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Jesus descends from the Cross to heal Saint Peregrine of his Cancer

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The Divine Physician

by Father Paul A. Duffner, O.P.

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Various persons may visit a Medical Doctor for help, each having a different Problem or Illness. For each he will prescribe a Special Remedy to get at the Root of the Illnesses. Whether we know it or not, each of us has Spiritual IllnessesWeaknesses and Attachments— that tend in some measure to Enslave our Will, making it Difficult for us to Surrender our Will to God's Will.

caduceus.gif (4521 bytes) Our Heavenly Father, the Divine Physician, knows our Weaknesses and Attachments that Interfere with our Total Surrender to Him. And in His Loving Concern for us, He not only offers Strengthening and Healing Graces, but He uses Human Instruments as part of the Healing Process. For example, He lets People touch the Sensitive areas of our Ego (Inordinate Self-Love), with incidents that Upset, Irritate, Frustrate etc. He does this not only to make us aware of Hidden Attachments that often make us respond Impatiently, or Angrily, or Uncharitably; but in hope that we will see His Hand allowing it, and Surrender to His Action. Because of the Wounds of our Fallen Nature referred to above, that Surrender will not be without Pain. Yet each time we can manage to do so with a “YES, FATHER,” . . . His Action chips away ever so slightly at that Attachment, and our Action has both a Meritorious and Satisfactory value. That is, it not only Merits an Increase of Grace, but in some measure pays the Debt of Temporal Punishment due to Sin.

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Jesus performs the Easy task of healing the Blind Man. The Difficult task of healing his Soul remains.

There are certain basic Weaknesses and Faults in our makeup that we will never overcome by ourselves alone. We need God's Help, not only to overcome Them, but even to be clearly aware of Them. But God will not do it alone. He demands our Cooperation, our Surrender to His Action. He supplies the opportunities that Test our Patience, our Charity, our Humility, our Trust, etc. But those Opportunities will be Lost if we fail to recognize His Hand in them, and respond in our Heart with a “YES, FATHER.”

We all need to undertake a certain amount of Mortification of our own initiative in overcoming our Weaknesses; but those opportunities for Mortification which God provides, where He takes the Initiative, are far more Important and Efficacious in getting at the Root of our Spiritual Problems and Healing the Wounds of our Fallen Nature, if only we see His Hand and Submit to His Action. With every Cross He sends, there is an accompanying Grace to Help us to bear it.

What we have been saying does not mean that we should not defend ourselves or others against some Unjust Action, or remind another of something that is Out of Line. It refers more to those cases where Emotion takes over and Blinds us to the Hand of God providing an opportunity of Self-Discipline, and our Hurt Pride causes us to respond in an Uncharitable, or Impatient, or Angry Manner.

One with Deep Faith sees the Providence of God in all that is beyond his Own Power to Control, and Trusts that God can bring Good out of every situation. He follows that Straight and Narrow way where God is his Guide, his Provider, his Physician. It is a road that he could never find of himself, nor would he of himself choose, for it is rough going in places. Yet the more he gives God a Free Hand in guiding him, the Richer will be his Inheritance when he arrives at that Final Destination.


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