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An Angel Frees the Souls of Purgatory - by CARRACCI, Lodovico - from Pinacoteca, Vatican

The Souls in Heaven, the Church Triumphant, intercede to God on behalf of the Souls in Purgatory, the Church Suffering. Our Blessed Mother in Heaven, Queen of the Angels, takes great delight in sending her Angels to release those Souls pardoned by her Son Jesus. Although depicted with Bodies, members of the Church Triumphant and Suffering actually have no Bodies, and will not receive their Glorified Bodies until the Final Judgment at the World's End. Currently, there are only Two (2) known Bodies in Heaven, belonging to Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother. Popular speculation attributes a Third Body to Saint Joseph, based on God's Commandment to 'Honor thy Father and Mother'. Jesus will never be outdone by Man in bestowing Honor on His parents.


Definition of Soul

Human Soul

Superior Will/Reason/
Infused Knowledge/

Ultimate Interior Principle of the Life (ability to move self) of Living Bodies. There are Three (3) kinds of Souls, Vegetative or Plant, Animal, and Rational (Human). The Soul is the "Substantial Form" of the Living Body, determining its Species, e.g., Geranium, Dog, Man. It is itself a Substance and not an Accident of the Body; an Incomplete Substance, since it is by its Nature destined for Union with a Body. According to Thomist Doctrine, some disagreeing, there is in each Living Body only One (1) Substantial Form, the Soul, the Principle of all Informing, Vivifying, and Operating. The Human or Rational Soul is the ultimate Interior Principle Vivifying the Human Body and rendering Man capable of performing all his Vital Acts. Pope Pius IX declared it to be Catholic Doctrine that the Rational Soul is the True, per se, and Immediate Form of the Body. The Soul is the Proper Object of the Science of Psychology (Greek: psyche, soul). Unfortunately much of the Science that goes under the name, is more Physiology than Psychology. The Human Soul is integrally Simple, has no part outside of part; otherwise Ideation, Judging, and Reasoning cannot be explained; is Spiritual since its Operations are Spiritual, as knowing the Spiritual, the Abstract, and the Universal, reflecting on self, enjoying Spiritual things, exercising Freedom; internally Immortal since Spiritual, and externally Immortal since God will not Annihilate it. Scripture clearly teaches its Immortality. The Human Soul is in the Whole Body and in each part of the Body. It is created by God and, according to the more common modern opinion, Infused into the Body at the First Instant of the latter's existence; created "to God's image and likeness" since, similar to God, the Soul is a Spirit endowed with Intellect and Free Will. The Union between Soul and Body is Substantial, resulting in One (1) complete Substance, which is a Human Person if we except the Body and Soul of Christ. Scripture informs us that the Human Soul will be Judged after Death, will be consigned to Heaven or to Hell, and on the Day of General Judgment reunited with its Body, the composite thenceforth to enjoy the Beatific Vision or to Suffer the Torments of the Damned, for Eternity.

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Human Being/Person
(A Unity (1) of Body and Soul)

Single (1) United Natural Order

Body/Lower Faculties/
Psychosomatic Powers
Sensory Appetite/

Soul/Higher Faculties/
Spiritual Appetite
(Dominant Partner)

Man is born a Rational Creature, with Body and Soul, into the Natural Order.
God elevates Man to the Supernatural Order via the Sacrament of Baptism, which infuses Sanctifying Grace into the Essence of the Soul. The other Six (6) Sacraments can then elevate the Soul even Higher.
The Supernatural Order is the Ensemble of Effects exceeding the Powers of the Created Universe and Gratuitously produced directly by God for the purpose of raising the Rational Creature above its Natural Sphere to a God-like Life and Destiny.
Mortal Sin destroys/kills Man's entire Supernatural Order/Life. Man is no-longer a Temple of God. God is gone & resides no-longer in the Soul.
Only God can raise the Soul back-to-life from the Dead, via the Sacrament of Penance.

Man's Vegetal and Sentient Faculties are called his Lower Faculties. His Understanding (that is, his Mind, Intellect, Intelligence, Reason) and his Will are his Higher Faculties. Man's Higher Faculties are those that belong to the Human Spiritual Soul as their Proper Object. These Faculties are Two (2), the Intellect and the Will. The Intellect is Man's Higher Cognitive or Knowing Faculty. The Will is Man's Higher Appetitive Faculty . And, since the Will is Appetition born of Intellectual Knowledge, and since Intellectual Knowledge is frequently Knowledge of Possible Action that is not Necessitated, the Will is the Faculty-of-Free-Choice.

The Intellect is the Knowing-Power or Faculty rooted in the Spiritual Soul. Man alone, of all Bodily Creatures, possesses Intellect.

The Intellect is a Power for Knowing Things in an Abstract and Universal way. It is the Power for Knowing Essences. Further, it is the Power of Judging, and the Power of thinking-things-out. It is also the Power of Retaining or Remembering Meanings (that is, Essences, Judgments, Conclusions, Processes of Thinking); the Power of being Understandingly Aware (either Instantly or by Process of Thought) of such Meanings, and of the Human Self; the Power of recognizing the Agreement or Disagreement of Human Conduct with the Rule of what such Conduct ought to be. In all its Services, the Intellect is a Faculty or Power for Essential Knowing, that is for the Understanding Grasp of Truth. Truth is the Object of the Faculty of Intellect. It seeks Truth as the Eye seeks Light. It is a Power connaturally formed to reach after Truth and attain it and possess it. Its Object is, therefore, the Truth of Thought (the Truth about Things, not the Truth of Things); in a word, its Object is Logical Truth (the agreement of the Intellect with the Thing).


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