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The Crucifixion - by GRÜNEWALD, Matthias - from Musée d'Unterlinden, Colmar


sheen.gif (6584 bytes) The Violin Strings, if they were conscious, would complain when the Musician tightened them, but this is because they do not see that the Sacrificial Strain was necessary before they could produce a Perfect Melody. Evils actually become Lighter by Patient Endurance and Benefits are Poisoned by Discontent.

Archbishop Fulton J Sheen



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In His Agony in the Garden, Christ was filled with Sadness and Depression. He felt trapped, unable to see any alternative solution. He felt Alone, Isolated, even those close to Him didn't understand the Absolute Desolation He was experiencing.

He knows what it is to be Depressed.


Physical Pain:

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When He was arrested Jesus was roughly handled. Tired and already Weak from the Emotional Strain of the previous hours He was severely whipped; great gashes appeared in His Skin and His Blood flowed. He experienced Agonizing Pain in the midst of those who felt nothing.

He knows what it is to Suffer Pain.


Mental Pain:

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Weak, Tired and in Pain from His Wounds, Jesus was Teased and Taunted by the soldiers. Bored and with nothing else to do they amused themselves at His expense. Insensitive to His Feelings, they Used Him, Tormented Him, laughed at Him and in doing so increased His Isolation and Loneliness.

He knows what it is to be in Mental Torment.


Overwhelming Tiredness:

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He had been up all night. He was totally Exhausted by all the Tension, Anxiety, Pain and Loss of Blood, and how He had to trek some distance with a heavy load on His Back and an almost Broken Heart. Every step is an effort, every step brings Him closer to even further Pain and Suffering.

He knows what it is to feel unable to go on any longer.


Death and Despair:

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He has spent His Life doing His Father's Will. He has been Kind to people, He Healed them, shared all that He had and never refused anyone. He has been Loyal to His friends, He has never tried to make anyone feel that they are worthless. And yet now He faces Public Humiliation and Execution. Everything He tried to do seems a wasted exercise, almost everyone He loved has deserted Him. What on earth was it all for? Was it a complete Waste of Time, a Waste of a Life?

He knows what it is to feel Rejected, Despairing and Defeated.


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flower_2.gif (3284 bytes) But in the Winter of His Life in the midst of such Sadness and Destruction, flower_2.gif (3284 bytes)
there lay His perennial seed of Love which was to prove Indestructible.