Meditations - Fourth Week of Advent

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Monday, Week 4: Day 1

1Samuel 1:24-28; Luke 1:46-56

Be Humble

Our society does not place great value on humility. We fear being overlooked if we don't assert our own worth. In contrast, Mary sees herself as a "lowly servant" and speaks of the mercy in store for the downtrodden. Let the Magnificat be your guide as you find ways to practice humility.


Tuesday, Week 4: Day 2

Malachi 3:1-4, 4:23-24; Luke 1:57-66

Accept God's Plan

The birth of John the Baptist marks the end of his parent's long and difficult wait for a child, but also the beginning of a life filled with great joy and great sorrow. As our wait ends, we too often find other stories unfolding. Accept the twists and turns as part of God's Plan.


Wednesday, Week 4: Day 3

2Samuel 7:1-5, 8-11, 16; Luke 1:67-79

Find Your Role

Zechariah , struck dumb when he doubted, finally finds his voice. What joyful words tumble forth when he understands and accepts his family's role in the Redemption! What role does God want you to take in preparing for Jesus' return, and what joy can you find in that role?


Thursday, Week 4: Day 4

Genesis 49:2,8-10; Matthew 1:1-17

Learn your history

The litany of names in Jesus' ancestry often falls on deaf ears. So many strange names - how can we make any sense of them all! But examined closely, they are a fascinating tapestry of powerful kings, complicated courtships and other elements of great drama. Ask a relative about your family's own dramatic stories today.


Friday, Week 4: Day 5

Jeremiah 23:5-8; Matthew 1:18-24

Stand up for your convictions

Following Jesus sometimes means ignoring what other people say. No one knew this better than Joseph. Imagine what people said when they learned Mary was pregnant. It might have been easier to go along with his plan to abandon her quietly, but he trusted God and ignored everyone else.


Saturday, Week 4: Day 6

Isaiah 62:11-12; Luke 2:15-20

Hope Joyfully

The wait of Advent is over, but the wait for the return of Jesus goes on. As we begin our celebration of Christ's birth, continue to nurture a sense of joyful hope as a Christian anticipating the Second Coming. An active prayer life, regular participation in the Sacraments and service to others will help ease the wait. So will our knowledge that the season of Christmas, with its quiet miracle of God becoming flesh, will one day give way to a Christmas that will last for all eternity.


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