The Triumph of the Holy Cross
(Celebrated 14 September)

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The Resurrected Jesus opens the Gates of Heaven to the Just who have awaited His Redemption since Adam
[see Limbus Partrum]


John 3:13-17

Jesus said to Nicodemus: "No one has gone up to Heaven except the One Who came down from there - - the Son of Man [Who is in Heaven]. Just as Moses lifted up the Serpent in the Desert, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that all who Believe may have Eternal Life in Him. Yes, God so Loved the World that He gave His only Son, that whoever Believes in Him may not Die, but may have Eternal Life. God did not send the Son into the World to Condemn the World, but that the World might be Saved through Him".


Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

by Father Charles Irvin, M.Div, J.D.

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crucifixion3.jpg (1600 bytes) The Cross of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a Sign of Contradiction. It Proclaims that it is the Prerogative of God to bring Good out-of Evil, Order out-of Chaos, Meaning out-of Absurdity, and Life out-of Death. God's Infinite Power comes to us in the Human Powerlessness of Jesus Christ, born wrapped in Swaddling Clothes at the beginning of His Life on Earth, and in His Powerlessness in being Nailed to the Cross at the End of His Life here on Earth.

The Cross Stands at the very Apex of Christ's Saving Entrance into our Humanity - and it Stands at the very Bottom of Christ's Degradation. The Cross Confounds Non-Believers, it Frightens the Proud, those People of Unbounded Ambition who would have themselves be our Kings and Masters, and who would lead us away from Truth, Justice, Beauty, Love and Community. Finally, the Cross Confounds Satan Worshippers and all of the Demonic in our World.

And yet the Cross of Jesus Christ is a Sign of Peace, a Sign with which we Bless ourselves, our children, our homes, and all things we hold dear. Pre-eminently the Cross is Proof of how far it is that God our Father has gone to prove His Love for you and me. Strangely, Mysteriously, and in a seemingly Contradictory Way, the Cross is a Sign of Love. No! It is not merely a Sign or a Symbol, it is the Ultimate Proof of God's Love for us. Truly and Surely the Cross of our Savior is a Sign of Contradiction.

The Cross Summons us to Change the Way we see things. It Urges us, Challenges us, and Demands us to Look at the World in a Vision and in a Way that Departs from the Vision we might have under a Different and Secular Perspective. It calls us to look at our Relationships with others, to look at Life, and to see Death in ways that are inside-out and upside-down from those who have no Faith, and who are forced to see them through the Eyes of Fear.

Death, under the Cross, is not an Ending, it is a Beginning. Suffering, Pain and Loss under the Cross, are no longer things that Separate us from God, they Unite us to Him. Tragedy under the Cross is not Ultimate, it is only Temporary. Sin, under the Cross no longer Alienates us from God, it Occasions His coming to us in the Midst of our Sins in His Merciful Love.

Jesus Christ, Risen from the Dead, is Victim no more. Why, then, should we consider ourselves to be Victims? Under the Cross there are no more Victims! For the Wood of the Tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden, and the Wood of the Crib in Christ's Nativity in Bethlehem has become the Wood of the Cross that Overcomes all that would Separate us from the Loving Presence of God in Christ. Christ, Victim no more, Reigns Triumphant from the Cross.

From the Tree of the Cross Planted in the Garden of the Resurrection, the Christ we now 'Receive', comes to us here on His Altar - upon which there are now no more Victims. For He is Risen, Spirit-filled and Victorious forever to join us into His Triumph over all that would keep us Victims and in Bondage.

Truly, we can Celebrate here the Triumph of the Cross.


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The Crucifixion - by GRÜNEWALD, Matthias - from Musée d'Unterlinden, Colmar


Exaltation of the Holy Cross Novena

Jesus, Who because of Your Burning Love for us Willed to be Crucified and to shed Your Most Precious Blood for the Redemption and Salvation of our Souls, look down upon us and grant the Petition we ask for ... (mention here)

We Trust Completely in Your Mercy.
Cleanse us from Sin by Your Grace,
Sanctify our Work,
Give us and all those who are dear to us our Daily Bread,
Lighten the Burden of our Sufferings,
Bless our Families,
and grant to the Nations, so sorely afflicted, Your Peace, which is the only True Peace,
So that by Obeying Your Commandments we may come at last to the Glory of Heaven.



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