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Veni, Veni Emmanuel!

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The Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord is celebrated on 25 March. On this day Our Lord was formed in the immaculate Womb of the Blessed Virgin (the Word made flesh) by the power of the Holy Spirit. Nine months later, the period of human gestation, we celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Redeemer on 25 December.

Days to Advent 2010

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Sunday, 29 November 2009 is the First Sunday of Advent. Adventus Domini means the "coming of the Lord". The season of Advent is a period of preparation for the Lord's coming. It is a time of spiritual renewal for the Church. During Advent we spend time building a holy desire, longing and expectancy for the coming of Our Lord. In Advent, we seek to deepen our desire for God's grace.

The Lord is never forceful; He will not push us to accept His grace. "The hungry He fills with good things, and the rich He sends away empty." Advent is a time to deepen our desire for the Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of our souls. To make us worthy for the grace of redemption, Holy Mother Church wants us to experience spiritual hunger and the need for redemption during these next four weeks. In Scripture, we relive the moments of salvation history in order to root them deeply in our hearts.

In Her Liturgy, the Church shows how God prepared mankind for the coming of His Son. The entire Old Testament served as a teacher unto Christ; then when the fullness of time had come, God sent a special forerunner (John the Baptist), whose example and preaching prepared the Jews for the Messiah; and finally the eternal Father built for His Son a temple of precious stones, the body and soul of the Immaculate Virgin. By such teaching, God prepared men for the historical coming of Christ; and the Church can now teach us how to await His coming to us in grace.


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Venite, adoremus Dominum!

How can we prepare for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ? Although Christmas is the celebration of a historical event, it is also a day for a deepening of His presence in our lives. Advent must be a time of spiritual renewal and rebirth. Where in our lives do we need to experience a rebirth? Does Jesus live in my thoughts? In my actions? In my work and recreation? We must all admit that Jesus does not live in the whole of our lives, for if He did, we would live in a perfect world.

As the Virgin Mary prepared a place for her new born Child, so you and I must prepare a place in our hearts for the Savior. We become a living dwelling for our Lord; a temple for our God. Now is the time. Now is the day of salvation. Everyone is called to enter the season of Advent with joy and excitement. We can not speak for tomorrow, we do not know if we will have one. You and I can only live today.waterfall.gif (29374 bytes)

Our spiritual journey to Christmas must begin today. Daily personal prayer time is a necessity. Prayer is like water to the garden of our souls. A beautiful Advent meditation comes to us in the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary and the Stations of Christmas. One of the most important parts of our Advent journey is the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance. If at all possible, we should attend daily Mass to seek the necessary graces to remain in His peace throughout this busy season.


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The Spirit of Christmas

Each day, the newspaper reminds us of how many more days of shopping to go. We are all caught in a mad rush to find the perfect gift. The pretty dress, the nice shirt or the popular toy. Everyone running around to prepare for the big day - Christmas. Often we are so busy preparing, we forget what the day is all about. The fast pace takes first place. The real preparations get pushed off until later. Unless we take the time today, Christmas Day will be empty and meaningless. Every year we ask, "Where did Advent go?" Let us not wait, but go in haste to search out the new born King.


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