Conscience - Rationalization

"Conscience paints a clear picture"
(IF we understand and use it properly,
Conscience can be a Faithful Guide
as we journey to our Eternal Home)


Human Being/Person
(A Unity (1) of Body and Soul)

Body/Inferior Will/
Psychosomatic Powers
Sensory Appetite/

Superior Will/
Infused Knowledge/
(Dominant Partner)


Conscience ≠ a Virtue of the Soul
Conscience ≠ the Heart
Conscience ≠ the Will
Conscience ≠ the Intellect
= an Act, a Practical Judgment of the Intellect, a Faculty
of the Soul, and does not stem from Emotions or Feelings of the Body


Conscience - Rationalization

from various sources including the
Catechism of the Catholic Church

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"For Man has in his Heart a Law inscribed by God" 

Infused/Innate Knowledge -
"Synderesis"/"First Principles"

print.jpe (13461 bytes) God writes His Name on the Soul of every Man at Conception. Reason and Conscience are the God within us in the Natural Order. The Fathers of the Early Church were wont to speak of the Wisdom of Plato and Aristotle as the 'unconscious' Christ within us. Men are like so many Books issuing from the Divine Press, and if nothing else be written on them, at least the Name of the Author is indissolubly engraved on the Title Page. God is like the 'Watermark on Paper', which may be written over without ever being obscured.

Rationalization and Conscience are closely related. The Process of Rationalization begins with a Foregone Conclusion and makes Conclusions without Testing against Intellect; Conclusion is of Primary Importance, Truth is Secondary. Persons protecting themselves by Rationalizing are interested not in finding the Truth, but in maintaining the Illusion that allows them to continue their Behavior. For them to succeed in this, everyone must Accede to their Rationalization. If you are going to Kill Innocent Persons you had better convince yourself and others that is Right, that you "do it out of Compassion"; i.e. Abortion, Mercy Killing. If you are going to center your Public Life on the Private Act of Sodomy, you had better Transform Sodomy into a "Highly Moral Act". Since we are born with an Innate/Infused Knowledge "Synderesis" of God's Rules to live by, all of our Actions need to be Measured against these Rules. If we are able to Falsely Justify to our Conscience that what we have done or plan to do is in compliance with our Innate/Infused Knowledge, we give ourselves an 'Excuse' to allow Unacceptable Behavior. This process is called Rationalization. A Guilty Conscience is telling you that it doesn't buy your Rationalization. Other explanations for Rationalization include:


A Defense Mechanism in which a plausible Reason is Unconsciously Invented by the Ego to protect itself from confronting the real Reason for an Action, Thought, or Emotion. For example, a person Invents an Acceptable Motive to explain Unacceptably Motivated Behavior.

A Defense Mechanism by which your True Motivation is concealed by explaining your Actions and Feelings in a way that is not Threatening.

The Act of devising Self-Satisfying, but Incorrect Reasons for one's behavior.

Rationalization is simply the means by which People convince themselves that they're Right.

Any of a variety of Unconscious Personality Reactions which the Ego uses to protect the Conscious Mind from Threatening Feelings and Perceptions. Primary Defense Mechanisms include Repression and Denial, which serve to prevent Unacceptable Ideas or Impulses from entering the Conscience.


Ethics and Morals are the essence of Humanity. Without Ethics and Morals One becomes Inhuman. Rationalization removes Ethics and Morals from the Intelligence Equation. Rationalization is a False Philosophy, driven by Selfishness and used to Rationalize Immoral Decisions. Rationalization Disregards the Adverse Effects Ones Actions can have on Others as long as the Wrongly Desired Result is obtained. Rationalization is an Application of the Philosophy that "the Ends Justify the Means".


Conscience - Lord of the Rings
frodo.jpg (3307 bytes) samwise.jpg (6139 bytes) gollum.jpg (4011 bytes)
Pictures of three Hobbits from the Catholic epic Lord of the Rings; Frodo, Samwise and Gollum. The Hobbit Gollum on the right symbolizes in a very certain sense Man's Soul when revealed in all its nakedness before God. The Conscience helps us to see this Truth before it is too late, as was the Sad Case with Gollum. The Hobbit Samwise, in the center, symbolizes Conscience which is always with us, loyally guiding us if only we listen to its Wisdom. Samwise plays a pivotal role in saving Frodo, for he sees through the Veil of Pretense Gollum puts on and constantly warns Frodo.