you and me Sinners, and wants to Clean all our Sins with the Blood of Jesus, and the only condition is the message of every page of the Bible: "Trust in God"… "Faith in Christ".

God Loves you and me the way we are right now, but he Loves us too much to let us stay that way... and that's why He sends us the "Trumpets of God", Pains, Sorrows, Difficulties... to Purify us!... because in the Plan of God, you and I were made to be "Saints and Immaculate"; only the Pure and Immaculate can enter Heaven!


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