Lord of the Rings

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Lord of the Rings - A Catholic Epic of Good vs Evil
(God can, and does, bring Good from Evil. "Above all Shadows rides the Sun. God, like the Sun, is above all".)


The Writer and Poet Charles A. Coulombe concluded his Essay, "The Lord of the Rings: A Catholic View", with the following Incisive Assessment of Tolkien's Importance.

"It has been said that the Dominant Note of the Traditional Catholic Liturgy was Intense Longing. This is also True of her Art, her Literature, her Whole Life. It is a Longing for things that cannot be in this World: Unearthly Truth, Unearthly Purity, Unearthly Justice, Unearthly Beauty. By all these Earmarks, Lord of the Rings is indeed a Catholic Work, as its Author believed: But it is more. It is this age's Great Catholic Epic, fit to stand beside the Grail Legends, Le Morte d'Arthur and The Canterbury Tales. It is at once a Great Comfort to the individual Catholic, and a Tribute to the Enduring Power and Greatness of the Catholic Tradition, that JRRT created this Work. In an Age which has seen an almost Total Rejection of the Faith on the Part of the Civilization she created . . . Lord of the Rings assures us, both by its Existence and its Message, that the Darkness cannot Triumph Forever".

Christ was the Greatest Storyteller of all. His Parables might not be factual, but they are always Truthful.

The Moral Dimension in The Lord of the Rings is Powerfully Applicable to our Lives. Concepts such as Self- Sacrifice; the Exaltation of the Humble; the Power of Humility versus the Destructive and Self-Negating Futility of Pride (Theologically Understood) are at the Center of Everybody's Lives — even if they don't realize it!

"All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you".